Rim Commonality

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Rim Commonality
General Information
Status Active
Leader Archon Solarius Masha
Members The Pentastar Alignment
The Octogon League
Drearian Defense Conglomerate
Derinus Calor
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 (as Rift Alliance)
Year 18 D95 (Passage of Illodia Accords)
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Economic and Military Alliance

The Rim Commonality is a galaxy spanning alliance of multiple powers to defend self-interests, promote economic interdependence, and grow political clout. The origins of this alliance can be traced back to Y16 Day 186 with the founding of the Krath Alliance and then as the Rift Alliance with the ratification of the Shesherile Accords. With disagreements over the Shesherile Accords, and the departure of key founders, the alliance was renamed to the Rim Commonality with the passage of the Illodia Accords by the remaining members on Year 18 Day 95.


The leadership of the Rim Commonality revolves primarily around two different branches, the executive and legislative. The Archonate is the executive branch and consists of the Archon, Vice-Archon, and various directors. The Archon, and Vice-Archon are considered the chief spokespersons and diplomats for the alliance and serve six-month terms. The job of the Archonate is to advise the Diet on policy affecting the entire Commonality.

The Diet is the legislative branch of the Rim Commonality and serves as it’s the main deliberative organ. Each member of the alliance has one councilor who generally votes with up to two additional delegates. The Diet has the mandate to determine the collective actions of the Rim Commonality, and voting on matters brought before with the powers and restrictions in place in the Accords.


The Archon is considered the leader of the Rim Commonality, while the Vice-Archon serves as his elected second, while members of the Diet are the representatives of the organizations in the alliance. Legislative Sessions are divided into two parts over the course of the year, the history, major achievements, and members can be found on Rim Commonality Legislative Session.


Birth of an Alliance

The origins of the Rim Commonality can first be traced to the formation of the Krath Alliance by the Krath Dynasty on Year 16 Day 187. In the announcement GNS by was originally described as "a group comprised of all existing directly associated Krath groups along with partner states with whom they have cemented relations."[1] The original members consisted of The Krath Dynasty, Eriadu Authority, The Death Watch, and *AXE* Foreign Legion. At this time the alliance was ruled by three different councils, the Alliance Council, Industrial Council, and Military Council of which the Alliance council drafted what is known as Treaty 1, that signified membership into the Krath Alliance. Soon Krath invited a few other groups to partake in the alliance and invited Corporate Alliance, Chiss Ascendancy and Pentastar Alignment which were quickly accepted into the alliance.

Shesherile Accords & Rift Alliance

(see Rift Alliance)

Passage of the Illodia Accords

Following the dissolution of the Rift Alliance several members banded together to reform themselves onto a improved set of ideals. Following discussions between Pentastar Alignment, Chiss Ascendancy, and Corporate Alliance the Illodia Accords were written with the announcement of the creation of a new alliance, the Rim Commonality that would be based on similar ideas as the Rift Alliance of old, but distinctly take a neutral and isolationist policy regarding the current galactic civil war. Solarius Masha was chosen as Archon to lead the new alliance while Reius Rothschild was chosen as his vice and second. The duo set out to expand the membership of the alliance to levels seen during the prime of the Rift Alliance.


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  1. Birth of the Krath Alliance