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{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
| name = Rivain Dumat
| name = Rivain Dumat
| image = [[Image:Rivaintemple1.jpg]]
| image = [[Image:Rivain_dumat_jedi_bust200.png]]
| homeworld = [[Unknown]]
| homeworld = [[Unknown]]
| race = [[Mrlssi]]
| race = [[Mrlssi]]

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Rivain Dumat
Rivain dumat jedi bust200.png
Biographical Information
Race Mrlssi
Homeworld Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Small
Coloring Vivid
Eye Color Dark brown
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Prior Affiliation Jedi Order, Rogue Squadron, Czerka Corporation, Blackscale Clan, Falleen Federation

Early Days

Much of Rivain Dumat's early life is unknown.

The Jedi Order

Sometime during his life he was informed he had the gift of being Force Sensitive. Rivain joined the Jedi Academy and became the Apprentice to Jedi Master Alven Ceres. Rivain enrolled as a member of the Exploration Corps and participated in several archaeological missions to uncover secrets of the ancient Jedi and long lost Jedi Enclaves. Rivain was a gifted student, finding he had a natural affinity in techniques such as healing and telekinesis.

He trained as a Jedi Guardian, and at some point became a Jedi Knight by decree of Grand Master Onasha Katr.

A New Apprentice

The Force led Rivain to the Yushan Sector, where the Kingdom of Elysia ruled. Rivain enlisted in their ranks, and soon met Atan Ona-teac, a promising young Force sensitive. Atan's connection to the Force was strong, however he did not have a teacher to guide him. Rivain had never taken up an apprentice, and felt this was the reason the Force led him to Yushan. Rivain began instruction to Atan, and both master and student learned a great deal from one another. Atan was able to reform an ancient force order known as the Grey Wardens, and Rivain would serve as a Councillor to Atan.

Atan presented Rivain with two custom etched vibroblades, dubbed Calmness and Will. Rivain carries them at all times to this day.

When Kyber crystals began to appear in the Galaxy again, the Master and apprentice duo set off to Ilum to find their own crystals. They were able to find a crystals that called to them, and forge their lightsabers, furthering their Force bond.

Eventually his time with Atan grew to an end, and Rivain could teach Atan nothing more. The pair parted ways as equals, and Rivain listened to the Force for guidance.

A fresh start

The Force guided Rivain Dumat to the New Republic, where he serves to this day.