Ryn Man

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Ryn Man
Ryn Man.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Kashyyyk
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Galactic Commerce Collective


Joined Aratech on Year 12 Day 279.

Ryn Man would purchase a Sith Starfighter as his first ship on Year 13 Day 186 at Nimban. He would name the Sith Starfighter Ice Cold Killer. It would receive a galactic ID of 277619 by the Galactic Bureau of Ships.

Left Aratech on Year 13 Day 190. He would join Galactic Commerce Collective shortly thereafter. He has indicated he'd return to Aratech in a few months. Took a private loan from Ku`Bakai Roche on Year 13 Day 191 for a ship.

Docked the Aratech YT-1300 Pride I, Galactic ID# 65692, aboard the Hammerhead Cruiser Saipu, Galactic ID# 212808, around Year 13 Day 202. This concerned Ku`Bakai for a few days when finally the ship was undocked and Ryn resumed communication. He had feared that perhaps someone had taken advantage of the naive Wookiee.

Returned to Aratech on Year 13 Day 209, after stating his previous work with Galactic Commerce Collective had fallen through and he didn't want to miss out on things. Ryn would then request that Ku`Bakai assist his friend Usuy Anjiliac Fauacuaipia who was currently trapped on the world of Nal Hutta. According to Ryn, Usuy was injured though details of the injuries is not known at this time.

Would pay off his debt of six million to Ku`Bakai by day 228 of Year 13. He would retool Free Kubaz Manufacturing station, and move Aratech supplies around the same time.

Ryn Man would then leave Aratech again in the waning weeks of Year 13 to seek other interests. He keeps in good contact with Ku`Bakai though and perhaps someday he'll return again.

In early year 14 Ryn Man was transformed into a member of the Diathim race. Perhaps a lingering effect of the plague that earlier struck in year 14. After his change in race he changed his name to Dorn Ambrose