Sadie Ni`kuji

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Sadie Ni`kuji
Sadie Ni`kuji head shot.png
Biographical Information
Race Human (Corellian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Kate Ni`kuji †
Father Brent Ni`kuji †
Marital Status Single
Siblings Zefara Ni`kuji
Born Year -2, Day 87
Languages Basic, Huttese
Religion None
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5' 2"
Weight Unknown
Coloring Light
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation Hutt Cartel (as slave)
Tresario Star Kingdom (briefly)

Sadie Ni`kuji is a female Human from Corellia.


Early life

Sadie was born two years before the Galactic Empire declared war on the Rebel Alliance. She is the older of two twins, the other being Zefara. Their father, Brent Ni`kuji, was the owner of Nikuji Industries, which built hyperdrives for Corellian Engineering Corporation's YT-class Light Freighters, and one of the wealthiest beings on southern Corellia. Sadie's early life was full of luxury, with her family regularly taking trips to various Imperial planets for business and fun.

However, one such trip to the Ansion system in Year 5 would end all that. While returning to Corellia, the Ni`kuji family's Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht, Corellian Jewel, was ambushed by pirates. Although her mother, Kate, locked the main entrance, the pirates somehow found a way in. The ship's security droids were quickly overpowered and the four Ni`kujis were rounded up and brought on board the pirates' BFF-1 Bulk Freighter. Kate and Brent were executed in front of their children after both refused to pay a ransom for their own lives, while Sadie and Zefara were thrown in a cargo container with many other captured sentients.


The Ni`kuji twins were transported to Tatooine, where the pirates sold them to a group of slavers. They were bought by Voras Desilijic Lucar, cousin of Angobba Desilijic Lucar. The two were then stripped of any valuable items the pirates overlooked and put to work as dancers in the Hutt's palace.

After seven years of what seemed like nonstop entertaining, the twins had hatched an escape plan. Sadie would draw everyone's attention away with an intricate performance while Zefara would turn off the lights and stab Voras in the back. The escape didn't go as planned, as the Hutt's guard droids were fitted with infra-red sensors and dismembered the lower half of Zefara's right arm before she could kill her master. As punishment, the twins were tortured for several weeks and Zefara's arm was not replaced.

Another six years would pass before the two attempted an escape. This time they had help from some of the other slaves. While the twins danced, a group of slaves stole some droid poppers from a bounty hunter and disabled the guard droids. Voras, caught by surprise when all his droids had fallen over, reached for his console to blow up the slave collars, but was shot in the chest by Sadie, who had stolen a blaster from one of the bounty hunters in all the confusion. Sadie then fired a fatal shot in the head of her former master before using the Hutt's console to free the slaves.

Return to Corellia

Following their successful escape from slavery, Sadie and Zefara found work at a mechanic's shop in Mos Eisley before buying an old Einstar APOSTRO-9 to leave Tatooine. The two returned to Corellia in Year 19 and went their separate ways. Zefara decided to stay on Corellia and restart her parents' business, while Sadie went off to see the galaxy.


Sadie Ni`kuji.png

Physical and appearance

At 5' 2", Sadie is rather short for a human her age. Her long ginger hair is usually braided and messy. She is usually seen wearing a white sleeveless crop top and black pants. Unlike most humans, she prefers to walk barefoot wherever she goes, wearing shoes only when the situation demands it. Her weapon of choice is the DL-44.

Skills and abilities

As a Corellian, Sadie is a natural pilot. She claims that she can fly almost anything she steps into, and has been right so far.

Sadie is also skilled with a blaster. Her scoreboard at local shooting competitions confirms that she is a better shot than an Imperial stormtrooper, though she does not consider this to be a big achievement.


Sadie is known to be friendly and polite towards most people. Coming from an Imperial world, Sadie will sometimes say things that are slightly racist towards non-humans without even realizing it. However, she usually gives an apology after being made aware.

Like most former slaves, Sadie has a burning hatred for slavery. She has been known to use vulgar language around slavers and doesn't think twice about knocking their lights out in a cantina. She takes pride in the fact that she is on the "do not serve" list of many slaver-catering cantinas and bars across the outer rim.


Sadie is an atheist, but does not deny the existence of the Force. She believes that there is a scientific explanation for all the seemingly supernatural powers of the Jedi and Sith. Her mother was a Forceologist and may have influenced Sadie's beliefs.