Sebastian von Nex

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Sebastian von Nex
Seb avi.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Mother Karla von Nex
Father Solomon von Nex
Spouse none
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 4"
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Prior Affiliation Jedi Order, New Republic

Early Life

Sebastian von Nex was born on the planet of Kiffu. His father Solomon was a noted diplomat and his mother Karla was imperial. Both were very busy in their work, so it came as somewhat of a surprise when they learned that they were expecting a child. However, both being of strong character, this would not deter them from their work and Karla went on to have a healthy son, Sebastian.

As soon as he was born his Karla started to teach him imperial ways. He would learn the hard way, for what and was not acceptable in the galaxy. Sebastian noted that the only way he could follow this lifestyle was to adhere to their thinking and teaching. But still he had inherited his fathers genes too and was able to use the manipulation tactics of any good diplomat to his advantage. At the age of four he was able to manipulate both his mother and father into getting almost anything he requested.

Sebastian's view in Coruscant

When Sebastian reached the age of nine his parents decided that they wanted to move location. Sebastian questioned them, but was unable to receive a straight answer from either of them, much to his frustration. He knew at that point he needed to work harder on his skills. They relocated to Coruscant and as he entered their new home he looked out of the window in astonishment, "Wow", he exclaimed as he saw the bustling city before him. He could have fun here.

Time for Change

When Sebastian reached the age of fourteen he was taken on a hunting trip with his uncle. He had never hunted before but was sure his intellect would hold him in good stead. He was wrong. Sebastian being young and his Uncle, although wonderful to his nephew , had no outstanding tactics and the pair were attacked by bandits as they hunted Zillo beasts. The bandits appeared from nowhere and Sebastian despite wearing armour, was injured. His uncle could do nothing to help and prayed that his nephew would survive.

Bleary eyed and almost passing out from the pain, Sebastian noticed a shape in the distance. He saw his uncle scurry away and tried to call out to him. Scared and alone Sebastian tried to focus on the approaching dark figure, as they loomed over him.

The man placed his hands over Sebastian and he felt a surge of energy as the stranger healed him. "The force." This was much to Sebastian's surprise and he was grateful. The stranger then revealed to Sebastian that he could have healed himself. He was force sensitive and had no idea.

Imperial Academy

Having found a new path with the force, Sebastian enrolled at the Imperial Academy. He was looking forward to developing his skills and came under the tutelage of his Training Officer, Colonel Draelor Nah`utal. During this time and with guidance and support from Draelor, Sebastian learned the art of hand to hand combat, the use of ranged weapons and tactical moves. He learned how to secure positions and remain undetected. Something he wished he had known before he was attacked. He followed the protocol expected of any imperial and excelled in his position. Sebastian also felt the need to expand his knowledge. His mother has given him support when he was younger, but now being part of the Empire, he felt it was his duty to ensure he knew all the rules and regulations, so as not to let anyone down and worked hard at his imperial studies.

During a conversation Sebastian finally reveled to his Colonel that he was force sensitive. A topic he had kept hidden as he had heard rumours that this could lead to his demise. Draelor was understanding ....tbc