Sebastian von Nex

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Sebastian von Nex
Seb avi.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Mother Karla von Nex(Deceased)
Father Solomon von Nex(Deceased)
Spouse None
Born Year -9 Day 12
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.91 meters
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Rank Agent
Positions Agent
Prior Affiliation Jedi Order, New Republic
Awards Awards.png
"Tainted they called me, so that’s what i became. I refused to be chained. So they stole the light from me...they forced me into the darkness. I will never walk in the light despite the stars i travel between. I have naught but hatred and ambition to sustain me. For though i may be damned into the shadows, i shall embrace them and bend them unto my will. I will unlock the secrets of my new reality."
— Darth Civir

Sebastian von Nex, also known by his Sith name Darth Civir, is a manipulative,ambitious and logical Kiffar male who is currently holding a position of an Agent in the Imperial Intelligence. Unforgiving and guileful, this is a man who has shut of his humanity to anyone other than a select few and will stop at close to nothing to accomplish his goals. Nex tries hard to always see three steps ahead and will generally have contingency plans. More importantly, this is a man who’s made it his mission to learn from his mistakes. For all his shortcomings, Sebastian does bear some sense of honour, and is a man who will stay true to his word and the bargains he strikes, although he has been know to search for loopholes.

Early Life

Sebastian von Nex was born on the planet of Kiffu. His father Solomon was a noted diplomat and his mother Karla was a government official who emigrated to the planet. Both held time-consuming and demanding jobs, so it came as somewhat of a surprise when they learned that they were expecting a child. They decided that a child would change their lives for the better however and Karla went on to have a healthy son, Sebastian.

Sebastian's view in Coruscant

Through his mother, Sebastian was raised with conservative values and traditions. His parents were fair but strict and he would often learn the hard way what was and was not acceptable in not only their household, but the galaxy as a whole. He quickly adapted their conservative lifestyle and tried to balance it with his family's more peaceful and quiet life on Kiffu. He was clearly his father's son as he quickly grasped the basics of persuasion and manipulation, capable of tricking his parents into giving him what he wanted at even the youngest age. Later he would learn that there was more to this gift than merely charisma.

When Sebastian reached the age of nine, his parents decided to leave behind their quiet lives on Kiffu and move to the bustling capital of the galaxy, Coruscant. Sebastian was hesitant at first, but even as a young boy realised that he could never reach his full potential on Kiffu and that his future lay elsewhere. They hired a shuttle and relocated to their new home in one of the middle-class districts of Coruscant. During their time spent on Kiffu, the Galactic Republic had been reformed into the Galactic Empire by Hiram Drayson, so the Empire would be all Sebastian ever knew. Amazed by the grandeur and beauty of the enormous city, it is then that Sebastian decided he would one day work for the Empire.

Time for Change

When the young Kiffar turned fourteen, he was taken on a hunting trip on a nearby planet by his uncle. He had never hunted before, but was confident in his ability to hold his own in the woods. With surprisingly accurate aim, Sebastian managed to hunt several Hawkbats alongside his uncle. Each time he took aim, a strange sensation came over him, as if he could heighten his senses simply by concentrating. Their luck qucikly ran out however as bandits heard the nearby laser bolts and ambushed the pair. Despite his uncle's best efforts, Sebastian was wounded by a blaster shot to the shoulder and his uncle could do nothing but carry him to the nearest village and pray as a fever took hold of his nephew.

The local villagers had few resources at their disposal and were unable to help Sebastian, so they turned to an outsider who had stayed with them for some time. The man, dressed in black robes with his face shrouded in shadows, calmly approached the sick boy and stood by his side, silent. He leaned forward and whispered to Sebastian. "You are special, little boy. You can control things using nothing but your mind, can't you? You and I share something in common." After these words, Sebastian lost conscience and when he awoke, his wounds had been completely healed and the man was gone.

Imperial Academy


Once he was old enough, Sebastian enrolled at the Imperial Recruitment Office on Kiffar, who soon after transferred him to the Imperial Academy on Courscant. At last, he was one step closer to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a notorious officer. Later on in the month, he was assigned to his Training Officer, Colonel Draelor Nah`utal. During this time, with guidance and support from the Colonel, Sebastian skillfully the art of hand-to-hand combat, the use of ranged weapons, and he developed a more strategic way of thinking. He learned how to secure positions and remain undetected, something he wished he had known before he was attacked earlier. In his class, he was a star that shone bright. His parents discipline was the contributing factor that led him to the top of his class. He had a taste for ground-force tactics and moving larger armies. And he excelled in all of the simulations set before him. This was also a tactic of his that he used to advance himself higher into the officer program by crushing his classmates in one versus one ground battles.

It was during a conversation after a brutal victory over a classmate that Sebastian, at last, revealed to his Training Officer that he strongly believed was Force Sensitive. Colonel Nah`utal, secretly a Sith Lord himself, discreetly informed his Dark Lord, something which attracted the attention of high-ranking member of Imperial Intelligence, Elvira Falston, who would play a colossal role in the remainder Sebastian's life.

Undercover Life

Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser Phantaminum

Due to his excellent results and his Force Sensitivity, Chief Falston suggested he be used as an operative for an undercover operation, which was eventually approved by the Director of Imperial Intelligence and Falston became his handler. Sebastian was given a new identity and took on the name of Orion Trent, dropped off on a backwater planet by an Imperial shuttle and left with nothing but his orders. After a long journey leading him to several different planets and following countless traces, he finally came in touch with a Jedi and was brought before the Jedi Order on Ossus, where he was accepted as an Initiate and the operation, dubbed Operation Black Light, could truly begin.

Within the Order he trained under Grandmaster Thragg Craghorn, gathering intelligence which he fed back to his Imperial superiors by sneaking out of the temple at night and transmitting it through his datapad. Gradually he realised the Jedi were far too inactive and isolated and his handler approved a transfer. He abruptly left the Jedi Temple, bought ticket for a transport shuttle and left for Republica, capital of the New Republic. It wasn't hard for him to pass the NRI background checks, coming from the prestigious Jedi Order, and was inducted into their officer school, where he once more excelled due to his past training at the Imperial Academy.

Upon graduation, he was assigned to the Centurion Battlegroup and offered a place with the Knights of the Republic as a Knight Captain. There he once more started gathering valuable information, although it had become more difficult to avoid being noticed as he was constantly surrounded by others, unlike with the Jedi. Sebastian, known only as Orion Trent by the Republic, bided his time and served the Republic like any other officer. Using the resources provided to him by Imperial Intelligence, he acquired a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser as his personal flagship and named it Phantaminum. After several weeks of careful planning and preparing, the operative invited one of the highest-ranking officers in his battlegroup, Naval Captain Kayllin Laws, onto the Phantaminum. It was there that he ambushed Laws and quickly overpowered him through his superior physical training and use of the Force. Once the target had been subdued, he was locked away and Sebastian set course for Coruscant, disappearing into hyperspace. It would take three days for the New Republic to realise what had happened and by then it was already far too late.

Return to the Empire

Upon returning to Imperial City, Laws was delivered into the hands of Imperial Intelligence and Sebastian was debriefed, finally able to return to his birth name. Director Falston, who had recently taken over as head of the Imperial Intelligence, helped reintegrate Sebastian back into the Empire. She had him sent back to the Imperial Academy for a refresher course where he would be able to hone his skills once again. Having not forgotten much, he stood out more in this class than ever before. On the day of his graduation, with honours and receiving his officer's commission as Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, he was approached by an unknown robed individual, much like the one who had saved his life in his younger years. He was been invited by Darth Virsunas, the Dark Lord of the Sith, to visit him on Korriban, where he would be trained to become a true Sith. And so, Sebastian departed once more, only to return more powerful than ever.

Engulfed by Darkness

Sebastian’s training upon entering the Sith Order was arduous and extensive. He had been taken by a Sith for a training but he never got far with that particular master, and was thus left to self train. Immediately, Sebastian took a keen interest in Sith sorcery and the arcane portion of Sith History. Specifically Sith alchemy, and the various creatures that it could conjure it. It was during this time that he decided to take the path of a Sith Sorcerer. Days upon days were spent in the library admiring the ancient Sith literature that manifested his mind. While he continued to gain a better grasp of the Force and the Dark Side, Sebastian realized that his self tutelage could only take him so far. That’s when he was approached by a figure of his past, Elvira Falston, who was once his handler during his undercover life in Imperial Intelligence. It was revealed to him that she was a powerful Sith Countess by the name of Darth Surra. Noticing his interest in the arcane, she offered him to become her apprentice. Darth Surra trained him into the basic aspects of the Force, as well as the blade. His training with a lightsaber greatly enhanced his hand-to-hand combat abilities, making him a ruthless leader on the battlefield. Few years later as Sebastian had finally broken out of the mold of a typical Sith apprentice, he decided to take up his former obsession with Sith Magic. Darth Surra, herself a Sith Inquisitor, was all too eager to impart her wisdom of the subject to Sebastian, teaching him the rituals and spells of the ancient Sith. It soon became clear, however, that their isolation on Korriban was impeding the young Sith’s development and so he and his Master traveled to other Sith worlds to delve into the secrets of the dark side. Darth Surra used these travels as a means to harden her apprentice further and thus tested him on the worlds of Tython and Plexis. Though the nature of these tests are not known, Sebastian would later attest to their incredible cruelty and brutality, as well as utilizing them as trials for his own apprentices.

During these travels, in addition to his obsession with learning Sith magic, Sebastian became entrenched in the Sith obsession with immortality. The master-apprentice duo eventually stumbled upon the world of Empress Teta. Here Sebastian’s obsessions only intensified, as they discovered an ancient holocron, containing teachings of long dead Sith Lord. Under those teachings, Sebastian delved even deeper into Sith alchemy in order to complete the blueprints of immortality as laid out by the Darth that created the holocron. Few years later as he and his Master returned to Korriban, he had already reached a point in his power and understanding of the Dark Side where he could be recognized as a true Sith Master. Sebastian took on a new name, bestowed upon him by Darth Surra. From then on he was known only as Darth Civir.