Second Galactic Civil War

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DateYear -2 — Ongoing
LocationThe Galaxy
Galactic Empire and alliesNew Republic and allies
Commanders and Leaders
see Emperorssee Rebel Alliance Supreme Commanders
see New Republic Chief of State
Casualties and Losses
Alderaan · Berchest · Beta · Bacta Wars · Corellia · Tatooine · 2nd Tatooine · Kashyyyk · Tenax · Calaron · Dostra · Adlentar · N'zoth · Sacorria

The Second Galactic Civil War is the ongoing conflict in the Galaxy between the Galactic Empire and its allies, and those opposing its rule, notably the Galactic Alliance.

Primary galactic conflict
Preceded By:
First Galactic Civil War
First Imperial Civil War (semi-concurrent)
Second Galactic Civil War
Year -2 - Present
Succeeded By:
(many concurrent)

Second Galactic Civil War
Galactic Alliance

Arkanian Brotherhood · The Hyporian Commonwealth · The Invid Order · Jedi Order · The Resistance · Rogue Squadron · Triumvirate Coalition

Other Anti-Imperial

New Republic · The Antarian Rangers

Imperial Union

Black Sun · Galactic Empire · The Faerytail Family · Tresario Star Kingdom

Imperial Union-aligned


Galactic Concordiate

Aurodium Legion · Mandalore · Tion Hegemony · Trade Federation· Falleen Federation· Sienar Conglomerate

Galactic Concordiate-aligned

The Wraiths

Shadow Dominion

Zann Consortium · Biotech · Nova Blades

Interstellar League

Confederacy of Independent Systems ·

Free Trade Worlds

Cantrell Conglomerate · Gordian Reach Authority · Shadolan Authority

Battles and Conflicts
Major Conflicts

Adlentar · Alderaan · Bacta Wars · Berchest · Beta · Churnis · Corellia · Dellalt · Dostra · Dressel · Hosnian · Kashyyyk · 2nd Krmar II · Meridian · N'zoth · Sacorria · 1st Tatooine · 2nd Tatooine · Trellen

Major Hostile Takeovers

Takeover of The Antarian Rangers (Y9 D221 - Y10 D341) · Corporate Sector Authority Nationalisation (Y5 D139 - Y10 D102) · Takeover of the New Republic

Wars of the Galaxy

Black Sun Crisis (Y3 D53 - Y3 D293) · Cron Conflict (Y11 D64 - D297) · First Imperial Civil War (Y-2 - Y0) · Second Imperial Civil War (Y1 D307 - Y3 D290) · Third Imperial Civil War (Y6 D318 - Y10 D160) · Fourth Imperial Civil War (Y11 D291)

Related Wars

Outer Rim War (Y7 - Present Day) · Mandalorian Civil War (Y16 D35 - Present Day)