Second Imperial Civil War

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Second Imperial Civil War
Imperial Logo Small.png
DateYear 1 Day 307Year 3 Day 290
LocationImperial territories
ResultGalactic Empire and Dark Empire reunified
Greyson Uebles became Executor
Empire ideologically divided between 'Charonists' and Vodoists'
Galactic Empire
The Hutt Council
Imperial Core
Dark Empire
Order of the Sith
Commanders and Leaders
Emperor Trey Connel (abdicated)
Emperor Mccarthur (abdicated)
Emperor J. Charon
Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom (in name)
Warlord Vodo Bonias
Sith Lord Adric Simms
Chief of Staff Jennifer Dreighton
Minister Greyson Uebles

The Second Imperial Civil War was the internecine conflict between Emperor Trey Connel and the supporters of the recently departed Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom and later the Order of the Sith.

Imperial Civil Wars
Preceded By:
First Imperial Civil War
Second Imperial Civil War
Year 1 Day 307Year 3 Day 290
Succeeded By:
Third Imperial Civil War

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