Selene Kahn

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Selene Kahn
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Unknown (Taris)
House Eyre Family
Mother (adopted) Camilla Kahn
Father (adopted) Yurther Kahn
Born Year -90
Languages Galactic Basic, Kiffu and Anzati
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 170cm / 5'7"
Weight 54kg / 119lb
Coloring Pale Skin
Hair Color Light Brown (Dyed - Black)
Eye Color Dark Green to Light Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom

Selene Sexy.jpg

The Early Years

Selene on Taris (Upper City)

Selene was seriously injured, her clothes torn and shredded by the savagery of the attack which left her unconscious laying on the ground of a dingy, dark alley. A large wound on the Anzati's head oozed blood which had already began to puddle around her prone body. Who or whatever had perpetrated the brutal attack was long gone having left her to bleed out in the shadows. She would have most likely died there had she not been found by a female passerby. The young Anzati's savior, was a human named Camilla Kahn a woman that fortunately for Selene had a strong sense of empathy for her fellow sentience. Acting upon this natural inclination she took the wounded young lady back to her home where she would minister to her injuries with the aid of her husband Dr. Yurther Kahn a Kiffar geneticist.

In time the damage done to Selene’s body healed thanks in no small part to the efforts of her hosts. Only one wound had caused any lasting impact on her, the trauma she received to her head when she had been attacked caused her to lose all memory of her past. Where she was from, who she was, what she did for a living, all gone from her mind no matter how hard she tried to recall them. Although she could remember nothing beyond waking in the couple’s home she still had all the powers and skills available to here that any Anzati would. The pair had grown attached to the young girl during the time they had cared for her and couldn't see turning her out in into the city in her amnesiac state. In addition Dr. Kahn also saw a huge opportunity to study a live Anzati while trying to help her recover her memories. The couple decided to adopt the girl and raise her as their own, giving her the name of Selene Kahn.

As time passed Selene grew up healthy, happy with her new life and adopted parents. The couple cared for and loved her as if she were their own daughter, teaching her the culture of their respective people. Dr. Kahn also taught her the language of the Kiffar and their history, including the horrors Selene’s people the Anzati inflicted upon the Kiffar. He explained how the Anzati viewed other species as nothing more than food and tried to make her understand how abhorrent such a view was. Unable to recall any of her own past upbringing, Selene readily adapted to the teachings of her adopted parents, living by their morals and continuing to learn Human and Kiffar ethics.

Selene’s adopted father also studied her feeding habits over the years in an attempt to find a way to eliminate them. Dr. Kahn went so far as to splice her genes with his Kiffar and his wife, Camilla's, human genes. None of his experiments were successful in eliminating Selene’s need for soup, though it had decreased substantially allowing her to go longer between meals. These experiments also had unforeseen side-effects some of which caused painful physiological changes to her. Her appearance became less Anzati, losing the bulbous nose and pale skin that was common to her species, allowing her to easily pass for a normal human. Her wounds once healed left no scar and she was made sterile, unable to have offspring by natural means. Selene also discovered that as a result of the genetic splicing experiments she was able to change the colour of her eyes at will ranging from dark green to light blue and cause her canines to extend out like fangs.

During this time, Selene met Aetius Morbus, another Anzati raised by humans. Sharing this in common the two became good friends quickly, spending all their free time together. Selene learned a lot from the older worldlier Anzati, the most important thing she learned from Aetius was how to hunt the criminals and scum of the city to satisfy her need for soup. One thing they never discussed or brought up was their pasts and how they had come to be on Taris. Over the years Aetius and Selene began to grow slightly distant from each other. They remained friends but spent less time together. Each focused one following their own path, until eventually they rarely met up to hunt or talk. Selene’s adopted parents grew older as the years passed by on Taris. She spent much of this time training and honing her combat abilities until slowly she became a skilled hunter. Through diligence and practice, she became a weapon specialist, adept in combat tactics and close quarters fighting. Her adopted parents, her adopted father in particular, were very proud of her, amazed at what a talented woman their daughter had become.

Selene’s life most likely would have continued on as it was except for the unfortunate events of one fateful day. She was home between hunting trips, happy to enjoy the company and familiarity of her adopted family. As the trio sat in the living room of the house a knock came at the door. Dr. Kahn rose from his seat to answer it and a disheveled and out of breath human stumbled into the room. Gasping between breaths he warned the old geneticist that a group of bounty hunters were asking around about him, that it might not be safe on Taris anymore.

Selene at home

Dr. Kahn looked worriedly at his wife and daughter, panic clearly visible on his face. He quickly spoke a barrage of words to them in Kiffu that made no sense to Selene. It was at that moment that the door to their home exploded into the room in a hail of smoke and shrapnel. The man that had warned the Kahns caught the brunt of the explosion and was flung across the room where he laid lifeless. As the dust settled a trio of humanoids stormed through the gaping opening that was once the door to the house. The assailants were garbed in nondescript, worn battle armor and brandished DLT-20a's. The first to enter the room casually raised his side arm, a DL-18 blaster pistol, and squeezed the trigger. The bolt flashed through the small space hitting Camilla, Selene’s adopted mother, squarely in the chest killing her instantly. Selene barely had time to register what she had just witnessed when a second bolt tore through the air directly towards her. Training saved her from being hit, as instinct kicked in and she just barely dodged out of the way.

During this chaos, the last attacker lurched forward and started grappling with Dr. Kahn, attempting to subdue him. Sensing that his fighting was in vain against his larger opponent, the doctor turned his head to look at his adopted daughter and in a strained voice, spoke a fast stream of words in Kiffu to her as he flashed her part of a thermal detonator he had palmed and concealed inside his coat pocket. The bounty hunters armored gaze fell on Selene as she nodded her understanding to her adopted father. What seemed like a brief moment of stillness passed when she suddenly burst into a sprint, running as fast as her legs could carry her toward the nearest window. The assailants, caught off guard by Selene’s sudden movement and speed were slow to react, two raised their guns and fired wildly as the third wrestled with Dr. Kahn. The bolts flew past Selene, shattering the window in front of her, still she covered her head with her arms as she dove through it into an alley that ran next to the building.

Selene rolled as she hit the ground and sprang to her feet as another flurry of blaster bolts shot out the window and over her head. Not losing a second, she continued to run as fast as she could away from the house until her lungs burned and her legs ached, eventually collapsing against the side of an alley she had dodged into. She panted and breathed heavily from her exertion, sweat and tears streamed down her face as she glanced toward the direction of her home just in time to hear a deafening explosion followed by a huge fireball that climbed into the sky. Without seeing it, she knew her old home was now a smoldering hole of ash and debris and her adopted father was dead. Selene's heart thundered in her chest as her father’s last words echoed in her mind over and over. Grief stricken and exhausted, she forced herself to her feet slowly. Feeling lost and heartbroken, she didn't know what to do but to run away from the pillar of smoke that drifted slowly over the place she had once lived.

Leaving Taris

Selene as a gang member
Selene on Taris (Lower City)

Selene left the Upper City of Taris were she had lived happily with her adoptive parents to the warrens of the Lower City, were the memory of her adopted parents deaths haunted her. The image of her adopted mother gunned down in cold blood forever seared into her mind. The sight of her crumpled body would weigh heavily upon Selene as did her adopted father sacrificing his life to ensure she could escape. She couldn't shake the feelings of frustration and helplessness for failing to protect them, how all she could do was run. A deep growing rage and sadness took hold of her as she knew she could not seek revenge against the bounty hunters that had killed the Kahns and caused her so much pain. They had been killed in the explosion along with Dr. Kahn. In the following years Selene wandered lost and alone through the dark and dirty streets of the Lower City. Easily passing for just any other human. Her true nature that she was an Anzati was never discovered. She used this to her advantage when hunting for 'soup' among the criminals in the slums, feeding on whatever intelligent being was foolish enough to be alone with her. Their species did not matter to her only the occupation of her prey.

It wasn't long before Selene got the idea to join one of the street gangs to be close to her favorite source of sustenance, criminals. She knew she needed to make an impression and show she was to be taken seriously as a fighting member of the gang, not as a party girl or servant for the men. She did this by entering one of the underground fighting tournaments she knew off, the perfect environment to show her value as a potential foot soldier. She was also curious to test her own abilities in the ring against the different underworld thugs that participated in the events. She wanted to prove to herself she could take the best that the Lower City of Taris had to offer. Selene’s years of training in hand to hand combat gave her a marked advantage against her often less trained opponents. She won her first match up easily, knocking the man out with a well-placed kick to the side of the head. That evening she won battle after battle, the other fighters she faced unable to match her strength or skill. Declared champion of the night, Selene won a sizable prize purse and was approached by one of the gang lieutenants with a job offer. She accepted the offer and started her life as a member of the gang.

The training Selene received under her adopted father was critical to her survival during these years. She continued to enter the underground fights, representing her gang against other local gangs at these brutal events. With each victory her standing in the gang grew as did the leaders confidence in her. Her record of unparalleled victories rocketed her to the inner circle of the gang. As an enforcer, Selene did all sorts of violent and dangerous jobs. Some of this included drug deals, selling Death Sticks and counterfeit ryll laced medical items, debt collection from loan sharks that owed her boss, and fighting with rival gangs. Gang warfare was always present, with shoot outs and attacks happening on a near regular basis. The danger and brutality of her new life style, wounds were not uncommon but it also gave her a means to release the rage which still simmered in her heart.

Selene continued in this line of work until one day after a routine sales operation, the gang leader accused her of stealing some of the credits from the sale, complaining that the courier had arrived light. As the gang boss yelled in her face making threats, Selene felt that familiar rage building up. She was shocked and outraged that her loyalty to the gang was being questioned after all the years of dedication she had given to it. Her fist dart up and hit the man in the throat putting an end to his rants as he gasped for air through a crushed windpipe. His bodyguards. Completely surprised by the suddenness of Selene’s' attack. Barely managed to clear their blasters from their holsters before she was upon them swinging. Both of them died before they could fire a shot, their battered bodies laid out in a heap at Selenes' feet. She knew she couldn't possibly take on the rest of the gang, so she slipped out the back entrance, unseen and unheard, vanishing into the crowds.

Selene knew she couldn't stay on Taris any longer. The Upper City held to many painful memories for her and the Lower City was now too dangerous for her. She had always wanted to know more about her adopted father’s roots so she decided it was a good time to visit his homeworld of Kiffex. Not wasting any time packing she headed for the nearest starport and bought a seat on the first ship leaving for Kiffex.

Life on Kiffex

Selene on Kiffex)

The transport ship Selene had booked passage on was a typical space passenger liner. She had made sure to purchase one of the private rooms, in which she spent most of the trip passing her time experimenting with new hair and clothing styles. She did this as a precaution to throw off anyone from Taris that might have been searching for her. When the ship arrived at the starport on Kiffex, Selene looked nothing like her old self, she was completely unrecognizable from when she had boarded it on Taris. Secure that no one would recognize her, Selene wanted to start her search for her adopted fathers family but wasn't sure where to start. She instead went to secure lodging and consider her options. Every day Selene went out to get to know the neighborhood. She was a foreigner in the enemy's territory and needed to be careful in all her moves to avoid any suspicion about what she was looking for. With time, Selene became familiar with the neighborhood and the people who lived there. However, she felt a bit lost, because until now she had no clue as to where to start her search.

One night, she decided to go out and take a walk on the streets of Kiffex. Her mind raced with every step, thinking about what she was doing there and how she could find something about her roots and that of her adopted father. She was on a new planet, walking among an enemy race. Her adopted father had told her many stories about battles between the Kiffar and the Anzati, and the hatred that both races had for one another. She continued walking down the dark streets, trying to come up with a plan, when suddenly she was surrounded by 4 humanoid creatures dressed in long, dark cloaks. All 4 of them had weapons with lasers aiming directly at her. She froze in mid-step, turning cautiously to look around at the assailants. Before she could complete the turn, she felt one of the assailants tightly grasp her upper right arm, forcibly guiding her down the dark and hidden place in the alley. When they came to a stop behind some crates, a man came out from the shadows and stood directly in front of Selene. They looked at one another for a long moment, as if sizing one another up. The man in front of her paused for a moment, and then extended two curling, tentacle like proboscises out from his cheeks. Immediately, their minds link and both of them knew the other; both were Anzati. In turn, Selene, trusting the fellow Anzati in front of her, also showed him her tentacle like proboscises, The Anzati nods as if relieved, and retracted his proboscises. Relaxing, the 4 cloaked humanoids returned their weapons to their holsters. The tall male Anzati held Selene’s upper arm gently to guide her back down the alley, and they continued to walk together, while the 4 humanoids followed closely behind.

Family Crest

Selene's mind was focused on the Anzati. She was on an enemy race's planet and she found someone from her own race. While they walked, they spoke telepathically, without any sound or movements. Selene explained to the Anzati why she was on the planet and what she was looking for. The Anzati listened to Selene’s story with great interest and offered to help her, as he knew that planet well. After several blocks of talking and walking, they reached a ground vehicle and all entered, the Anzati offered Selene a seat next to him, and the 4 guards took up the back of the vehicle. Without knowing where she was going but trusting her fellow Anzati, the conversation flowed on without interruption, telepathically. When she referred to her adoptive father by name, the other Anzati’s eyes flew open in recognition. He went on to explain that he knew of her adoptive father’s work and told her the reason why her adoptive father left the planet, in addition to the fact that he was not only well known but famous on Kiffex. Selene reaches into a pocket on her side and pulls out a necklace with the family crest. Holding it in the palm of her hand, she extends it to the Anzati so that he may view it. “This is the Family Crest. I carry it with me.” The Anzati nods in understanding. He has seen this picture before. He tells Selene that after her adoptive father fled from the planet, his employer vowed to seek revenge, killing all of his family members. “Now, dear one, that family crest means nothing.”

An icy silence filled the vehicle, only broken by Selene's sobs. Her heart was saddened by the news of her adoptive family’s slaughter. After several minutes, the vehicle came to a stop in front of a large building, and amidst Selene’s sobs, everyone got out of the vehicle and went towards the front door of the building. Her heart heavy, she followed the 5 beings into the building. Safe, at last, and a direction. Selene felt lucky to have found a friend from her own race. She felt grateful to learn about the work of her adoptive father and of his escape from Kiffex. Finally, a place to start. During the following days, Selene and the Anzati visit the places where her adoptive family lived and worked. She also gained access to databases containing all the developmental work done by her adoptive father. She was grateful to the Anzati, as without his help she would not have learned as much about her adoptive father.

Now that she knew the whole story of her adoptive father, she told the Anzati about her own story and her amnesia after the attack. The Anzati told her that he wasn't powerful enough to make her remember her past and roots, but he knew someone in Anzat System who may be able to help her. It was finally time for Selene to move on. She bid farewell to the Anzati, and thanked him for all the help he had given her. In saying goodbye, she verified the name of the person she needed to speak with in the Anzati System that could help her to remember. Gathering her luggage, Selene headed to the spaceport for transportation to the Anzat System.

Return to Anzat

Selene on Anzati

Selene booked her transport to the Anzat System and left immediately, watching Kiffex disappear and become part of the greater galaxy. After several days of traveling, the ship left hyperspace and entered sublight travel, showing to all passengers the Anzat's System with all its planets and asteroid fields. The ship passed through the asteroid fields with ease, finally arriving at its destination; the planet Anzat.

After disembarking the aircraft, Selene muddled through all the bureaucracy and red tape of customs, and finally began to search for a place to stay. After finding a quaint room with adequate facilities near the center of town, she rested for a few days before beginning her search for the one that could help her find the information she came so far to seek.

Selene spent several days researching, finding out more about the person that could tell her more about who she was and where she came from. He was a wise and famous Sage, and spent more than 1000 years giving advice and guidance to the people of Anzat. Selene, excited to meet him, set up transportation immediately to his office.

Finally, at the office at last. Selene stepped out of the ground vehicle and into the hustle and bustle of the street. The office of Sage was nestled tightly between 2 shops in the middle of the block...hidden and barely noticeable as a separate office. She opened the door and stepped in, greeted immediately by 3 suspicious guards. The guards surrounded her, and looking at her suspiciously, asking her to state her business. Selene stood her ground, showing no fear, and calmly yet firmly explained to the guards that she was there to see the Sage. The guards, looking suspiciously at Selene, and then at each other, shook their heads in denial of her request. She looked like a common human, and it was clear the guards did not trust her nor her motives to see the Sage. As a last desperate attempt, Selene showed her two tentacle proboscises. The guards, stepping back for a minute in shock...looked at one another and then Selene, The three guards relaxed a bit, and then allowed Selene through to make her appointment with the Sage, although watched her closely until she left the building.

Making her way back to her quarters, Selene’s mind was racing. She was finally going to meet the Sage, although it was still 7 days away. Finally, answers to all the questions she has about her past and her family. Her mind racing with all the possibilities, she decides to fill her week with touring the town and finding out more about the history and the people of the planet.

The day of her appointment with the Sage finally arrived. Ground transportation delivered her promptly to the entrance of the office, and she entered, with a few moments to spare. She approached the Reception Desk nervously, and stated her name and the reason for her appointment. Selene was told to have a seat and that she would be called shortly.

Selene’s mind raced as she sat in the room, anxiously awaiting her appointment. She flipped through the datapad in the reception area, catching up on the latest news of the planet, looked at the artwork on the walls, and paced. Finally, she was called back to the Office of the Sage. She entered a simple room; near the window was a plain desk and chair with the usual necessary items placed carefully and purposefully upon it. A simple lamp sat on the corner of the desk, and for clients there was a comfortable armchair and a larger settee with comfortable pillows. Decor was all in very neutral colors, tans and creams, with an occasional dark brown.

The Sage stood up from behind the desk when Selene entered the room. Selene approached the desk, bowing her head with a deep respect for the Sage that was about to help her to remember. He was the oldest living force-sensitive Anzati living on his own planet, and was revered for his abilities. Selene was prompted to sit with a wave of his hand, and Selene sat. The Sage came around and leaned slightly on the desk, waiting for Selene to explain her purpose for being there. He listened intently to Selene’s explanation as to why she had come to see him, and who had sent her on this long journey to find him. He seemed to understand the importance it held for Selene, and the need she had to find the answers for which she had been seeking for so very long.

Selene recovering her memory

Listening intently, the Sage waited for Selene to finish her story. His patient, compassionate, and wise eyes fell upon hers, gently probing into her soul. Their eyes locked for several seconds before the Sage knelt down beside Selene, and gently took her hand in his, never breaking their gaze. Selene felt a sense of peace and calm. She slipped into a state of deep relaxation as the Sage probed deeper and deeper into the recesses of Selene’s mind. She slid instantly into a deep sleep. Images began to flood her dream-like state, with flashes of memories and realities that made no sense at first. In Selene’s dream state, confusion and overwhelming emotions came in and flooded her soul, as she pieced the images together to form some logical sense. The images repeated, and more memories in her dream state emerged, and continued on into a seemingly endless cycle of long forgotten memories.

Confused, Selene woke up with a start, not recognizing her surroundings. In her confusion, she found she was also angry and sad at the same time, and woke up not only confused, but sobbing and screaming. Tears rolling down her cheeks, she shouted in her native tongue words that she did not completely understand. Breathing heavily, crying and shouting, she stood up, and felt a gentle hand reach out and touch her shoulder. Her breathing steadied and a sense of calm once again came over her, and she realized she was in the office of the Sage.

Taking a deep breath, and realizing she was safe, Selene sat back down, and began to gain her composure. She remembered everything. She remembered the time she spent as a child in the home of her parents. She remembered that tragic and fateful day her Father and Mother were murdered. She remembered her given birth name, Leanea Eyre. She also remembered the names of her parents, her Father being Vugrar Mannak, and her Mother, Fionn Eyre. Finally, everything made sense.

With tears in her eyes, Selene stood up. Thanking the Sage, she gave him a hug, and let him know that grateful she was for his help in remembering who she was; what she was. With a final nod, she left the office of the Sage, knowing what she must do next.

Stepping out into the bright light of the street, Selene headed immediately to gather her things and sought out transportation to Anzat IV. She finally felt complete, and her heart sang with happiness. It was finally time to meet the remainder of her family. She boarded transport for Anzat IV, preparing herself for the meeting. She knew she would not be accepted immediately, for the experiments that her adoptive Father performed on her had changed her appearance dramatically.

Finally arriving on Anzat IV, Selene found her way to the entrance gate of the Eyre Estate and made her way to the door. She was greeted by Anassa Valeriya Eyre, her cousin in the clan. Valeriya looked puzzled, and Selene went on to explain who she was and why she was there. All doubts vanished from the face of Valeriya, and Valeriya welcomed her inside. Selene spent hours explaining her story to her cousin, and Valeriya explaining what she knew to fill in the blanks.

Selene was welcomed with open arms by the remainder of the Eyre Family; her family. She continued to stay at the Eyre Estate for several months, getting to know her family and the deep, rich history of her ancestors. Finally, a place to call home.