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(Shadow Hunter Captain's Council)
(Shadow Hunter Captain's Council)
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<center><b>Captain Thearn Nightstaf</b></center>
<center><b>Captain [[Thearn Nightstaf | Thearn Nightstaf]]</b></center>
<center><font size=2>Intelligence Corps </font></center>
<center><font size=2>Intelligence Corps </font></center>
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     <center>[[File:Thearn AvatarCHSmall.png |100px| ]]</center>

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Shadow Hunter Task Force
The Shadow Hunter Task Force Insignia
General Information
Status Active
Leader Thearn Nightstaf
2IC Gorag Kron, Sierra Null
Headquarters Port NoWhere
Historical Information
Founded Y10 D186
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Mercenary

Shadow Hunter Task Force

A battlegroup formed around a small cadre of Kiffar warriors who survived the Black Sun purges of Kiffex and Kiffu, as well as other disparate groups from across the galaxy, including significant Chiss and Falleen contingents. The Task Force specializes in peacekeeping and rescue operations, but members have been known to take on a wide variety of mission profiles as the situation calls for it.

Base of Operations

Port Nowhere (Luxury Space Colony)

Port Nowhere; Home of the Shadow Hunters

Formed out of the hulk of a abandoned Lictor-class Dungeon Ship, the origins of the deep space colony known as Port Nowhere have been long forgotten. Whether converted to a base by a group of pirates, or colonized by refugees fleeing from some distant conflict, the former prison ship has become a thriving community for those with no where else to go.

While not originally based out of the colony, it became home to the mercenary group after they defended the inhabitants from a large group of slavers. Having been exiled from their homes in the Azurbani system, many of the Kiffar Shadow Hunters moved their families off their warships and on to the colony, to the mutual benefit of both groups. They were likewise joined by representatives from the displaced Chiss and Falleen populations of the task force, leading to a thriving settlement building up around the once derelict space station.

Task Force Organizational Structure

Command Staff

Shadow Hunter Captain's Council

Captain Neiki Driet
Strategic Operations
Neiki Driet SH Captain.png
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
A former Commander in the Falleen Federation Royal Navy, Captain Driet is one of the longest serving members on the Shadow Hunter Captain's Council, going back to the founding of the task force shortly after the Battle of Beta, when his command ship, the Rhukar's Wrath was separated from the main fleet by a line of imperial fighters and badly damaged. With his ship venting fuel and the rest of the navy task force ordered into full retreat by Lord Admiral Bisz Aldaris, Neiki had little choice but to order his group to disengage. With the hyperdrive damaged, the old Carrack Cruiser couldn't keep up with the main fleet and was forced to exit hyperspace prematurely in order to conduct repairs. When the ship had re-entered realspace, they found themselves at Port Nowhere, in the midst of a pitch battle between the local garrison who were defending the residents of the nearby derelict station from a large pirate raider force. A devout follower of Kthran, Neiki ordered the Rhukar's Wrath into battle on the side of the station defenders, (which included the remnants of Clan Kitade-in-exile). The sudden appearance of the frigate and it's support group on the battlefield, (which even damaged outgunned the largest pirate vessel by a significant margin) proved to be the turning point as it allowed the defenders to rally and drive the remaining invaders off.

Port Nowhere's leaders were grateful at the Falleen's timely arrival and offered to repair the Carrack of the damage it had sustained in the recent battle and house the crew. With the Federation still reeling from the death of the King and the losses at Beta, Neiki knew that it would likely be a significant amount of time before a retrieval ship would be able to be dispatched to the remote location, so he accepted the offer. Over the coming months Neiki and the crew of the Wrath formed a strong bond with the station's residents, even lending their expertise to a counter-offensive aimed at nearby pirate strongholds, eventually breaking their grip on the area entirely. It was from this campaign that the Shadow Hunter Task Force found it's beginnings, striking back at those who would hide in the shadows to prey on the weak.

Captain Gorag Kron
Fleet Operations
Gorag Kron.png
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
Ispsum insertus description
Captain Jaina Horizoness
Starfighter Corps
Jaina Horizoness SH Captain.png
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
Ispsum insertus description

Captain Parek Varn
Ground Operations
Parek Varn SHCaptain.png
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
Ispsum insertus description

Captain Thearn Nightstaf
Intelligence Corps
Thearn AvatarCHSmall.png
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
Ispsum insertus description

Captain Sierra Null
Field Support
Shadow Hunter Captain Insignia.png
Ispsum insertus description

Fleet Operations

Notable Units

Battlegroup Alpha

Battlegroup Omega

Carrier Group Zeta

Star Fighter Corps

Notable Units
Flare Squadron
SHFlare Squadron.png
Flare Squadron is a group of elite pilots in the service of the Shadow Hunter Task Force. All veterans of numerous campaigns spanning the length of the galaxy, the sight of their signature grey and gold V-19 Torrent Starfighters on the battlefield is sure to bolster the moral of any Shadow Hunter Unit they come across.
Stormryder Squadron
SHStormryder Squadron.png
R-41 Starchaser.jpg
Formerly a Cloakshape Fighter training corps that served under the name of Ryder Squadron, saw action during the Askaj Rebellions, where the unit took heavy losses defending the fallen MC-80b Class Cruiser the KMS Gra'tuar Babatir from a heavy assault by the Askaj Liberation Front aiming to take out Talak Kasra, Lord Imperator of the Krath Empire. Now recovered and upgraded with much heavier R-41 Star Starchaser Starfighters, the surviving members of the rechristened Stormryder Squadron are ready for their next mission.
Ghost Squadron
SHGhost Squadron.png
The Ghosts are a specialized recon squadron that utilize heavily modified T-Wings to scout out specific objectives at high speeds and relay that information in real time back to central command. Comprised of daredevil pilots who thrive on living on the edge, the Squadron is also known for it’s high turnover rate, both on the battlefield and off.
Talon Squadron
SHTalon Squadron.png
One of the longest serving active units in the entire task force, Talon Squadron was originally known as the 377th Interceptor Group and was assigned as a support unit to the Carrack/S-class Light Cruiser Rhukar’s Wrath, which saw action at the Battle of Beta under the command of Captain Neiki Driet when he was still a part of the Falleen Royal Navy.
Rapier Squadron
SHRapier Squadron.png
Assigned to the Shadow Hunter Diplomatic Corps, the main duties of Rapier Squadron primarily revolve around providing escorts for VIPs and dignitaries visiting the Task Force's holdings at Port Nowhere. Though not a front line combat unit, the pilots of Rapier Squadron are quite competent, and more then capable of fending off the occasional bandit attack with the flashing silver N-1 Starfighters inspired by their squadron namesake.
Jester Squadron
SHJester Squadron.png
Toscan 8-Q.png
Originally part of a bandit gang called The Wild Bunch, the pilots of what would become Jester Squadron were captured after a disastrous raid against Port Nowhere where the Wild Bunch fleet was quickly routed and fled after taking heavy losses, and leaving them stranded in system with fighters that lacked any form of hyperdrive. Knowing that they were as good as dead if they kept fighting the defacto leader of the remaining forces, a Cathar by the name of Mission Nightshade, contacted Port Nowhere to offer terms of surrender. After some tense negotiations, the remnant bandit force abandoned their ships and were formally taken into custody by the Shadow Hunters. Over time as the former mauraders worked to repair the damage they caused to the space station and it’s supporting infrastructure, they came to realize that there situations were much improved over the life they had in the bandit gangs and began to actively contribute to the well being of Port Nowhere and became some of it’s most fervent defenders.
Cobra Squadron
SHCobra Squadron.png
Cobra Squadron ipsum descriptus.
Flux Squadron
SHFlux Squadron.png
Flying the iconic Y-wing BTL-S3 Starfighter, Flux Squadron is one of several fighter groups that have been tasked with patrolling the space around Port NoWhere and keeping the local bandit gangs from setting up shop and menacing merchant traffic in the area. With their primary patrol route taking them through the dangerous Boneyard, a particularly thick asteroid field, they regularly see skirmishes with the likes of the Core Destroyers and Blazing Claws, but have proven adept at emerging from such battle unscathed and leaving their opponents drifting aimlessly in space to be picked up by their support ship, the CDF Nightshade, a Corona-class Frigate. These captured bandit fighters are then divested of their original pilots and re-purposed as training and second line defense craft for the local populace.

Ground Operations

Notable Units
House Varn Phalanx
House Varn.png
The personal guard of Captain Parek Varn, the unit consists almost exclusively of Chiss soldiers who were former members of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, who joined with the Shadow Hunters in the wake of the Battle Of Csilla .

Intelligence Corps

Notable Units
Kitade Commandos
Clan Kitade Emblem.png
Insert Description Here:

Field Support

Notable Units
1st Tynnan Irregulars
1st Tynnan Irregulars.png
Arcacia ReySHCommander.jpg
During Operation Timber, the Shadow Hunters, along with a massive armada formed from ships and personnel from dozens of different organizations and governments across the galaxy, responded to an emergency transmission from the newly discovered world of Tynna, which was under attack from a sizable force of bandits. In the aftermath of the battle, a small group of Tynnans decided to sign up with the Shadow Hunters to carry on the good fight where ever they were needed. This group formed the basis of what would become the 1st Tynnan Irregulars, a unit which specializes in providing humanitarian aid to live fire conflict zones. What they lack in formal training, they more then make up for with enthusiasm and compassion provide relief to those in need.

Campaign History

Operation Reclamation

Operation Bolt

Operation Timber

The Nar Shaddaa Incident

Cold Faith

The Askaj Rebellion

Kiffex Outbreak Containment Action