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"Whisper to the Scales"
Historical Information
Founder Haliat Rodz
EstablishedYear 15 Day 287
General information
Current head Haliat Rodz
MembersVenari Haliat, Kroprox Rodz
AffiliationTresario Star Kingdom

Shadowscale is a newly founded Clan ...


Kroprox Rodz during the explosion.

After a near death experience while fighting a group of pirates in his native land, Kroprox Rodz lost a number of his glossy green scales later resulting in them turning into a more shadowy skin tone; due to a mutation that had entered into his body during the fighting and activated during his regenerating. Venari Haliat and his party came across Kroprox during the attack and assisted him on wiping out the pirates, after the skirmish [[Venari Haliat|Venari] took Kroprox back to his ship in orbit and immediately put him into a customized Bacta tank for the use on injured Trandoshans, and used his own Force Healing powers to speed up the process and lessen the pain.

A few months later, when Kroprox had fully recovered, he and Venari decided to found the Shadowscale clan from the remnants of each of their own, as symbol of their new but never ending friendship. Then above the very planet that gave birth to them, Venari and Kroprox took a vow to protect, teach, and become child of the Scorekeeper.


Tenet 1

Never dishonor the Shadowscale or its Clansmen.

Tenet 2

Never betray the Shadowscale or its secrets.

Tenet 3

Never purposefully hinder another Clansmen in his/her endeavors.

Tenet 4

Never kill another Clansmen.

Tenet 5

Never steal the possessions of a fellow Clansmen.