Shem Nuurverra

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Shem Nuurverra An average looking Kel Dorian male. Hailing from a prestigious family of artisans Shem has left Dorin to live the life of an adventurer, and make a name for himself.

Shem Nuurverra
Shem Nuurverra Bio Pic.png
Biographical Information
Race Kel Dor
Homeworld Dorin
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Single
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Born Year -6 Day 172 (24)
Languages Kel Dor, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 187cm
Weight 90kg
Coloring Yellow/Orange
Eye Color Silver
Political Information
Affiliation Sprizen Mineral Holdings
Title Mineral Operative
Positions Recruitment Liason


Early Life



Personality and Traits