Siejo Kutol

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Siejo Kutol
Siejo Kutol.png
Race Nautolans
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Relations Allana Aran-Kutol
Born Year -12 Day 110
Gender Male
Height 1.5 meteres
Skin Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Job(s) Corporate Alliance
Title Chief Magistrate
Past Job(s) Trade Federation, Techno Union


Siejo Kutol, a young Nautolan, only wishes to find his place in the universe. Siejo is a calm humanoid and has a sharp eye for business and trading. He excels at Logistics and construction work. Siejo is a Logistics Captain in the Techno Union,and is the Tecro for the Clan Nautola of the Nautolan Society. Siejo has large dark black eyes and dark brown/green skin. He can usually be seen wearing his leather pilot jacket and tight fitting green pants. His favorite beverage is a fresh brewed Sallichean tea. While it has no stimulate effect in humans, Sallichean tea has a significant effect on the Nautolan body, creating an “ecstasy” feeling that cant be beat by normal stimulate beverages.

Work History

Corporate Alliance Year 7 Day 140 ~ Year 8 Day 54

Techno Union Year 8 Day 54 ~ Year 9 Day 270

Corporate Alliance Year 9 Day 270 ~ Present

Haven Recycling Corporation Year 11 Day 388 ~ Present


Early Years

Siejo Kutol, the son of the great Nautolans Sieve Britol, was born on the Aquatic world of Glee Anselm. His father owned a shop called ``The Pit`` in the capital city of Glee Anselm. Sievi`s shop, which was on dry land, sold strange artifacts from the sea below. It was easy for a Nautolan to acquire these items, which were common sites on the sea floor, but to the dry land city dwellers, the items were strange and mystifying. Sievi himself was a bit of a mystery. While he was a very loving father, his true nature was lost, at those moments of silence at the dining table with the family, or the countless nights alone in his den.

Siejo was born on Year –12, Day 110. It was a cold murky morning in the Underwater Nautolan Capital. His father was away at work, but his mother was there, safeguarding her eggs from predators. Siejo was the first to break through the shell, crying out in surprise when he finally saw the first light of life. None of the other eggs hatched that day, but a few days later, another egg hatched, releasing Siejo’s brother into the world.

During his childhood, Siejo loved to wander the sea floor, playing with the natural sea life and finding things for his father to sell in his shop. He was a very strong student in school, always trying to out do all of his fellow schoolmates. Siejo`s younger brother, Siety Kutol, often followed behind him on his explorations of the sea floor. While they were young Siejo and his brother got in and out of tons of trouble. Siety looked up to his older brother and, in turn, Siejo admired his brothers’ courage, always willing to swim into the deepest, darkest caves, just to see what he could find. Siety was often jealous of his brother and would play tricks to scare his, and in their later years, often tried to out do him. The two brothers fought for their fathers love, entering the monthly undersea wresting competitions to impress him. The two would often duel in these matches, matches in which Siety’s strength out did his older brothers, and he would often win.

When he reached adolescence, Siejo`s father asked him to work in his shop part time. While Siejo manned the sales desk, his brother was in charge of carrying out the process of finding new goods to sell and deliver them to the shop on a timely basis. While working in his father’s shop, Siejo developed a great eye for business. It was Siejo`s input that helped his father expand his business, opening another shop on the opposite side of town. Sievi decided that since it was Siejo`s idea, he should be held responsible for how the new shop did. This second shop, called ``The Den``, did quite well. For this, Sievi put Siejo in charge of the shop. This proved to be costly.

While working one cloudy afternoon, Siejo was dusting the shelves of ``The Den`` when the little bell on the front door rang. Siejo turned to see an attractive young Nautolan female walk through the door. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Siejo stumbled over himself trying to greet her. He could feel his pulse all over his body. Now, it is strange for a Nautolan to enter this short of shop, but Siejo didn`t think of this. All he could think of was getting her name. He walked over to her, tossing his tendrils back, and cleared his throat. The young female turned, looked at him and smiled. He introduced himself and asked if he could help her find anything. The female, whose name was Drukie Mcjoe, quickly replied that she actually was just stopping by to meet him. Her mother owned the shop next door and she works there from time to time. She told Siejo that she saw him the other day and was curious. Siejo liked Drukie and they quickly became good friends. In fact, over the next couple months, Siejo grew to care for Drukie and he informed his father that he planned to marry her one-day. While his father was all for the idea of his son becoming a man and moving out on his own, Siety hated this idea, and resented his brother for choosing to be with a girl, instead of spending time with him. One cold, rainy morning, not to long after his 17th year celebration, Siejo was at work, counting the change in the credit drawer, when he store was filled with the cool breeze from the outside as tall Nautolan entered the shop. Siejo didn`t pay much attention to him, because this species (his species) doesn`t normally buy things in this shop. The Nautolan casually examined the stock, and then suddenly stopped. He reached to a shelf and pulled out a bright yellow crystal. The Nautolan, crystal in hand, walked up to the register. He asked Siejo kindly if he found this crystal. Siejo, confused about what mattered so much about this crystal, said yes. Then the Nautolan asked were Siejo found this crystal. Siejo explained the location where he, well, his brother, had found the crystal; in a cave on the sea floor. The Nautolan thanked him, bought the crystal and left. Siejo was trying to shake off the strange feelings he was having about that last sale when Drukie burst through the door. She was panting for breath. Siejo, feeling her anxiety in deep in his tendrils, ran over to her and asked her what was wrong. She explained to him that there were some strange people threatening her and her mother and she needed help. Siejo quickly locked up shop and ran next door. He didn`t notice his father walking up the street toward the shop, but his father noticed him.

What Siejo didn`t know is that Drukie`s mother didn`t just sell exotic clothing, this was a front, she also sold unlicensed weapons to rebels. The rebels were trying to free the local population from the grip of the XXX Miners, who currently held control over Glee Anselm. The local security forces had heard rumors of such a shop and followed there noses to Drukie`s mothers establishment. The punishment for treason is death in this culture and that`s exactly what the security forces had in mind. The two teen Nautolans ran into the door just as the security force executed Drukie`s mother.

Drukie screamed. The security for turned and pointed their guns, steam still flowing from the nozzles, at the pair. They quickly instructed the teens to leave this area at once. Just then, Sievi entered the picture. Sieve was a very just man, but was very angry that his son had apparently closed shop to play with girls, he meant to lecture him on responsibility when he got him back into the shop, but he never got the opportunity. The security forces decided quickly that Sievi must be some sort of rebel; since it appeared to them that he came running when the shop owner was executed. They charged Sievi with Treason and arrested him. Siejo fought for his father, but was hit over the head with a blunt object and thrown aside as they escorted his father to the local prison. When he came to, he was laying on the floor. His head was still groggy, so needed Drukie`s help to get up. The couple ran to the oceanfront and dived down into the sea. When they reached Siejo`s house, Siejo quickly explained to his family the days occurrence and his father’s fate. The local government seized ``The Pit`` and ``The Den``, stating that they were funding the rebel cause. Siety, who had been watching over the other shop at the time of the seizing, was also arrested and sent to a detention center for minors. Siejo was able to visit his father only once. He snuck in some utensils that he wanted to give his father to escape. He was extremely nervous, and was almost caught when the guard went to search him, but the guard changed his mind when Sievi intervened, telling the guard to just let his son see his father for the last time. So there they were, on opposite sides of the glass, talking to each other. Siejo knew that this might be the last time he saw his father, and explained, in their native tongue so the guard (hopefully) would not understand, to his dad what had happened with the shops and how he wanted to rescue him from this injustice. There was a moment of silence that felt like eternity. It came to a total surprise when Sievi told his son that the accusations were true. Siejo couldn`t believe it. Sievi gave his son specific instructions to leave Glee Anselm and make a name for himself; for his family. He explained how he had a plan to make it out of the prison, and, hopefully, would see him again if he followed his instructions. He then also informed Siejo of his brothers’ fate. He was overwhelmed with anger. As it turned out, unlike his father, Siety was totally innocent and did not deserve to be put into a juvenile facility. Sievi told his son to settle down, and that it was only a temporary thing. Siety would be fine. Siejo agreed to follow his father’s orders, told his father he loved him and left.

When Siejo reached the street in front of the jail, he didn`t know what to think. His father was in the rebellion. What if his father was unsuccessful in his attempt to free himself? When he reached the other side of the street, some creature bumped into him. He began to apologize for walk with his head down, when he looked up. It was the Strange Nautolan who bought the crystal from the shop earlier that day. The Nautolan introduced himself as Vix and informed Siejo that he knows of the situation. He was working with the rebellion and has been asked to help his father escape. Vix told Siejo he was going to help his father escape tonight. Siejo was overjoyed and thanked Vix. Vix bowed and walked on. When Vix bowed, Siejo noticed a shiny metal hilt attached to Vix`s hip. Siejo ran home, greeted Drukie, and went about his business for the day. That night, Siejo couldn`t sleep, so he sat up, playing out the escape plan in his head all night long, and, in the morning, he heard the wonderful news of his father’s escape.

Entering the Work Force

Siejo knew that he needed to leave his home planet. He told Drukie to stay with his family in the Sea. He promised her he would one day return for her and then they would be wed. Then he made contact with a Trade faction, The Corporate Alliance. Siejo applied for membership and was approved. A few days later, Siejo went to 1508 to be picked up. Drukie went with him. On cue, a human, Riley Moonrigger, flew down in a fleet of Cloakships. Riley, a very skilled pilot, beckoned Siejo into one of the ships. Siejo embraced his love, told her he loved her and they separated. She wished him luck, and he jumped into the cockpit of one of the Cloaks. Riley quickly explained the basic controls to him. After some trial and error, Siejo got the ship flying and they ascended off the planet, leaving Drukie to watch them go. Siejo and Riley made his way to the Corporate headquarters in the Amorris System. Once there, he was assigned as a Logistics worker and began his work. Looking to expand his knowledge and skill as a pilot, Siejo studied in his time off to become a better tool for his employer.

Siejo`s first real mission was to drop off a ship in the Varn system. He was very excited to be off on his own. He transferred from the Cloakship, into a beautiful YT-2000, The Narner II. Siejo had never seen such a ship, and took a short tour to examine its beauty. While there, he picked up the Reservist Bellos Selexin from the surface of Varno. With Bellos aboard, Siejo went on his second mission, a flight to the Kiffex system to pick up Cadet Beol Habo. After Beol had been found and joined Siejo and Bellos on the Narner II, Siejo made the jump to hyperspace, toward Amorris, were he would join his Corporate Alliance Brethren.

When the pair arrived in Amorris, the rest of the Corporate Alliance was busy gathering supplies for a galaxy wide construction operation. While they waited for the supplies to reach Amorris, Siejo taught Beol how to pilot a ship. They worked together and became friends. Together they visited the warm beach world of Loszog. After Siejo was sure of Beols` skills, he left him to do his own missions. He was very nervous, watching Beols every move to make sure he didn`t drive them into the local sun. Beol was a natural, and the training went well. When the supplies arrived in the Amorris system, Siejo rushed himself, Beol and Riley to pick them up and bring them to the Corporate Alliance homeworld.

After arriving in Amorris with the supplies, Siejo received a message from the management announcing that he was promoted to Logistics Lieutenant, which overjoyed Siejo almost as much as his next mission, which included a ship transfer and a return visit to his homeworld, Glee Anselm. Siejo hoped to return and maybe find some answers to his past.

After a quick ship transfer, Siejo and Construction buddies arrived on Glee Anselm, in the City of 1508. Siejo selected the location of the New Commerce Center that the CA was planning to build and sent his workers to start work on the project. While the workers worked, Siejo went to the underwater capitol city of the Nautolans. This is where his childhood home was, and still is located. As Siejo approached the house, his mother, Kutani, saw him. She flew out of the front door and embraced him in a tight hug. She told him how worried she was. Siejo explained how he was fine and started to tell her what he was up to when he spotted Drukie out of the corner of his eye. She was minding her own business, cleaning inside the hut. Siejo swam quickly through the front door and embraced his love. She jumped with surprise.

After the greetings were handed out, the family sat at the table. Kutani explained to her son how the revolution had been put on hold because of the death of the regional governor. Kutani had heard nothing on Siejo`s father. Siejo then asked about his brother, for no one had mentioned him. It broke his mothers` heart to have to explain to Siejo that his younger brother was mixed up with the wrong crowd. She told him that after being released for the juvenile facility, he blamed himself for his father and brothers exile. The last time she heard from him, he was in Anselm Prime, the land capitol city of Glee Anselm. Siejo told her he would take care of it. He made arrangements for Kutani to manage the Commerce Center that was being built in 1508 and also made arrangements with Drukie for there Marriage to happen sometime in the near future. Siejo kissed his love and left for Anselm Prime.

Siety, stubborn as usual, had gotten into the deathsticks business, and although he didn`t use them, he was in deep with the local dealer. Siety had many friends, and although he worked hard, he liked to party harder, and while he partied the rules were sometimes forgotten. Siejo tried along time ago to explain to his brother the dangers in this, but Siety learned little from his older brother. Siety had partied it up, and during those parties, ``lost`` many deathsticks.

When Siejo found his brother, he was in his suppliers ``office``. It was behind a large dumpster of the main resident hall. He was walking down the main streets when he heard a struggle in a nearby alley. Siejo peaked around a crate located midway down the ally. There were two figures here; his brother and a large creature. The creature, a powerful Anselmi underboss, was holding Siety by his collar. Siety was a large Nautolan, but this Anselmi was huge. The creature was threatening Siety, threatening his family. Siejo could see the look of total defeat in his brothers’ eyes. Siejo crept up and approached the scene. The underboss noticed him first, quickly dropping Siety and turning to face him. Siejo drew his small blade that he kept in a sheath in his sleeve. The Underboss was unarmed and asked Siejo what he wanted. With his tendrils screaming out in danger, Siejo told the creature that he wanted his brothers` freedom. Freedom from this life, and Siejo, himself, would pay his dept. Up to this point, Siety had not recognized his brother, and when he heard this, he was overcome with emotion. It turned out that Siety owed this Anselmi 50,000 credits. Siejo paid the underboss. The underboss thanked him for his business and disappeared into the shadows.

Siety fell to his knees in front of his brother. He cried how unworthy he was of such a gift. Siejo lifted his brother to his feet and told him how he loved him and would offer his life for his brothers’ safety, let alone 50,000 credits. Siejo then offered his brother a business proposition. He could be the foreman for his construction group for the Corporate Alliance. He could travel the galaxy with his brother, working side by side. Siety agreed and went with his brother. Together they boarded the Ussuri, and went back to 1508 to join the building crew. After construction of the shop ``Nautolan Goodies`` was completed the crew jumped back aboard the Ussuri and flew back to Amorris.

As soon as Siejo returned to Amorris` orbit, the Commerce Guild reclaimed the Ussuri. Siejo moved aboard a Y-wing Longprobe, the CADF Ghost 1-3, and flew it to the Selaggis System. Once there, Siejo flew security flights around the system, keeping a keen eye out for Imperial Forces. Siety was transferred to another ship and put under the direct command of Hilem Ordo. He was going to be in the thick of it on the world below, building the city.

While in orbit around the planet Gallyrn, Siejo entered the trading market. Siejo had a great eye for deals and quickly made fair amounts of credits. Using the Holonet, he connected to the market and began trading. He also acquired a few ships. Siejo`s first ship was a Cloakshape H Fighter. He soon sold it and used the profit to buy other goods. Siejo`s favorite ship design was the Y-TIE. This ships strange design inspired Siejo in some strange way. He started to build a fleet of them, acquiring first the CAL Broken Butterfly, and then the CAL Cobalt. Each ship had a custom paintjob designed by Siejo himself. Siejo grew into a good, trustworthy trader and made many friends.

The Thef

Then one day, everything changed. Siejo contacted a human trader named Freedon Mathias about purchasing a N-1 Starfighter. Siejo, who was in it for a deal, was excited, especially since the starship was going for a mere 100,000 credits. Siejo gave his credcard with the money on it to Freedon, but then it happened. Freedon decided that he would keep the money and the ship. Siejo was pissed. Something changed inside Siejo that night. He could not sleep. His innocence was gone, and all he wanted was revenge. So while Freedon walked away smiling, Siejo worked with his contacts and sent out every type of person after Freedon. Siejo`s good friend, Adoy Baba followed Freedon and he wandered around on Tatooine. Then the bounty hunters came flying in. Freedon jumped into the N-1 and streaked into the sky, but what he didn`t know was that Siejo had arranged for company when he got there. As soon as Freedon exited the atmosphere of the planet, he knew it was over. Sorosuub Corp Fighters were coming at him at attack speed. Freedon pulled up on the controls then into a barrel roll, barley missing the incoming blaster fire from the ships. Freedon turned right and started to head out of Tatooines` gravity field, when his ship was stuck by a blaster bolt, destroying his hyperdrive. Beauba Fettt flew his ship in close and blew off one of the N-1`s engine. Sparks flew everywhere, but the ship had been safely disabled. Beauba flew in above the N-1 and docked with it. Then he stormed the N-1 and capture Freedon. Siejo was informed the next day of the missions` success. The Thief was captured and would now stand trial. The evidence was clear, and Siejo was sure, with the right influence, Freedon would be killed for his crimes. Siejo was pleased.

Freedon was taken to a local Sorosuub Corporation (who currently ran the Tatoo system) prison to stand trial. Pablo Dion, a start up banker and overall nice guy, decided to take up Freedons` Defense Pro-Bono. Pablo, a human, arranged for a meeting with the thief, but when he arrived, he was captured by Beauba and thrown into Prison with his client. Word traveled around the galaxy of this strange story. Pablo Dion was an employee of ComBank, Which has a strong affiliation with the Empire, enemies of the Sorosuub Government. Sorosuub released a statement, explaining the Pablo was detained based on that affiliation and that they suspected Pablo was attempting to break his client out of custody.

The trial of Freedon Mathias was held via Holonet, in a courtroom in the SoroSuub Capital. Freedon complained aggressively about the courtroom procedures, resulting in additional charges being brought against him, including Contempt of Court and Libel. Pablo pleaded with the SoroSuub leadership, begging for his life, and even resigned from ComBank to demonstrate his repentance.

As the trial progressed, Siejo was brought before the Tribunal to testify. After his remarks were made, Freedon was allowed to speak in his own defense, and irrationally pleaded for the death penalty. After months of delegation, the Tribunals were dismissed to decide Freedon Mathias` fate. When the Tribunals returned to the court, they ruled that Freedon should pay Siejo 50,000 credits, half of what he stole, and be placed on probation. After the trial, SoroSuub acknowledged that Pablo Dion was no threat, and released him from custody. Siejo, on the other hand never received his retribution, and although he later forgave Freedon, he was still displeased that the petty thief got off so easy. Siejo learned his lesson and from then on was a much more cautious trader. Siejo and Pablo became good friends’, exchanging holo messages every once in a while.

Trading and the Nautolan Society

While lounging in the trader`s holo-room, Siejo befriended a trader known as Lando Schultz. Lando, a human, informed Siejo of a business plan he had, called Enterprise Corp. Siejo liked the idea and offered up his Y-TIEs for transport jobs. For this, Lando gave him a wonderful birthday present, the 3 and final Y-TIE, named Striker. Soon after, Siejo joined a Nautolan Brotherhood. The Nautolan Society was open to all Nautolans, and was exactly what he needed to further himself in his trading career. Siejo was introduced to the Brotherhood by Pixelor Xess, a very powerful Nautolan. Once he joined, Siejo used the support from his newfound group to help him buy his dream ship, an YT-1210. He named it The Deviant Wampa. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would one day own such a ship.

On the return trip to Amorris, Siejo received a holo from his brother, Siety. There was a high stakes card game going on down on the planets surface at a local bar and he wanted some company to watch him win. Siejo, aggravated by his brothers’ carelessness with credits, agreed to meet up with his brother when he arrived.

Siejo landed his new YT-1210 in the landing zone next to the local tavern, The Greasy Sprocket. His brother saw him leaving the ship and ran over to great him. Siety was dirty, just coming off a hard days work, but his brother embraced him when he greeted him. Siety was knocked off guard when Siejo told him that the ship he arrived in belonged to his brother. Siety said his congrats and the two entered the bar.

A long night of cards ensued. Siety was betting high with all the credits he had receive recently from his work on the CA construction jobs. While the cards were being shuffled, Siety leaned over to his brother. ``Have you heard about Dad?`` he asked. Siejo looked puzzled. ``No, I haven`t`` Siejo replied, ``What`s happened?``

Siety went on to explain how the XXX miners were using the Nautolan home world for resources and smashing the rights of all the beings that lived there. He stated that he heard that their father returned, under a hidden identity in order to take command of the underground movement. Siejo was suppressed by this, as his father told him he wouldn`t go back until it was safe.

The cards were dealt. Siety, who had been losing for a while now, felt like he finally had it. He leaned over to his brother, who was drinking his favorite drink at the bar, and asked to see the title for the nice ship out front. Siejo, who was feeling quite nice, handed it over. Siety brought up the deed and taunted the Alien across the table with it. The Alien, a Devaronian, had been winning most of the night. He felt pretty confident, so he pulled out a similar deed, which was for another YT-1210. The hand went on and Siety actually won, collecting a new ship and a bunch of spare credits. After the big hand, Siety handed his brother back the deed, as if nothing happened. After Siety lost all of his excess credits, The brothers walked outside. Siety acted like he had drank too many Sallichean teas and walked up to the wrong ship. Siejo was just about to hit him over the head, when he produced the deed to it and explained to his brother why he had needed his deed in the first place. After a brief laugh, the brothers decided to share the ship. They each boarded a YT and went out into space.

After a few months of work, Siejo decided to take a small trip, with his brother to check on his family. They flew to Glee Anslem and landed in the city they grew up in. While in 1508, Siejo purchased two droids, a worker droid, a SP-4 droid he called Luigi, and a messenger droid, an ASN-121 droid named Vincent. The brothers then went from shop, to shop, showing the owners an old holopicture of their father, with no luck. Then, it all changed. Siejo went into the Commerce Center he helped open, Nautolan Goodies, and approached the counter. The Nautolan employee had his back to him; his cloths were stained with vast oils used to clean the merchandise. Siejo cleared his throat, ``Um, Sir. Have you seen..`` and froze for a moment when the man turned. It was his father. The nametag said, ``Owen Sarden``, quite a strange false ID for such a powerful man.

``Father, what are you doing here?`` Siejo asked. Sievi, Or now Owen, replied, ``Waiting for you, my son. I have everything in place with our forces, but word had leaked of my presence. I have contacted the most powerful of our race, A Nautolan named Pixelor Xess. He has agreed to allow me to set up a base on the planet of Valakivir. Take me there so I can do what I can for our brothers and sisters in this time of oppression. And son, you look good.`` The Nautolans embraced. What Siejo did not tell his father, was that he and Pixelor had met previously, when Siejo joined the NS. They were good friends. Siejo was surprised of this plan, since it was news to him, but looked forward to working with the great Nautolan and his father on Valakivir.

Techno Union and Oseon

After a quick bite to eat, Siejo and his father met up with Siety. They boarded the CAL Deviant Wampa and headed into hyperspace enroute to Valakivir. While in hyperspace, Siejo received an urgent personal message on his data pack from Riley Moonrigger. It explained how Riley had received word from the Trade Federation to reroute the CA goods to some of the other CIS factions, including some of its Employees. Siejo sent back a PM stating his understanding and also sent a PM to the President of the Techno Union, Jacob Jansen, asking for a position in the faction. Siejo received an acceptance letter a few days later.

The YT-1210 came to rest in the center of Nauto Prime on Valakivir. The Nautolan family exited the ships, Siejo`s private droids followed. They entered the Nauto Prime Center. While Owen spoke to the front desk attendant droid, Siejo explained to his brother that he wanted him to stay here with his father and watch over him. Siejo also broke Siety the new that he transferred out of the Corporate Alliance to the sister CIS faction, The Techno Union. Siejo explained the TU was a production faction on the rise. This also meant the Siety was out of work. Siejo promised to send credits for them, to maintain them, until the situation changed. Siejo also put his brother in charge of finding a good spot to construct the new family homestead on Valakivir, since the XXX miners made them flee. Siejo promised to bring the rest of the family to Valakivir as soon as the construction ends. Owen came back, with the room key to the Kutol apartment. Siejo hugged his father. He then told his PS-4 droid, Luigi, to stay with his brother and father. With that, he said his goodbyes and got onto the YT, with his ASN-121 droid following suit. He then lifted off, leaving his father and brother planet bound.

Siejo exited hyperspace in the Valrar System, home to the Techno Union. Siejo met with his old friend, Hilem Ordo, now the Vice President of the TU. Siejo was promoted to the Lt. Commander of Logistics and began work immediately. Riley Moonrigger, Krayt Fel, and many other of his friends from the Corporate Alliance joined him later. One day, after a long Raw Materials haul, Siejo entered the system, docked with the Production Space station Morgarr Yard, and order the workers to begin to unloading his ship. He made his way to the small Cafeteria onboard. While he we enjoying his favorite beverage, he got a tap on the shoulder, Siejo turned, knife drawn, and looked into a face of an old friend, Pablo Dion.

They embraced in a hug. Afterward, Pablo explained how he recently joined up with the TU as the new Sales Director. Siejo Congratulated his friend and they enjoyed a nice drink together to celebrate.

After the meeting with Pablo, Siejo boarded the Gallofree TFL Transporter to begin his next mission. Siejo walked up the stairs and into the cockpit. The air was stale, but familiar. After Siejo settled into the pilot seat, he noticed a holomessage on the main display monitor. ``The Cockpit. Don`t Touch Any Buttons!`` Siejo smiled to himself, and reached out to press the button to remove the warning, obviously put up as a joke. The ANS-121 droid flew up the stairs at that exact moment. ``Sir`` Vincent squeaked, ``I do not think the ship wants you to touch any of its buttons!`` Siejo laughed, ``Vince, I think I know what I am doing.`` After disarming the warning, Siejo went started up the freighters systems. While the ship was starting up, Siejo received a holo message from President Jansen. The mission was called ``Project Oseon`` and included a large amount of Raw Materials to be collected and then flown into an asteroid field. He was to then land on an asteroid, two in fact, and begin the construction of cities to be found there. Siejo sent back a message of understanding and awaited the crew for his journey.

After the ship was ready for flight, and the crew aboard, Siejo piloted the ship from destination to destination, gathering the supplies needed to begin construction. Once fully loaded, He made way for the Oseon System. When the Ship came out of hyperspace, it was bombarded with asteroids. Vincent was noticeably upset, pleading for his master to turn around and tell his superiors that it was an impossible mission. The master explained to the droid that this ship could handle it and he wasn`t worried. Just then, a rather large asteroid came a little to close to the hull. The ship rocked to the right, throwing the small droid up against the cockpit wall. Siejo picked up the microphone receiver and ordered the crew to man the guns. With that, the freighter started blasting anything that got to close.

With skill, and a lot of luck, Kutol landed the ship on an asteroid close to the center of the field, by the local sun, which the small bodies were orbiting. After comparing his city design sheet that Jansen supplied him, Siejo picked out the correct city coordinated for the new Warehouse and ordered the first build team to unload the ship and begin construction. He left Vincent with team one, to keep them on task, and get the little droid out of his tendrils. He then piloted the freighter back out into space, looking for asteroid number 2. After construction began on the warehouse of the second asteroid, Siejo left Oseon to retrieve more raw materials. After retrieving a few more stacks of raw materials, Siejo began his biggest mission yet, constructing a whole city, and to add difficulty, it wasn’t just one city it was two. So Siejo began his long job of constructing two perfect cities on the giant rocks in the asteroid field. While working, Siejo was given the opportunity of moving around in the Confederacy of Independent Systems to the Trade Federation and Order of Kampar to gain knowledge, and, more importantly, blueprints. After obtaining the blueprints, Siejo returned to the construction projects. While at work, blueprints in hand, leading the construction crew, Siejo received a holo-message regarding a change in Leadership. President Jansen was transferring to the Trade Federation to take over the position on Duceroy. Krayt Fel was appointed to President of the Techno Union. Siejo, who had served under Fel when he was president on the Corporate Alliance, was well aware of Krayts’ abilities and was pleased at this announcement. After sending a congratulatory message to the newly elected President, Siejo returned to work.

Long Lost Brother

After the construction job was complete, Siejo gathered his crew, including his droid, and flew back to the TU headquarters. He was to meet and old childhood friend, Nochbo Kitol, on Valrar. Nochbo, a Sanyassan Marauder, had visited Siejo’s homeworld when Siejo had been just a young guppy. They had a good time together, even thought Nochbo had trouble understanding Basic, and stayed in contact through out the years. When Nochbo’s home world of Sanyassa was in civil war, his parents sent him to stay with the Kutol family. Siejo and his younger brother taught Nochbo many things, like how to swim and how to speak Basic fluently. After Nochbo learned of his parents’ death, he adopted his best friends’ last name, Kutol, only varying it slightly, since he was, after all, not a Nautolan. Nochbo left Glee Anselm shortly there after, looking to get out and be his own person, and seek revenge. Siejo hadn’t heard from him in a long time. Out of the blue, Siejo had received a message from Nochbo a few weeks before. He was lost, in the middle of nowhere, with no credits. He told his friend that he was going to have to resort to stealing credcard to get by soon. Siejo assured him everything was going to be ok, and arranged for his pickup. After Nochbo reached the Glythe Sector, Siejo arranged to have one of his YT-1210’s to bring him to Valrar. Once aboard, Nochbo found the small credcard and a data card in the cockpit. In the data card were instructions on how, if he wanted to, Nochbo could join up with the Techno Union to gain some credits and experience. Nochbo liked the idea and contacted Siejos’ superiors about a position as a pilot. A good respectable job. Nochbo then dialed up his friends’ data card. Siejo, once he figured out who was paging him, answered. Nochbo had aged, growing more wrinkles on his heavy wrinkled face. His hair was bright white, standing straight on edge from every angle, and he had a huge smile on his face.

They agreed to meet on Valrar in a secluded spot in one of the abandoned temples of an ancient civilization. Siejo landed his freighter in the Techno Union Capital, Union City, and hiked to the location, leaving his droid behind to watch the ship and monitor the Holonet for news. Nochbo was late. Siejo checked his Chrono. Nochbo was very late. Siejo called back to the Transporter and asked his trusty droid if he had heard anything. Vincent, who had not been paying any attention to the data card mail, let out a funny squeak of a sound. “Sir, it appears that the Deviant Wampa has gone off course into Hutt Space. Wasn’t your friend supposed the meet you here? How rude of him to…” Siejo broke communication with the droid and ran down the hillside to the hauler.

“Kidnapped?” Siejo couldn’t believe his ears. “It appears so.” Replied Riley Moonrigger, “Nochbo had been sent on a transport mission to Corellia to pick up a new recruit. This recruit, named Silas Haderach, had asked Nochbo to let him pilot the ship, to get a feel. Nochbo agreed and went to take a nap while Silas flew to Valrar. That’s all we know.” Siejo explained to Moonrigger that the YT was in Hutt Space and asked permission for leave to go save his friend. Moonrigger warned Kutol to be careful and granted his wish of leave.

Siejo exited hyperspace only a short distance from his hijacked YT. Using his datapad, he set Nochbo as pilot and made sure that Siejo Kutol was on the crew list. Siejo removed his knife from its sheath, ordered Vincent to stay close, and docked with the YT. The dimmers were set on low. Siejo quietly snuck to the rear rooms of the ship. Once there, with his back to the ship hull, he opened door by door, quietly clearing the YT. Finally, after what seemed forever, he heard something. It sounded like a struggle. He quietly ran to the room with the sound and opened the door. The tall hooded figure, who Siejo assumed was Silas, stood over his fuzzy friend. Nochbo was tied up, with a dirty sock in his mouth. The hooded figure, who hadn’t noticed the company, reached over and picked up some sort of long weapon. It was dark in the room and Siejo’s eyes had yet to adjust enough for him to differentiate the weapon. Slowly, he crept forward. Nochbo, who was down to his undergarments, noticed his presence, and, based on his eyes, couldn’t have been more relieved. Silas noticed this as well and turned, swinging.

Siejo ducked under the first strike, but the second one caught him in the left side. He tumbled into the wall, dropping just in time to save his head from a hard blow. Silas was caught off guard by the Nautolans’ quickness. Siejo, while on the ground, knocked the hooded figures’ legs out from under him. Siejo was up in a flash, and when Silas got to his knees, was right behind him. He put his blade to the hooded figures throat, knocking down the hood revealing the green hair of the crazy creature, and ordered him to drop the weapon. Silas obliged, and then Vincent shocked him, rendering him unconscious and harmless. Siejo untied his friend, the embraced, then tied up the traitor.

After Nochbo settled into the cockpit, Siejo jumped aboard his hauler. The two made plans for a meeting in the future, and headed their separate ways. Nochbo flew back to Valrar to take a short leave and Siejo was recalled to Oseon to gather more raw materials for the Asteroid Building project. After dropping the raw materials in the Morgarr Yard, he was called to a briefing at the Techno Union Headquarters in Union City. At the meeting, a side project in Oseon was unveiled. It involved construction of another production space station, titled the Colossus Station. After a brief discussion on the project, Director Moonrigger stood up to make an announcement.

Exemplary Service at What Cost

“In recognition of his extraordinary efforts working on Project Oseon, his dedication to the Techno Union & the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and his efforts in recruitment and community-building, the leadership of the Techno Union have unanimously decreed that Lt. Commander Siejo Kutol shall be immediately promoted to the rank of Captain of Logisitics, with all entailing benefits, privileges, and responsibilities.

Congratulations, Captain Kutol. Your service is greatly appreciated.”

The cabinet applauded as Siejo stood and received his new credentials to add to his uniform. Siejo thanked everyone with this, “I would like to thank the TU for me the opportunity to thrive in this faction. As most of you know, I am a busy guy and enjoy having a nice tight schedule for myself. This faction has provided me with enough "busy" work to keep anyone, especially someone like me busy and therefore happy. I am always one to do my duty, and I am very thankful to be recognized for this. I came into this group a year ago and was immediately brought into the CIS family. I have learned everything I know of this job from you guys. I really am very thankful for this promotion and will make all proud. PARTY AT SIEJO's PLACE!!!” With that said, and party arrangements made, the meeting was closed and the TU leadership dispersed across the galaxy to continue the expansion.

On his way back to Oseon, Siejo was called into a Nautolan Society conference. Although he wasn’t there personally, his holo projection filling his seat, Siejo was able to attend the meeting. The Clan status of each member was established between the Civil clan, known as the Nautola, and the mysterious warrior clan, known as the Rak’Qua. Siejo, who identified more with politics, choose the Nautola clan, and was appointed Tecro, or clan leader. With his newfound promotion and leadership position, Siejo was looking at many more duties in the months to come, but this excited him because it enabled him to show how good he really could be.

The last year was one of great growth, especially financially, for the young Nautolan, but things were about to change. All the optimism in the world couldn’t derail the train that was heading his way.

In the passing months, while Siejo was off building in Oseon, the Techno Union underwent some changes, most notable the loss Hilem Ordo to another Ship Building Faction and the promotion of Riley Moonrigger to Vice President of the Techno Union. After the transition period, it was decided it would be best for the Techno Union if they abandoned the Oseon projects main construction project and allow another CIS faction to complete it. Siejo received the news in stride and made his way home. Siejo, using his connections from within the Nautolan Society, obtained a sleek Luxury liner Capital Ship, an L-500. The ship was to be delivered to Oseon by his contact, Tecro K’Nithor Drevan himself. One day, while doing some office work, Siejos’ attention was caught by a Holonet briefing about the recent political instability in the Tapani Sector. Glee Anselm, in particular was having another civil war. Siejo was suppressed that he had not heard of any events leading to this, especially from his remaining family who still lived their. Not wanting to take any chances, Siejo dispatched Nautola member Kai Xaviar to pick up his family and transport them to his home on Valakivir. Kai was off and Kutol went back to work.

A few weeks passed and Siejo received confirmation from Kai that he had contacted Siejo’s Fiancé and siblings, but his mother refused to come, stating that she felt that the war would soon be over and she needed to take care of the house. Kutol, although annoyed, knew that with his mother’s hardheadedness he wouldn’t be able to sway here. “Her stubbornness will be the death of her.” Kutol joked with Kai. “Fine. Leave here. Ill stop by and get her myself here in a short while.” With his instructions given, Kai lifted off and took Drukie and lil Kutols to Valakivir. The next week, Kutols Capital ship arrived. After embracing K’nith, Siejo thanked him and arranged a ride home for his fellow Tecro. After getting permission for a personal vacation, Siejo climbed into the cock-pit, Droid in tow, and took the ship for a spin. The Nautolan Spear, as he named it, came with a beautiful custom paint job of green and purple. He took the ship out into space and tested its speed. He went from one side of the galaxy to the other picking up all five of his Y TIEs named Cobalt, Striker, Broken Butterfly, and two new ones, Renegade and Ghost. Siejo also expanded his growing Facility Empire, spending much of his bonus on Nautolan and Techno Union Property. On his way to Valakivir, Siejo casually checked the Holonet for the latest drama on his homeworld. What he saw chilled him to the bone. With the Empire, and other groups, fighting for control of the sector, Glee Anselm had been bombed, hard. The news report stated, “With the massive bombing of the planet, many casualties are feared, especially In the Nautloan Sector, who had began an uprising last week. Many homes were destroyed in an effort to…..” Siejo shut it off. With total disregard for his own life, he canceled the hyper jump, coming out in a system void of any planets. He then turned the ship toward Tapani and jumped to Glee Anselm, fearing the worst.

Having easily escaped the blockade, Siejo descended to the ground in the Y TIE Cobalt and stepped out of his ship. The Massive city of 1508 was just smoldering ashes. The buildings were bombed out and the busy city was still. His tendrils burning, Siejo ran to where his families shop once stood. The blaster marks on the walls told the story. City 1508, once a busy metropolis, was invaded by imperials. After the bombs had fallen, the stormtroopers come down to clean up the mess. While, judging from the trooper armor strewn around on the streets, it appeared that the XXX Miners were able to fight them off. Casualties had been high. Kutol went to his family Home in the water to find it empty. His mother must have gone ashore and when the fighting broke out, she must have perished. Kutol sat in the room where he grew up in and mourned for an entire week.

The Nautolan Spear streaked through space toward Valakivir, where Kutol’s remaining family members were still alive. Once there, he descended down to the surface in his newly acquired Firespray. While on Valakivir, Kutol called a meeting of all Nautolan Society members. At this meeting, Leadership was discussed, as well as the process of becoming a recognized faction. The results of the meeting was the acquisition of Council Flats in all Nautolan Society cities for Nautola and the now shared leadership of the Nautolan Society between the two Tecros' and the Overlord. Siejo was put in charge of Logistics, which pleased him. He then gathered up his family and brought them to his Capital ship for a gathering, one not of sorrow, but of joy. Siejo and Drukie were to be married. So in Orbit of the new Nautolan Homeworld, Siejo and Drukie became one in the Traditional Nautolan embrace of marriage. Siety descended back to the surface, to complete the new family home and to guard it until Siejo’s return. Siejo’s father stayed on the Ship and, with Drukie’s help, began to remodel the L-500 to fit its needs. Siejo piloted the Ship back to Valrar in order to get back to work. The death of his mother had a strong effect on him, and he felt that the best way to avenge it was to help the CIS grow so it can one day dethrone the emperor for good.

'Business Before Pleasure and the Loss of Pix

When he returned to Valrar, Siejo transferred back to his heavy hauler and made the long jump for his next mission. While en route, Siejo received a transmission from Riley. Due to his dedication, he had been promoted to Line Captain of Logistics. This meant that, in the Techno Union, Siejo was now third in command. But, as with many good things in life, the peace didn’t last. Siejo, as well as the entire Nautolan Society, was rocked with the death of Pixelor Xess. Siejo had just spoken to Pix, discussing plans on producing a fleet in order to protect the Nautolan Society interests on Valakivir. After the discussion, records indicated that the Great Nautolan set a sublight course to Valikivir, but payed little attention to the co ordinations. Upon passing to close to the System sun, the massive gravity field grabbed a hold of the ship and started pulling Pix in. Pixelor was able to send out a distress signal, one in which Kutol received hours later, and send control of most of his assets to friends and family just as his ship smashed into the star and his life was extinguished. Siejo received the message later, and broke down into tears. For weeks, Siejo sat alone in the Captain Quarters of the Nautolan Spear, pondering the future. A month after the disappearance of Pixelor, Siejo spoke with the Leader of the faction Pixelor founded, Onyx Evacuations. The leaders name was Stephen Garrett. Garrett, a human, was a wise man and turned out to be a good friend. He informed Siejo that Onyx gained control of Valakivir upon Pix's death and he was looking to the market to sell the planet. Siejo realized that he could never allow his homeworld to fall into public hands, and made some moves in order to acquire the Nauto Prime. With Nauto Prime in his control, the Planet went under the direct control of Siejo Kutol. In order to celebrate his victory, Siejo traveled to Valakivir and gathered the crowds for a massive celebration. After the parade through the center of Nauto Prime, Kutol signaled for the pyrotechnics to be let off in the upper atmosphere. The crown was momentarily silent, and then cheered in the awesome sight as their faces were lit up from the fireworks. Siejo then gave a speech, promising stability, reliability, and prosperity. His first project would be to bring power to the west site of the city. Western Nauto Prime was almost abandoned after the attacks from the Brotherhood. Since the attacks, during which Siejo Kutol almost lost his life, the West has been slowly rebuilding, but was still in sad shape. Kutol promised to fix this and other matters. The crowd cheered, and the New Overlord of the Nautolan Society stepped down from the podium.

=Expansion of the Nautolan Society

Word spread of the Acquisition of Valakivir. The other ranking members in NS, especially K’nithor Drevan and Zao Nephalem, approached Siejo in order to make his position of Overlord more permanent. Plans were made in order to have Siejo officially declared overlord, and the group separated. Kutol made arrangement to have raw materials brought to Valakivir and construction started and went back to the Techno Union, determined to gain more credits to help with the Planets needs. With the raw materials on its way, Siejo looked to expand the NS to even greater heights. Siejo, along with recently promoted Nautola Contra Saul Cohmre, entered trade talks with Stephen Garrett, the head of Onyx, to acquire more planets in the Pantolomin system. After much debate, the two Nautolans brought control of the lava planet of Tolsaudyn and the gas world of Kirogost under Nautolan Society control. Siejo left Valakivir to complete more missions for the Techno Union. The gods had been smiling on the Ship Production Faction, and the faction smiled on him. Upon completion of a long ship drop, Siejo was appointed to Deputy Director of Logistics in the Techno Union, with the promise that one day he would lead the logistics department. This put Siejo as 3rd in command and he was very pleased. With his new found wealth, Siejo went out and spent all the credits he could on the Nautolan Society, purchasing builders, ships, materials, and anything else he could think of. Under his leadership, the damage psyche of the Nautolan Society began to repair and may lost Nautolans began to flock into its ranks.

Age of Prosperity

With the Nautolan Society once again a respectable group in the galaxy, Siejo turned his focus on expanding the diplomatic ties for himself. He was invited to be a member of the Avance house Koi`Nonia, and was soon promoted to Trade Minister. Siejo was also brought on as an Adviser for the Weapons Faction Baktoid Armour Workshop and was appointed to the Director of the CIS Library by Viceroy Jansen. After the Techno Union made the shift from public to private contracting, Siejo was promoted to Logistics Director, in charge of all order deliveries and product movement for the Techno Union. In charge of managing the movement of raw materials and keeping the production process fully stocked and Kutol, excelled at the job. He was also in charge of keeping the ships moving and delivering the military ships and hauling ships to their specified destinations.

With the Society doing well, and the Techno union growing at an good pace. Siejo was left with some spare time to ponder of his future. He looked to his friends and family for support, and was set up for a pretty comfortable, if not relaxing future. Everything was going along according to the plan, when Siejo was approached by a friend, Rand Axim, about the Corporate Alliance. The Alliance had fallen on hard times, and Rand was looking on possibly emptying his assets associated with the company. After some brief discussion, Ownership of the Alliance was transferred to Siejo. Ever since the day he left the alliance, Kutol had missed his time there. now he owned it. Immediately he merged the Nautolan Societies assets with that of the Corporate Alliance and strengthened the faction. Soon the faction was running strong again, with Nautola Tecro Saul Cohmre leading. With the Alliance stable, Kutol looked to the markets to find new contracts for the growing faction.

It did not take long for Siejo to turn the Alliance into profitable asset, managing Casinos, building facilities, and using the Societies resources and connections to produce ships and construction stations. The growth of the small faction was noticed by many traders on the outside, hiring the Alliance for many odd jobs. Soon the entire Dolomar Sector was under the command of the Corporate Alliance, due its its large influence from the Dolomar Capital System. Early in Year 10, Siejo was approached by a good friend, Seijin Ackmin, who had taken command of a ship production faction, Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. He was struggling and needed help keeping the faction afloat. Siejo agreed, but then many strange events followed, leaving Ackmin in a Nautolan Society Prison and Kutol with Ownership of HKD. Ackmin had hired a pirate to help him loot the faction before he gave it to Kutol, which occurred, then blame it solely on the pirate, and make a nice cut for himself. This would leave Siejo with the faction to blame and run the risk of tarnishing Siejos reputation. Siejo quickly went through the faction database and obtained all of the information needed to prove Ackmin`s guilt. Seijin Ackmin was arrested soon after on and HKD Ship by Vladimir Merury and sentenced to imprisonment for all time in a Society Prison on Valakivir.

With that crisis averted, Siejo repaid all of the stolen goods to the clients of HKD and Merged the HKD production team into the Corporate Alliance. This turned out to be a great plan, as the faction profits swelled. Siejo, along with the CA leading council, known as the Alliance Directorate, initiated plans to build a production complex in Dolomar to help meet the Alliances Production needs and hopefully bring more profit to the small factions.

The Fall of Siejo Kutol

Galactic Year 10 started off with a real bang for the Kutol Family. The Corporate Alliance was booming, with the addition of the Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. production capabilities, and looked to become a force in the galaxy. Dolomar Shielding plans were also in the works, increasing the general security of the Dolomar Colony. All of this was secondary thought to the fact that Siejo was going to be a father. Drukie was pregnant with her first child, and on Day 31, Calista Marie Kutol was born in a deep cave at the bottom of a Valakivarian Ocean. No large announcement was made, and the addition to the Kutol family was kept quiet. On the political side, the Alliance began to spread its influence outside of Dolomar, establishing colonies in the Oseon system. HKD also began construction on the Shipyards and Production facilities that would dot the Dolomar system. Everything was going well, and the large family that was the Alliance was growing. Sadly, things can never stay the same, and on Day 147, the walls came down.

In the early hours of that morning strange reports started to come into the Security Department of disgruntled workers gathering to form some sort of protest on Dolomar and Kirogost. Suddenly, a majority of the Alliances hard goods began to trade hands. A flood of credits came into the faction from apparent clients, and then was taken out of the Factions Coffers immediately, and all indicators pointed to Siejo Kutol’s long time friend and current Commerce Director Adoy Baba. Effective immediately, Adoy Baba was removed from his Directors position. After some initial research, Kutol informed the members of the faction that Mr. Baba, with the help of Tony Barzini, who was once a member of Hoersch-Kessell Drive, Inc., Attempted to loot the Alliance. After starting a small riot on Dolomar, Mr. Baba accepted Mr. Barzini into the Corporate Alliance. Together, they convinced the Representatives of the Alliance Workers Union to join their cause, leading to a mass of Alliance workers and builders leaving to join Barzini. Mr. Baba then proceeded to steal everything he and access too, starting with the deeds to the Alliance ships, access codes to client facilities, all of the Alliances Raw Material stockpiles, and a large amount of credits. Mr. Baba, pretending to represent the Alliance in the open market holorooms, also stole large amounts of credits from Alliance clientele throughout the galaxy. With that complete, the conspirators descended on Dolomar, to try to use the rioting to take control of the planet. Lucky for the Alliance, Magistrate Cohmre discovered the plot and removed both pirates from the faction and initiating negotiations with the Alliance Workers Union.

With the system back under control of the Alliance, the security department worked on finding Baba. Siejo retreated to a secret place on Valakivir to try to think about what had occurred. He swam deep into the Southern Desendern Ocean, through hidden caves and hidden doors, is a large open cavern. The walls are covered in ancient Nautolan writing and pictographs. Through the main atrium, past dormitories, and down long halls, the cave opens up again. This is the meeting place that has been in use by Nautolans and their leadership for generations. When the planet was discovered long ago, a small colony built this place to house their families. Nautolan leadership met here to discuss things from everyday life, to war. It was known by many high ranking Nautola and Raq`Qua members alike. It was common law to meet in this place during emergencies. Siejo stayed in the Cavern for a few days, and, after coming up with a plan, swam out and made the swim to Nauto Prime. After meeting with some guards, he made the trip to Opulence, the Nautolan Society Space Command Center in Dolomar. When he arrived, his meeting to debrief the Society was interrupted by emergency reports from security scan teams in Dolomar. A Fleet of fighters, lead by Baba, had exited hyper and were assaulting the Nautolan Spear over Valakivir. Siejo`s entire family was on that ship, including his brother, father, wife and daughter. A large fighting force flew to assist the ship, which took heavy damage. The Kutol family managed to get onto an escape pod with the help of a boarding party, and landed in a jungle on Valakivir. Kutol, flying in the Cobalt, was in pursuit of the Pod when he was shot down by Baba. Siety, flying a modified Cloak/H-type fighter, followed Baba to the pos landing position and saved his father, but could not stop Baba from taking Drukie Prisoner. Siejo, emerging from his escape pod, found himself in a dense jungle, and no ship. He managed to find his way to his father and brother, who then spread out in all directions to find Baba before he got off planet with his prize.

For an hour, Siejo pushed his way through the dense underbrush. The Jungle was overwhelming with All of the bugs, small animals, and the noises of the larger, hidden ones coming from all around. He hadn’t heard anything from his brother, so he pushed on, using his blade, he cleared a path for himself so he could see. Loud screeches were all around him, and the jungle was growing darker by the minute. He had to hurry. Then he noticed a sound in the distance. It was too far to distinguish what it was, but it did not belong in the jungle. he made his way to the strange call. As he got closer, his posture changed suddenly, as he realized what it was. "Calista!" he screamed and ran in that direction, ignoring the brush as it hit his body, cutting his face, arms and legs. He ran into the open clearing, and rage overcame him. A small figure was pulling his wife by her arm towards a downed ship, his wife was fighting, but the small hooded figure was winning. The Baby was in his wives arms, crying. Siejo threw the knife at the small figure. The knife flew at the hooded figure and just missed his right shoulder, nicking the outer cloak. The figure turned, as did Drukie. "Siejo!" cried the scared female.

Siejo glared at the small figures face. "Adoy you son of a bitch!" Siejo pulled his gun, but not before the Jawa, who was surprisingly quick, had his set on Kutols Wife. "A beton nya mombay m'bwa! Ny shootogawa!" The jawa yelled. "I dont think so Baba." Siejo yelled, gun pointed at the small figures head. " That is my family, and if you do not unhand them, I WILL shoot!" The jawa shot back "Yukusu kenza keena, Go mob un loo?" Siejo looked puzzled. "How much for what? My family?" the jawa replied "Etee uwanna waa" Siejo almost dropped his gun "Trade? Just hand them over you slimy scum!" Siejo Replied. the jawa pushed the gun into Drukies neck "Shumeneez un toyneepa." He wanted credits. Lots of them. Siejo tried to consider his options, when a fighter flew up overhead. The ground shook, knocking the baby from Drukies arms. The baby landed with a soft thud. The load roar and the jerk from Drukie startled the jawa, causing him to put too much pressure on the blasters trigger. BAHNG!

Drukie slumped to the ground. The Jawa stared stunned.

NOOOO!! Siejo Screamed and started firing at Adoy. Adoy returned fire, striking the Nautolan in the left arm. Siejo fell, but continued firing at the jawa. Adoy turned and ran to the ship, hopping into the cockpit as blaster bolts reflected off the ships hull. Siejo crawled in that direction, and towards the figure of his wife. Adoy hit the thrusters and pulled up out of the jungle and into the atmosphere. Siejo crawled to his wives crumpled body, the sound of his daughters screaming drowned out by his rage and sorrow. He picked up her crippled body, holding her with his right arm, and screamed.

The world came back into view. It was morning. He started to sit up, when two figured grabbed his arms. He jerked n fear, but recognizing the grabbers as NS security, he was helped to his feet. The air was cold, and had a pungent smell to it. Usually this was Siejos favorite time to explore this area of Valakivr, but today would be different.

Siejo was saluted by two of the soldiers. "Are you hurt Sir?!" Siejo looked to his injured arm, and was about to tell the soldier about it when the events of the last night rushed to him. Overcome by emotion, he reached down to pick up the body of his wife, but his injured arms strained under her weight. He fell down next to her, in tears.

Then there was a loud cry coming from behind him. Siejo turned, mumbling "Calista?". He ran over and found his daughter, alive but badly dehydrated. He picked her up and ran to Ace Nightstalker. "We need transport NOW!" While the security forces, lead by Nightstalker and Aqua, scanned the jungle for the rest of the forces, Siejo flew his injured daughter to the Capital and had here admitted to the Anselmi Research Hospital in the Eastern District. His injuries were treated, and he was in his daughters’ room when he was told his brother, Siety, was captured by mercenary forces. Siejo commandeered a small fighter and flew to the scene, to see Baba’s fighter fly out into orbit. He followed, entering hyper just after the Jawa did. He came out in the familiar System of Valrar and followed the Jawa as he made his way around the system. Adoy did not pick up Siejo on the scanners and was caught off guard when the ETA-2 behind him opened fire. Adoy Baba’s ship was badly damaged and fell from the sky, crashing on the Frozen Trade Federation Planet of Morgabul. Siejo landed his ship and pulled his gun, pressing it to the Jawa’s head as he exited the broken ships cockpit. Rage filled Kutol, but his honor kept him from pulling the trigger, that and Alliance Member Teth`ren Soulbourne, who had been following Kutol in a CA Pursuer Enforcement Ship, arrived and convinced Siejo not to kill the Alliance traitor. Adoy Baba was arrested and taken into custody. Siejo Kutol, now widowed, flew to a secluded location and mourned the loss of his wife.

After the death of his wife, Siejo fell into a deep depression. Leaving the factions, and society for that matter, in the hands of Saul, Siejo descended to the deepest depths of the largest ocean on Valakivir.He wasn’t there long when he was surprised by an old friend, one who he helped through a situation very similar to the one he was in.Allana Aran, a young vibrant Nautolan female, was the wife of late Overlord Xess.When Pixelor was killed, Siejo comforted Allana and the two became very close.Siejo had forgotten he had told her of his spot, and, with that information, she alone was the only soul in the galaxy that would have been able to find him.Allana didn’t say a word, she just held Siejo as he cried for the loss of his best friend.In that moment, their friendship grew to something completely different.After a few days, Siejo and Allana left the Sea and went to the Anselmi Research Hospital in Nauto Prime, to check on his daughter, who was doing well.As the days passes, the pain didn’t go away, but the new found happiness continued to grow between Kutol and Aran and they became inseparable.

While its leader was having an emotional breakdown, the Corporate Alliance thrived.The great business minds Kutol had brought together to help form the CA and HKD were putting their skills to the test, bringing in high class clients and contacts.Siejo’s long rival in the Commerce Guild, Kran Chan, joined the Alliance and was appointed to lead the faction.With the help of a few other good friends; Riley Moonrigger and Krayt Fel, the damaged factions were soon operating at 100% efficiency and didn’t look back at the Betrayal of Baba.If anything it taught the leaders to be more watchful who has access to what in the group.


After a few months of getting back into the daily grind, Siejo was back to leading the Alliance and working as Construction Director for the Techno Union. During one extended trip, Siejo found himself in a fast ship, jetting to Allana’s last known location in the Storthus System.He found her working on inventory on Storthus Minor.Siejo caught her by surprise, and, after getting permission from her father Elm Aran, asked Allana to be his wife. Allana accepted and the two were married on Year 10 Day 268.

.. to be continued...


Nautolan Society