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Biographical Information
Physical Description
Political Information
Affiliation Sith, Galactic Empire, Imperial Core
Rank Darth Knyte

During the reign of Emperor Piett circa Year 1, Knyte Simms served as the Executive Officer of the Imperial Navy. He had a close working relationship with his superior, Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom. When Veynom left for the Unknown Regions, Simms briefly occupied the post of Commanding Officer of the Imperial Navy before leaving the Empire to found the Core along with many other Imperials.


Not much is known about Knyte Simms except that he was force-sensitive, well trained, and adept of the Dark Side under the aliaxis of Dark Knyte. The following abstract has been written by him during his training.

"The Imperial dark forces are anew with it's war machine, the naval and ground forces. I shall walk amongst the innocent, and terror shall consume those who dwell in the outer rims. Behold, the walls amongst the heavens shall not contain us, and the ones who resist, shall be ingulfed in the flood of conflict, all hope shall be lost onto them. I shall bring war upon the heavens, and they who resist will be forced to fall back, back to the gates of hell. Imperial Order shall floorish among the undiscovered worlds, and I will take peace from all, unleashing great destruction amongst the stars, I will administer the Emperor's will, and the fires of hell shall devour all.. I shall met out my vengance upon all who resist, their blood will run in a great torrent."
— Dark Knyte

Naval Career

During his duty of Imperial Navy XO, Fleet Admiral Simms was directly responsible of the glorious 3rd Recon & Strike Fleet.