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(Government and Politics)
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| type = [[Wikipedia:Absolute_monarchy|Absolute Monarchy]]
| type = [[Wikipedia:Absolute_monarchy|Absolute Monarchy]]
| hos = [[Uther Von Kaldreon | Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon]]
| hos = [[Uther Von Kaldreon | Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon]]
| hog = [[Uther Von Kaldreon | Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon]]
| hog = [[Arthur Von Kaldreon| Voice of the Emperor Arthur Von Kaldreon]]
| cic = [[Uther Von Kaldreon | Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon]]
| cic = [[Uther Von Kaldreon | Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon]]
| execbranch = Dark Council
| execbranch = Dark Council
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* [[Uther Von Kaldreon]]
* [[Uther Von Kaldreon]]
* [[Arthur Von Kaldreon]]
* [[Arthur Von Kaldreon]]
* [[Isak Cole]]
* [[Leland Thakkun]]
* [[Leland Thakkun]]
* [[Execurus Edun]]
* [[Execurus Edun]]

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The Sith Imperium
Political information
Type of government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Head-of-Government Voice of the Emperor Arthur Von Kaldreon
Commander-in-Chief Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon
Executive branch Dark Council
Legislative branch Dark Council
Judicial branch Dark Council
Affiliation Neutral
Societal information
Territory Tolonda
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits
Historical Information
Date of establishment Year 8 Day 351
Status Active
Holosite []



The “Sith Imperium” is a state in the southern outer rim that remained in hiding for many of its natural lifespan. This meant that the Sith Imperium hid behind many faces such as the Infinite Empire, The Archduchy of Tolonda to ensure it’s future would remain intact through the years as the galaxy waged wars throughout it. Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon founded the the group after he left the Galactic Empire of years in service. Avoiding the wars the GE continued to embroil itself within. Lord Emperor Von Kaldreon took a collective of loyalists and told them the truth and guided them to the home of Tolonda.

Before his leaving the Galactic Empire. It is rumored that in outside circles that Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon was gifted Sith holocrons. Some of which he was told to not open until the proper time in the galaxy. Leading to the additional theory that the GE Emperor at the time named Vodo Bonias foresaw his betrayal and removal from power. Seeing the fall of the Sith seat in the a galaxy to those whom do not follow the Sith Code in any of its many versions.

After many years, Lord Emperor Uther Von Kaldreon revealed his son Arthur Von Kaldreon to the galaxy. The son being found to have strong ties to the force Uther chose to reveal everything to his son. Which lead to the future plans to reveal to the galaxy at large.

Government and Politics

Galactic Politics

The Sith Imperium has announced it is neutral in the Galactic Civil War. Although many former allies have declared war and started to take hostile action. The Sith Imperium has decided to maintain a neutral position until aggression is shown to it.

Society and Culture


Ministry of War

The Ministry of War is the military branch of the Sith Imperium, the Sith Imperium Army and Sith Imperium Fleet protect the people and territory of the Imperium from internal and external threats. During peacetime, they assist in grand projects to enrich the lives of the citizens and sector development and can be found in command centers and aboard every ship and planet within the Sith Imperium.

Ministry of State

State members assist the Dark Council in managing the vast territory of the Imperium and managing diplomatic contacts from outside that territory. Additionally, they assist in record keeping and ensuring the other members receive the information they need to complete their work. Members of this department can be found in capital buildings, embassies, and archives.

Ministry of Interior

The civilian workhorse of the Sith Imperium. They are the engineers, builders, mine managers, medics, and civilian pilots of the Sith. This division consists of 3 subsidiaries factions, Silviut Corporation, Genetech Corporation, Vulca Minerals.

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Notable Individuals



  • Ministry of War
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of State
  • Order of Sith



Sith Imperium
Subsidiaries Genetech Corporation · Vulca Minerals · Silviut Corporation
Sectors Tolonda
Branches · Ministry of War · Ministry of State ·Ministry of Interior


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