SoroSuub Conglomerate

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The SoroSuub Conglomerate
SSC logo 3.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Director Eira Cardas
SIC Deputy DIrector Arturia Paorach
Members SoroSuub Corporation
SoroSuub Resources
SoroSuub Defense Force
Historical Information
Founded Year 22 Day 171
Dissolved N/A
Political Information
Affiliation None
Type Corporate Alliance
Holosite SoroSuub Conglomerate


The Conglomerate was formed in Year 22 Day 171 with the rebranded Deep Void Extractions signed a contract with SoroSuub Corporation to be the exclusive provider of RMs from both planetary mines and asteroids. The then DVE became SoroSuub Resources and begin operations across the Homon Sector which helped to propel rapid growth in the sector and with in SoroSuub Corporation.

With the growth continuing and the security challenges faced both in and out side the sector grew, the board of SoroSuub Conglomerate formed its on internal security apparatus SoroSuub Defense Force. With the decision made, the forms where filled and core personal hired, SSDF officially started operations in Year 22 Day 297.

SoroSuub Conglomerate Claimed Space

SoroSuub claims all of Homon sector as its administrated space.

Systems within Conglomerate Space:

Homon Sector:

Conglomerate Structure

The Conglomerate uses a simple corporate structure to manage its member companies and the Conglomerate as a whole.

  • Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of the Director of the board, Deputy Director of the Board, and members of the of the board pulled from C level staff of member companies.

  • C Level

The Directors, Deputy Directors, and Assistant Directors of each company.