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  • :''This article is about the defunct government. For the existent medical corporation, see [[The Antarian Rangers]].'' to survive to the present day. Currently, The Antarian Rangers are a medical company.
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  • ...encircled Averam and enforced a blockade while legions of fearsome battle droids took control of the major urban centers and planetary shield and communicat ...s, and the combined swarms of their done soldiers and the heartless battle droids overwhelmed Republic positions on the planet and inflicted heavy casualties
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  • ...authorities off his back while he got back on his feet, he began smuggling medical supplies out of the hospital, for profit and personal use. He greatly enjoy ...n at his request), and a varying number of Black Sun soldiers and assassin droids.
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  • ...ciated with vehicles was expected to be entering new markets from ships to droids in the near future as government regulation finally abolished decades long Day 41 Ku`Bakai Roche returned to active duty after a medical leave from work.
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  • ...ropriated Imperial funds in order to purchase a large contingent of battle droids, defected to the Falleen kingdom, and brought the prized vessel with him du ...ort Kalina Ulaeri, and the bridge crew of thirty personnel. The twenty War Droids stationed on the bridge sprang to life as their scanners detected the new i
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  • |Droids / Equipment |Medical Equipment
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  • ...other corporations Magnaguard has also extended its reach to the lucrative medical droid market.
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  • | holosite = [] ...n, realizing there were too many of them already, droids, he'd never liked droids. This didn't leave many options available to him and decided to think about
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  • * [[Alpha Medical Corps]] - Dissolved ...hters, as well as complicated systems to automate the deployment of battle droids. With these innovations, the Federation was able to automate many aspects o
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  • Federation]], the insurgents were able to manufacture and sell military droids on the black market for exorbitant sums.<ref name="GNS20229"/> Now well-fin ...wned by Cron Resurrection began focusing on military droid technology over medical technology and Cron agents spreading allegations against the Hegemony leade
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  • | industry = [[:Category:Medical Services|Medical Service]] .... Supported by rival governments who supplied them with credits and battle-droids, the insurgents harvested enough credits to invest in intelligence, equipme
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  • ...n to its recycling operations, Haven is a manufacturer of EVA Construction Droids and GZ-6B Wreckers, as well as an assortment of spacecraft produced from th ...morale had never been higher. [[Leo Iscander]], a transfer from [[Galactic Medical]], took command of much of the overall management of the company after bein
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  • ...r enrolled in the Kuati School of Medicine, where he would graduate with a Medical Degree and a lengthy internship as a surgeon. ...e finer things. He boasts massive personal collections of ships, vehicles, droids, servants and staff. It is said that when he became the Underlord of Black
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  • ...landed in the city they grew up in. While in Pieralos, Siejo purchased two droids: a [[SP-4]] worker droid that he called Luigi, and an [[ASN-121]] messenger ...planning stages. The Nautolan family exited the ship and Siejo's private droids followed. They entered the Nauto Prime Center. While Sievi spoke to the att
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  • *Formerly [[Primus Medical]] ...d a nationalized corporation of the CSA and so was transferred to [[Primus Medical]], a group which wasn't economically strong or stable.
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  • *Republic Medical ...ral science courses including biology and human biology, and was bound for medical school. Arianna however was less of a science person so she took many langu
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  • ...cussion, but was stable. There was no Hospital at the time on Glee, so the medical teams could only treat her with basic first aid. Zao himself had some sligh ...s were stopped. After two weeks, it seemed the infection was over, but the droids continued to keep Zao in stasis for another week, continually pumping him f
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  • ...]<br>[[Starypan/SunHui Spaceworks]]<br>[[Outback Industries]]<br>[[Anzatan Medical]]<br>[[Anzatan Resource Extractions]] ...job of moving the required materials and starting the factories to produce droids. The work was daunting and seemed never ending to him, having never been in
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  • | industry = [[:Category:Medical Services|Medical Service]] ...alaxy’s leading producers of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, droids, vehicles, and even hospital stations and ships.
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  • which stocked and traded a variety of items such as starships and droids. They aimed to give their customers a place to purchase all their needs and Outrider Trading was sold off when Santage obtained [[Biotech Medical]] on [[Year 4|Year 4 Day 322]]. It was also rumored that Biotech served as
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