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  • ...sole decision power, the Dark Prince is responsible for shaping Black Sun policy in all arenas. Given his role as leader of Collective undertakings, his dec ...and wealthy of galaxy. With their money, Black Sun provides the utmost in privacy and secrecy should visitors wish to keep their reputations clean when they
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  • ...ves. It was this élite that was apparently responsible for all aspects of policy and strategy, shaping and directing Chiss society across the Ascendancy thr ...those that were believed to be the speakers social inferior. However, this policy was capable of being broken if there were good and valid reasons for doing
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  • ...minent, Legal and Public Relations had taken a somewhat diminished role in policy as their attention was elsewhere. With the blessing of [[Lord Hegemon]] [[T ...lone and took his cousin away to not only give his father some much needed privacy to mourn, but also give himself and his cousin Helena a chance to quietly c
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  • ...oyak-Ikron]], Caelius is further noted for his staunch support of personal privacy and his lack of transparency in individual endeavors. ...lius's educational background and personal passions. Given a new Black Sun policy of one office per Councillor, the torch of Negotiation was passed to Vigo M
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  • ...doors due to many customers engaging in Zanns neutral commerce and privacy policy, used by many to circumvent contractual obligations imposed by employers to
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