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  • ...s of the Dark Side aboard his personal [[Imperial Star Destroyer]], [[Zhao Yun]] has made his resentment clear and has been recruiting large numbers of me
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  • ...tions between the Grand Admiral and a pirate known to the galaxy as [[Zhao Yun]]. Full of endless threats and [[Imperial]] propaganda, the transcripts mad
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  • ...l]] responsible for the death of his brother Enlil, by the hands of [[Zhao Yun]] formally known as [[Sin Jade]] to the galaxy. It appears however from ske ...y is untouchable. The plans are also rumoured to detail a plot from [[Zhao Yun]] to usurp himself back into the [[Eidola]] Pirates and cripple their resou
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  • ...on this time for Unisec Trade Federation where she encountered a man named Yun Antares, a Sith, one of the first that Jaydon met who openly proclaimed the ...d run the Academy for TAR. It was also during this time that she met Shain Zhao who became one of her Marshal and one of her best friends.
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