Spectral Services Unlimited

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Spectral Services Unlimited
General Information
Motto "When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be Done Without Anyone Knowing!"
Status Active
Leader Jetsi Seejay
Owner Jetsi Seejay
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 82
Dissolved Year 15 Day 228
Political Information
Affiliation Independent
Industry Security provider
Holosite Spectral Services Unlimited


Spectral Services Unlimited, formed on Year 12 Day 82, is the culmination of years of hard work by determined individuals to make a name for themselves in the galaxy without relying on or contributing to the growing corruption of the galaxy.

These sentients were once members of the premier reconnaissance division in the galaxy. Through corruption, malpractice, and treason, they were left for dead with their disabled ships serving as coffins within the cold vacuum of space. They were able to mount a rescue operation and everyone was saved. A pact was later made in the back of some indistinct seedy tavern in the Outer Rim, vowing that one day they would be masters of their own destiny.

With the formation of Spectral Services Unlimited, countless worlds now has access to the premier security organization in the galaxy. Spectral Services Unlimited is ready to handle all of your covert and confidential needs and is ready, willing, and able to meet your demanding mission requirements with highly trained and devoted individuals controlling one of the most diverse yet highly adaptable fleets in the galaxy.

Led by Jetsi Seejay, a prominent Givin with years of expertise leading billion credit factions, Spectral Services Unlimited will surely become a name both despised by criminals and lauded by the lawful of the galaxy.


  • Spectral Services Unlimited Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)