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The Speeder Time Trials is a speederbike race event organized by the Duros Union held as a official event at each Uli Memorial Swap Meet and Galactic Games. The event was created in Year 16 as an idea of Damyo Kruder but only in Year 17 made its first public show in the second edition of Uli Memorial Swap Meet as one of the main events. The event has no sign up cost although organizers advise speederbiking is a dangerous sport and drivers should be careful all time.

"The Union wanted to offer a new concept of race to the galaxy that would make players use different types of vehicles than they might be used to and at the same time let them explore the full planet by check in at the checkpoint beacons, and of course we wanted to offer that experience free of charge. We were really pleased with the amount of racers that signed up, being them solo or sponsored."
— Damyo Kruder on a interview for the Galactic News Service


How it Works

  • Each racer as only ONE chance to set or beat the time record. Time starts counting once the pilot enters the START Checkpoint and stops when he enters the FINISH Checkpoint.
  • The racer must register his name, speeder type and sponsor if desired on the official registry form.
  • The racer is obliged to respect the vehicle restriction list.
  • Using another vehicle or ship to move during the race will get the racer disqualified.
  • The order of the checkpoints[1] must be respected from Start to Finish.
  • The racer who holds the fastest time wins the edition.

Official Rules Page

Swap Meet Special Editions


First Edition - Year 17 Day 176-182

The 1st edition of the 'Trials' were held in Millius Prime in the Iego System on the 2nd Edition of the Uli Memorial Swap Meet as a main event.

Official Timetracking Table


Second Edition - Year 18 Day 14-21

The 2nd edition of the 'Trials' were held in Kiffex in the Azurbani System on the 3rd Edition of the Uli Memorial Swap Meet as a main event sponsored by Faerytail Family This was a race of pure endurance and skill, a hard and treacherous racetrack was carved into the terrain of Kiffex taking racers on a journey of over 48 hours of racing. The race was marked by the dropout of the 1st Edition Champion Jax Starblade on Checkpoint 8 due to Technical Problems, also racer Hawke Tanor had engine problems in the starting grid and had to abandon the trials.

Official Timetracking Table


Third Edition - Year 18 Day 292-301

The 3rd edition of the 'Trials' was held in Nimban in the Hutt Space Sector on the 4th Edition of the Uli Memorial Swap Meet as a main event sponsored by Black Sun.

Official Timetracking Table


Grand Champions

1st Edition Grand Champion (Millius Prime) - Jax Starblade [TR: 16:58:00] - Timetracking Table

2nd Edition Grand Champion (Kiffex) - Coleman Rendar [TR: 42:25:00] - Timetracking Table

3rd Edition Grand Champion (Nimban) - Jad Hep Viridux [TR: 12:37:59] - Timetracking Table

The Trophy

Along with a handful amount of Credits and other assortment of assets provided by the sponsors, the Grand Champion also receives a unique customized Trophy made by the top craftmans of the Jabiim Consortium.


In the News


  1. Checkpoint is a entity (vehicle or ship) you enter in to get scanned by the TT-8L Sentry Droid in order to register your time on the timetracking table.