Srota Ron

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Srota Ron
Srota zpsbd570836.png
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Csilla
Mother unknown
Father Revan Jones - (formerly adopted)
Spouse unknown
Siblings Jan'ru Shara (adopted, deceased) and Ashara von Ismay (adopted)
Children Shoan Ron, Knisa Toka (adopted), and Malic Nihilnovi (adopted)
Born Year -12 day 340
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Coloring Tan
Hair Color brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The eXiles, Clan Ky'bris
Rank Lieutenant (The eXiles), Alor'uus (Ky'bris)

Physical Appearance

Srota Ron is a muscular Kiffar who stands about two meters in height. His body tells a somber tale of battles both physically with others and also from within. His chest is riddles with numerous scars, many of which are pronounced pits from blaster bolts while wearing armour. Over his right eye is a prominent qukuuf, or tattoo, which signifies his Kiffar heritage. Usually these tattoos are bore at an early age, but Srota’s is fairly new as he received it after succumbing to the Metamorphosis Plague on Year 14, Day 54.

During missions, Srota can typically be seen wearing Imperial Royal Guard armor, a deep navy blue attire with a sharp lightning effect embossed into the plating. In his leisure he can be seen wearing a sleek black suit or combat pants, a red shirt and jacket accompanied with Imperial Munitions 22T4 blasters.

Srota’s left side of his face and body are covered in several prominent scars and wounds from a thermal detonator blast. Unbeknownst to many, he is also missing his left hand as a result of this fateful incident and sports a cybernetic prosthesis as a result. He has never been fully comfortable with the prosthesis, as its poor quality constantly plagues him and serves as a reminder of that event which nearly took his life.


Chas'rota'ron, or Srota Ron as he is known outside the Chiss Ascendancy, grew up on Csilla. It was an easy childhood for Srota, and he wound up serving in the navy after he was old enough. However, this period of early happiness was about to take a drastic turn for the worse for Srota. This would come at the hands of the New Republic and their invasion of his homeworld. Fortunately, Srota was offworld working at the time, but his parents would not be so lucky, both of them having been officers in the CEDF, and they were killed during the invasion.

After hearing about his parents' deaths, Srota fell into a period of depression and he found his way back to Csilla. He spent all of his free time in bars drinking away his sorrow, but this period of his life was not all bad. It was during this time that he met two friends of his that would both make his drinking worse and then bring him out of this depression. Srota was a drunk most of this time, and his memory of such times is fragmented at best, consisting of scattered memories of mornings waking up in alleys and in strange places, no memory of how he got there the night before. It is possible that during this time he may have experimented with using Ryll and other drugs, but he cannot be certain.

The first person he met was a man by the name of Waylon Cormag. Waylon was working as a bodyguard for a VIP who came into the Ascendancy, they met at Srota's favorite watering hole, and became fast friends through their drunken antics and their work to find out who was behind an assassination attempt on his charge's life. Unfortunately, his friend had to leave with his ward, and they fell out of touch for a time, and unfortunately for Srota, he had spent a large portion of his time with Waylon drinking, and his problem became worse.

It was then that he was able to meet the person who would bring him out of his depression, Dia Lethan. They met in a bar one night and soon after, they had become good friends. This friendship helped Srota to come out of his depression and to clean himself up, and learn moderation when it came to drinking. However, the time he spent with Dia was not infinite and one night she just left him. Srota, however, had learned a few things from his time with Dia, and this time, he did not turn back to the bottle, he instead threw himself back into his work, and began to focus again on supporting his own family.

After his brothers and sister grew older, and went on to be able to support themselves, Srota came to a decision. He decided to leave the Ascendancy and never look back, having too many bad memories of his time there, he set off to travel the galaxy, and he eventually decided to settle down in the Hapes Consortium, which he formally joined on Year 13, Day 343. He suffers from what others might perceive as a drinking problem, though this has yet to have any effect on his performance at work.

On year 14 day 54, he finally succumbed to the Metamorphosis Virus and was changed into a Kiffar. He is a member of Aliit Gav, was formerly the ad of Revan Jones, until his departure from the aliit, vod of Jan'ru Shara (deceased) and Ashara von Ismay, and buir to Knisa Toka and Shoan Ron. After some time in the Hapes Consortium, Srota left, making his way out from Lorell in a Firespray-class interceptor to seek his own fortune in ship building, however, before he could arrive there and begin work, the group he was working for was betrayed and disbanded for good, leaving him, the successor to the group, in virtual ruin. Deciding he had had enough of the many issues service to larger groups, besides his Aliit, seemed to cause, he made his way out into the galaxy, now flying his trusty YV-666.

Throughout his time in the galaxy, one place has been his home away from home, the Blue Moon Cantina. Quickly going back to his drunken ways, he was often a staple of cantina life there, making friends and enemies of all walks of life and of all different views each day. Not only did he find friends there, but also lovers, especially his fiancee, Kyla Royer, who was the one person who could do what he had tried so many years to do, he quit drinking. His abstinance from alcohol was to be relatively short-lived and he always seemed to flirt with relapse, perhaps he had spent too long as a drunk to truly end it forever, but for a time, he was happy and sober, though he did turn to tobacco to make it easier for him to join his friends and family in the cantina. This happiness did not last, for one day, he came home to find Kyla waiting for him, upon which time she ended their engagement. This had disastrous effects on Srota, driving him back to the drink once more, a habit he has yet to give up, and if anything, has only seemed to become worse.

Srota spent plenty of time drinking in the Blue Moon, and much has happened to him, various things from arguing with Imperial Security over politics, to fighting off bounty hunters claiming to represent the Tahir Syndicate. Most of these events and interactions have left scars on Srota, both physical and Mental. His body is covered in various scars, most from barroom brawls or training fights. Some of these include the numerous pits throughout his chest from where blaster shots have penetrated his armor during fights, the knife wounds all across his shoulders and sides from numerous knife fights both in the field and in the Blue Moon.


After being pulled into a game between Banquo Knox and Walni Rom-ca, Srota's addictions got the best of him at long last, and he wound up, after seeing his friend shot by the former Dark Prince, caught in a trap left by the anzati criminal. After pulling a card left behind by Knox, he inadvertently set off a wired thermal detonator, which nearly killed him if it hadn't been for the actions of the same friend who he had just seen shot. Srota was left covered in a riot of scars on the left side of his face and body, and a stump where his left hand had once been. The nature of their location and predicament, as well as all the intoxicants in Srota's system meant a hospital was out of the question and he was taken to a less than reputable surgeon, who fitted a cybernetic to Srota's hand. However, something went wrong, and the cybernetic did not quite work properly once attached. Srota has yet to have it repaired due to the high cost of such repairs.


After the loss of his limb, friends of Srota's had decided that things had gone far enough, and they stepped in, forcing him to confront his problem and to sober up. Srota did this grudgingly at first, but through the help of a new clan, Ky'bris, and a discovery of the ancient mandalorian beliefs in the god Kad Ha'rangir, Srota soon adapted well to sober living. Since sobering, he has focused himself and his attentions on his work for the eXiles Marines and his clan, and perhaps most of all, his god.


Wing of the Devil

Qukuuf: "Wing of the Devil" A blue tribal tattoo over his right eye, Srota chose this design to represent the fact that he had fallen from grace through his drinking and self-destructive behavior. The color blue was chosen for two reasons, the first being that it represents his past as a member of the chiss species, and the second being the more vain reason that it matches the color of his eyes. He received this tattoo early on after his change at around Year 14 Day 60.


Back: A large, full back tattoo, it depicts two feudal warriors in a stylized battle. This tattoo was given to him by Coral of the Dark Star Hellions as a request by him, something to depict his warrior nature and his history as a mando'ad and Kiffar.

Black Sun Tattoo: Beneath the logo of the Black Sun reads the words "Family, Honor, Fashion."

Hellion menacing skull: A small Dark Star Hellions menacing skull signed by Ximaro Jix, this tattoo is positioned above the tattooed words,"Property of Coral." This was one of two tattoos given to him on Year 14 Day 84 by Ximaro Jix, after losing two bets on a fight between himself and Banquo Knox, the Dark Prince, head of Black Sun.

Black Sun Logo: This tattoo of the Black Sun Logo above the words "Family, Honor, Fashion" is the second of two tattoos from lost bets on Srota's lost fight with Banquo Knox. The words are a reference to an earlier conversation from late in the evening on Year 14 Day 83, and the tattoo was inked on Year 14, Day 84 in the very early morning, also by Ximaro Jix.