Srota Ron

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Srota Ron
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Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Csilla
Mother unknown
Father Revan Jones - (formerly adopted)
Spouse unknown
Siblings Jan'ru Shara (adopted, deceased)
Ashara von Ismay (adopted)
Children Shoan Ron
Knisa Toka (adopted)
Malic Nihilnovi (adopted)
Born Year -12 day 340 (age 25)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Coloring Tan
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Clan Ky'bris
House Soyak-Ikron
Rank Alor'uus (Ky'bris)
Guardian (House Soyak-Ikron)
Prior Affiliation The eXiles (Captain)
The Hapes Consortium (Crewman)

Physical Appearance

Srota Ron is a muscular Kiffar who stands about two meters in height. His body tells a somber tale of battles both physically with others and also from within. His chest is riddles with numerous scars, many of which are pronounced pits from blaster bolts while wearing armour. Over his right eye is a prominent qukuuf, or tattoo, which signifies his Kiffar heritage. Usually these tattoos are bore at an early age, but Srota’s is fairly new as he received it after succumbing to the Metamorphosis Plague on Year 14, Day 54.

During missions, Srota can typically be seen wearing Imperial Royal Guard armor, a deep navy blue attire with a sharp lightning effect embossed into the plating. In his leisure he can be seen wearing a sleek black suit or combat pants, a red shirt and jacket accompanied with Imperial Munitions 22T4 blasters.

Srota’s left side of his face and body are covered in several prominent scars and wounds from a thermal detonator blast. Unbeknownst to many, he is also missing his left hand as a result of this fateful incident and sports a cybernetic prosthesis as a result. He has never been fully comfortable with the prosthesis, as its poor quality constantly plagues him and serves as a reminder of that event which nearly took his life.


Chas'rota'ron, or Srota Ron as he is more commonly known, had a good childhood and grew up with both of his parents within the Chiss Ascendancy. It was a privileged and joyous time for Srota, as his parents were very dear to him which would later influence his decision to follow their footsteps and join the Navy.

Srota remembers this part of his life vividly, and recalls how he felt life couldn't get any better. Shortly after his entry into the Navy, however, a fateful event would happen that would cripple Srota's dreams. In a show of sudden brutality, the New Republic invaded Srota's home world and the Chiss armed forces scrambled to defend their home planet. Srota was elsewhere in the galaxy at the time, but his parents found themselves in the heat of a prolonged battle for planetary control. They both fought valiantly, but eventually were killed during a firefight.

When Stota heard the news of the invasion and losing both of his parents, he literally crumbled to the ground where he stood. He lay there paralyzed, not knowing how he allowed this to happen. His heart sank and he suddenly felt no purpose to his life. The next few weeks tested his soul, as he spent most days lying motionless, unable to understand why this happened or what to do next.

It was during this desperate period that Srota turned to alcohol to numb his sunken spirit. It was a vicious cycle, drinking heavily to reach that numb feeling, yet knowing that his dark thoughts would be there when he awoke the following day. Srota spent many months chasing this elusive high, and refusing to face his troubled mind.

The first significant person he met during this time was a man by the name of Waylon Cormag. Waylon was working as a bodyguard for a VIP who came into the Ascendancy, and they met at Srota's favorite watering hole. They soon became fast friends through their drunken antics and their work to find out who was behind an assassination attempt on his charge's life. Unfortunately, his friend had to leave with his ward, and they fell out of touch for a time. During this period Srota sank even lower as he drank even more and became worse overall.

It was then that he was able to meet the person who would bring him out of his depression, Dia Lethan. They met in a bar one night and soon after they had become good friends. This friendship helped Srota come out of his depression and clean himself up, and learn moderation when it came to drinking. However, the time he spent with Dia was not permanent and one night she left him. Srota, however, had learned a few things from his time with Dia, and this time he did not turn back to the bottle. Instead he threw himself back into his work, and began to focus again on supporting his own family. he felt invigorated again and as if his life had regained a purpose.

On year 14 day 54, he finally succumbed to the Metamorphosis Virus and was changed into a Kiffar. After some time in the Hapes Consortium, Srota left, making his way out from Lorell in a Firespray-class interceptor to seek his own fortune in ship building, however, before he could arrive there and begin work, the group he was working for was betrayed and disbanded for good, leaving him, the successor to the group, in virtual ruin. Deciding he had had enough of the many issues service to larger groups, seemed to cause, he made his way out into the galaxy, now flying his trusty YV-666.

Throughout his time in the galaxy, one place has been his home away from home, the Blue Moon Cantina. Quickly going back to his drunken ways, he was often a staple of cantina life there, making friends and enemies of all walks of life and of all different views each day. Not only did he find friends there, but also lovers, especially his fiancee, Kyla Royer, who was the one person who could do what he had tried so many years to do, quit drinking. His abstinance from alcohol was to be relatively short-lived and he always seemed to flirt with relapse, perhaps he had spent too long as a drunk to truly end it forever. But for a time, he was happy and sober, though he did turn to tobacco to make it easier for him to join his friends and family in the cantina. This happiness did not last, for one day, he came home to find Kyla waiting for him, upon which time she ended their engagement. This had disastrous effects on Srota, driving him back to the bottle once more, a habit he has yet to give up, and if anything, has only seemed to become worse.

Srota spent plenty of time drinking in the Blue Moon, and much has happened to him, various things from arguing with Imperial Security over politics, to fighting off bounty hunters claiming to represent the Tahir Syndicate. Most of these events and interactions have left scars on Srota, both physical and mental. His body is covered in various scars, most from barroom brawls or training fights. Some of these include the numerous pits throughout his chest from where blaster shots have penetrated his armor during fights, the knife wounds all across his shoulders and sides from numerous knife fights both in the field and in the Blue Moon.

Through it all, Srota has seen much in his venture across the galaxy. He remains steadfast in his strong work ethic and has since formed a good bond with The eXiles and made a name for himself within that organization. Despite the ups and downs, Srota Ron will always be passionate about life, living each day to the fullest as he realizes anything you gain or cherish in life can be ripped away from you at a moment's notice.


Wing of the Devil

Qukuuf: "Wing of the Devil" A blue tribal tattoo over his right eye, Srota chose this design to represent the fact that he had fallen from grace through his drinking and self-destructive behavior. The color blue was chosen for two reasons, the first being that it represents his past as a member of the chiss species, and the second being the more vain reason that it matches the color of his eyes. He received this tattoo early on after his change at around Year 14 Day 60.


Back: A large, full back tattoo, it depicts two feudal warriors in a stylized battle. This tattoo was given to him by Coral of the Dark Star Hellions as a request by him, something to depict his warrior nature and his history as a mando'ad and Kiffar.

Black Sun Tattoo: Beneath the logo of the Black Sun reads the words "Family, Honor, Fashion."

Hellion menacing skull: A small Dark Star Hellions menacing skull signed by Ximaro Jix, this tattoo is positioned above the tattooed words,"Property of Coral." This was one of two tattoos given to him on Year 14 Day 84 by Ximaro Jix, after losing two bets on a fight between himself and Banquo Knox, the Dark Prince, the former head of Black Sun.

Black Sun Logo: This tattoo of the Black Sun Logo above the words "Family, Honor, Fashion" is the second of two tattoos from lost bets on Srota's lost fight with Banquo Knox. The words are a reference to an earlier conversation from late in the evening on Year 14 Day 83, and the tattoo was inked on Year 14, Day 84 in the very early morning, also by Ximaro Jix.

Known Assets and Their Histories

Alpha Fleet:

A small fleet of approximately 100 R-41 Starfighters which are kept at the ready at all times aboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Indomitable as well as a pair of Marauder frigates, these serve as a mobile base for any and all operations he may need to make at any time and at any place.

The Indomitable was presented to Srota in early year 14 by his friend and coworker, Skyla Pendragon, as a gift to provide him with a mobile base of operations for his burgeoning fleet. Srota takes great pride in the Indomitable and makes sure it is constantly manned and patrolled by his crack squad of marines. It is the flagship of his Alpha Fleet, and houses the approximately 100 fighters and the pair of Marauders which serve as the basis of the fleet.

Scylla and Charybdis are the pair of Marauder-class Corvettes that form the remainder of Alpha Fleet, and serve as the core of the fleet's firepower. These two ships are typically deployed behind a fighter screen, providing long range defensive power in support of the fighter screen provided by his R-41s. They also serve as a pair of defenders for the lightly armed Indomitable.

Beta Fleet:

Beta Fleet is composed primarily of ships which serve in some secondary role which supplements the ships of Alpha Fleet or have some personal use for Srota. These ships are all capital ships, such as Lancer-class Frigates and Lictor-class Dungeon Ships.

This first ship of Beta fleet is the Lancer-class Frigate Uniter, which was also a gift from Skyla Pendragon. This Imperial-manufactured ship serves a primary role of fighter defense for his fleets, and is his personal favorite ship.

Beta Fleet's next ship is the CR-90 Corvette Pilus which Srota won in a game of Sabacc. The ship has a long and storied history of service with the Empire, which he is currently in the process of researching.

Beta Fleet also consists of the Preserver. a Lictor-class Dungeon Ship, the Vindicated, a YV-666, the Ultimate, a Kaloth Battlecruiser, and the Fluffaluffagus, a Corona-class Frigate.

Gamma Fleet:

This fleet consists of all the Freighter class ships owned by Srota. These are the DX-9 Dropship Nor Ators, a Zeta-class Long Range Shuttle, an ATR-6 Assault Transport, a BR-23 Courier, one Sprint-class Rescue Craft, a Dynamic Class Freighter, and a Nu-class Attack Shuttle.

Delta Fleet:

This fleet is composed of the remaining assorted fighters and gunships owned by Srota, which include ships of the following types: TIE/lns, Y-Wing BTL-S3s, Y-TIEs, Firespray-class Interceptors, JM5000s, TIE-Wings, and Cloakshape Fighters.