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| founded = [[Year 16|Year 16 Day 37]]
| founded = [[Year 16|Year 16 Day 37]]
| dissolved =  
| dissolved =  
| affiliation =
| affiliation = [[Star Forge Conglomerate]]
| industry = [[:Category:Paramilitary Organisations| Mercenary]]
| industry = [[:Category:Paramilitary Organisations| Mercenary]]
| holosite = [http://sfconglomerate.forumotion.net/ Forum]
| holosite = [http://sfconglomerate.forumotion.net/ Forum]

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Star Forge Security
Star Forge Security Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Percy Ryun
2IC Mikhail Ryun
Headquarters Overpike
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 37
Political Information
Affiliation Star Forge Conglomerate
Industry Mercenary
Holosite Forum


Safety and security are quickly becoming a luxury for sentients all over the galaxy. Star Forge Security is committed to providing security solutions in this chaotic time of civil war.

We have enlisted highly trained military strategists and those with previous command experience to provide our recruits with the training needed to operate during space and ground combat missions. Fostering a culture of respect and brotherhood, we aim to provide more than just a place to rest your boots after a long day's march.

Star Forge Security will be a beacon of hope in a galaxy ravaged by war. A glimmer of what once was and could be again, a united galaxy. We take inspiration from the fabled myths of the Star Forge and it's builders and the idea of providing a plethora of goods and services from the core to the far reaches of the outer rim.

Ever expanding. Star Forge Security and Securitronix aspire to form the backbone of a new Star Forge Conglomerate. A union of many corporations and organizations with the purpose of benefiting the whole while working towards common interests.


  • Star Forge Security Banner.png (Year 16)