T'doshok Alliance

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T'doshok Alliance
T'doshok Alliance Emblem.png
General Information
Status Status
Members Ashura Harma
Echo Rantae
Historical Information
Founded Circa Year 11
Political Information
Affiliation Council of Native Races
Type Racial Society

The T'doshok Alliance, also known as the Trandoshan Society, is a racial fraternity for members of the reptilian Trandoshan species. Several years after its founding, the Alliance purchased the smuggling operation known as the Mytaranor Slaving Council.


The T'Doshok Alliance was formed by Echo Rantae around Year 11. T'Doshok is the native word for Trandoshan. The aim of the alliance was to gather Trandoshans from all walks of life in the galaxy. They were to provide support to other of their race and protect their cultural heritage. The T'Doshok Alliance was initially supported by the renowned pirate Teniel Djo. She provided a company, renamed Blackscale Salvage, to harbor the Alliance endeavours. Echo was leader of this company, who was nominally specialised in recycling, but never practiced this trade.

The first movement was to establish the T'Doshok Alliance as a group of bounty hunters, but it appeared that some of the founding members had different ideas. This led to the creation of three houses in the Alliance. The House Blackscale united the traditionalist Trandoshans. They were mostly bounty hunters and slavers, trying to capture or kill the best preys to please the Scorekeeper, the Trandoshan deity. House Sissk was formed from those who held a progressive view on the Scorekeeper. For them, accumulating wealth, power or knowledge could be seen as another way of hunting. They respected life and denounced slavery. They were willing to reconcile with the Wookiees. For those that did not want to choose, there was House Hsskor. Cirxis Cronossk led House Blackscale, Rick Stormchaser led House Hsskor, and Ashura Harma led House Sissk. Echo Rantae led the Alliance as Overlord and put himself above the House system. Rick Stormchaser was his second in command. Tanker Grinch was nominated Lead Hunter and was tasked with evaluating the prey stalked by the members. The society also had honorary members, most prominent was Diabolus Ut`Persolvo.

The T'Doshok Alliance secured a Bayonet class light cruiser, which was called Scorekeeper's Vengeance. It stationed on Derra orbit, and had stuff for beginning Trandoshans inside. The Alliance was also active on a diplomatic side, establishing embassies with governments.

The Alliance did not accomplish much. Following the lack of activity, and then the sudden disappearance of its leader, the Alliance slowly dissolved. Blackscale Salvage was sold and knew numerous names, finishing as Kaos Galactic Federation.

From the three clans descriptions, only one is still available, the description of House Sissk:

"Hatcherd my brother, and welcome to the House of Sissk. As a member of the House of Sissk, you will find we are quite different from our Brothers in the House of Blackscales. The Galaxy may seem gauge to us at times, we must understand as T'Doshok we are fated to play a great role in its destiny. While we honor the T'doshok tradition, we believe it is time to abandon the old ways, for they were written for a time that has passed. We believe that the hunt can mean more than just hunting beasts, and that the divine Scorekeeper can be appeased by hunting any prey, be it knowledge, credits, or anything that one can desire. Those of us in the House of Sissk have learned much about the technologies of the galaxy and through our research we developed the Stouker Concussion Rifle. While we believe that violence is a last resort, this advancement in T'doshok technologies will greatly help our brothers of the House of Blackscales. Along with our advancements in technology, we understand that to be accepted and respected in this galaxy we must learn to be tolerant of other races, even though they are inferior to us T'Doshok, this includes our feud with the Wookiees, we must learn to overcome our hate for them.

While you may find our ways do differ from the other Houses, understand this; it is the dawn of a new age and as a society we must change if we hope to advance. The great Scorekeeper in her infinite wisdom would be proud to see us fulfilling our destiny in this galaxy. Res luk Ra'auf my brothers."


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