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Century Tank (TIE Crawler)
Navigational Stats
Max Speed 90 km/h
Maneuverability 3
Sensors 1
Terrain Restrictions Cave, Forest, Glacier, Jungle, Ocean, River, Swamp, Volcanic
Weapons 2 Medium Blasters, 1 Heavy Laser
Cargo Stats
Weight 10 T
Volume 165 m3
Weight Capacity 0.0500 T
Volume Capacity 0.5000 m³
Passengers 1
Hull Statistics
Length 8 m
Hull 50
Ionic Capacity 30
Shield 0
Specials None
Raw Materials
Quantum 14
Meleenium 150
Ardanium 11
Rudic 18
Tibannagas 13
Lommite 8
Rockivory 0
Bacta 0
Hibridium 0
Varium 0
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The brainchild of Emperor Suntzu's Imperial Department of Military Research dubbed the Century Tank. It took the cockpit of of a TIE/ln fighter and placed the tracks of old republic troop transports in place of the solar wings. A heavy laser was placed under the cockpit to provide additional firepower.

The resulting vehicle was perhaps the first use of so called ugly technology though it was standardized to a greater degree than known in most ugly fighters. The design allows easy access to all compartments and the vehicle thus is more easily repaired than many other contemporary designs.

The Century Tank has impressive firepower for its size, however its hull makes it vulnerable to larger or more modern vehicle designs.

The design was one of the primary arguments used to show Emperor Suntzu was favoring the Imperial Navy over the Imperial Army as it was relatively easy for Tie Pilots to take up roles in the Century Tank but Army personal required extensive retraining to use the vehicles properly. Ultimately this division would bring down Suntzu's reign due to efforts by General Balseraph

Despite the controversy of its introduction the Century tank remains within the Imperial Army though walkers are favored over it. Dual purpose pilots that can fly both TIE/ln fighters and the Century tank are gaining some ground, much like many Republic pilots who can handle the T-65 X-Wing also fly the T-47 Airspeeder for similar reasons.