Tamra Royal Excavations

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Tamra Royal Excavations
TRE Logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Vin Marvit
2IC Nivek Notnelc
Owner Archduchy of Tolonda
Headquarters Tamra
Historical Information
Formed from Dynali Excavations and Industrial
Founded Year 19 Day 205
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
Industry Mining company

A subsidary of Archduchy of Tolonda, Tamra Royal Excavations supplies the entire Tolonda Sector with the needed materials for every project undertaken by the Grand Engineer Corps.


Founded on Year 19, Day 205 in the Dynali Sector, the Tamra Royal Excavations was formed from Dynali Excavations and Industrial. This gave the government of Tolonda another expansion in the corporate and nationalized fields. Tamra Royal Excavations holds office in the Tamra System. This allows the organization to provide needed services to the Archduchy of Tolonda. Tamra Royal Excavations is overseen by the office of Duke Cory Vildras of the Archduchy of Tolonda. Chairman, Sir Tachibana Ryu serves as TRE’s current Chairman.

Internal Organization

Current and Past Leaders


Vice Chairman
Director of Internal Operations
Senior Pilot Senior Mine Manager Senior Surveyor Senior Foreman
Pilot Mine Manager Surveyor Foreman


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Archduchy of Tolonda
Subsidiaries Oshora Pharmacology · Tamra Royal Excavations · Royal Engineers of Krmar
Sectors Tolonda
Branches · Royal Archduchy Military Corps · Whispered Scrollkeepers ·Grand Engineer Corp