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There was little that I had none,about my parents as I was growing up on the planet of ?.
Do to there silence,when I would ask about there life's,the things they would do and the pleases they had seen,when they were young.
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They would as parents,say so little to me about those things that they had seen and done in there life's before I was born.
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Bout,as being so as I grow they would lite me in on a little more,over span of time as I metered into a young man.
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One time inarticulacy as I spent most of my time with my mother.
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We were talking about some of the changes that we were seeing going on, in the news.On one of the outer realm planets.
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She had slipped up a little and started talking.
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She had started it out as only being a story,but by the look on here eyes.
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I could tell that there was more,to it then just being a story.         
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--[[User:Koevanuda|kevin mckinney]] 17:23, 18 June 2011 (GMT)
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There is more will put were it can help thank you for your time.
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I was at school at the age of 6, those year growing up I
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