Tem Sappo

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Tem Sappo
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Mother Orin Shoma
Father John Vega
Born Year -14 Day 17
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 m
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Rebellion
Positions Orca Hunter
Awards Citations and Awards

Standing 1.9 meters tall with dark, slicked back hair and a brow that means business, Tem is an impressive figure to be sure. He's a man of few words, but also an enterprising individual that likes to get things done in a timely fashion.


Early Life

Tem Sappo learned the ropes of freighter piloting at an early age by his father, John Vega, who was a pilot working for the now defunct Blue Saber Transportation, which later merged with Cloud City. Vega had at one point the rank of Lieutenant in BST's Katana fleet, and later transferred to Silverhawk fleet before suddenly disappearing. He is now a prisoner in the hands of the Dutchy of Tolonda.

Orin, Tem's mother, couldn't bear the loss of her husband. She now lives at an undisclosed location, drinking away her pain.

Tem freighter.jpg
Up and away

After this, he was in effect, parentless. Tem decided to escape from reality by flying off in his fathers old freighter. Many months went by just exploring wild space before he happened across an add. It was by Corellian Transport Services, looking to recruit fresh new pilots. He decided to join them on Year 17 Day 332, and thus became a citizen of the New Republic.

Corellian Transport Services

His first impression was that of a balloon, long past deflated. Meaning, things were slow going and somewhat in disarray. Eager to prove his worth, he set out to do as much as he could as fast as he could, but also to try to reinvigorate the grizzled, old timers in the company. This paid off as he quickly climbed the ranks within the Vessel department with the help of Han Cold and Roga McBea, his CO and XO at the time, respectively. As time went by, more and more of the veteran pilots started to get into action again. The word of mouth around in the New Republic was that CTS was once a bustling community. 'And so it shall be again', Tem thought to himself.

Tem inside a CTS hangar

Tem prides himself in being fast and efficient, always striving for good customer service regardless of the task at hand. The customer may be right, but only half the time. Despite this, always acting professional (even when drunk) and nodding in agreement to whatever the customer says is something he sets as his highest priority.

After some time in the Vessel department, Tem grew a bit tired of constant hyperspace travel. Often long hauls with not much to do other than sleep and drink. He decided to help out in CTS' Construction & Engineering department, and became the Engineering XO on Y19 D320. His main goal was to improve and expand the companies existing infrastructure, which meant rallying the, mostly, idle work force that had been laid off for years. Each and every one welcomed the chance to pick up their tools again when Tem came knocking. Their first area of focus was the Lexrul system. Specifically Lexrul I and its shield cities.

CTS build team.png
Tem and his two construction managers, Laari Montoya and Kaila Sol, outside a newly built tavern.

Culture Office

Life as a transport pilot includes a lot of free time during hyper travel. This can be problematic for many. Tem was no exception. On Year 18 Day 324, he joined the New Republic's Culture Office. It had been dead for a while, but when news came that some new blood were re-building it, Tem jumped at the chance to be a part. Of the various positions available, he chose to become a scribe. Writing down history was something that fit perfectly with endless hyperspace trips, enabling him to compile a list of updates in his freighter's bunk room which he then brought to archives between missions.

Tem at work in the New Republic archives.

Career History

The Rebellion

  • Rebel - Year 21 Day 7 - Present

Corellian Transport Services

  • Head Administrator (C-3) - Year 20 Day 187 - Year 21 Day 17
  • Engineering XO (O-6) - Year 19 Day 320 - Year 20 Day 187
  • Vessel CO (C-1) - Year 19 Day 96 — Year 19 Day 320
  • Vessel XO (O-6) - Year 18 Day 285 — Year 19 Day 96
  • Transport Commander (O-4) - Year 18 Day 253 — Year 18 Day 285
  • Transport Captain (O-3) - ??? — Year 18 Day 253
  • Cadet (E-1) - Year 17 Day 332 — ???

Culture Office

  • Historian (O-5) - Year 20 Day 3 - Year 21 Day 17
  • Chief Archivist (O-4) - Year 19 Day 163 — Year 20 Day 3
  • Junior Archivist (O-3) - Year 19 Day 1 — Year 19 Day 163
  • Scribe (O-2) - Year 18 Day 324 — Year 19 Day 1

Citations and Awards

Corellian Transport Services / New Republic:

  • Leadership Award - Year 21 Day 4
  • Master Builder's Award - Year 20 Day 97
  • Logistics Chief Award - Year 19 Day 163
  • Executive's Citation - Year 19 Day 163
  • Logistics Chief Award - Year 19 Day 110
  • Executive's Citation - Year 18 Day 290