Thaelos Kolarr

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Thaelos Kolarr
Biographical Information
Race Human (Courscanti/Kuati Hybrid)
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Prim Kolarr
Father Edward Voltair (Deceased)
Spouse Zahra Kryn (unmarried)
Siblings Ryan Voltair (half-brother/Estranged)
Children None
Born Year -2 Day 210
Physical Description
Gender TIE Interceptor
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Thaelos Kolarr (Born Year -2, Day 210) is a Human male originating from the planet Kuat. Thaelos is of mixed-blood, his father being a Courscanti and his mother a native Kuati.

Thaelos currently serves as the Executive Officer for the 2nd Brigade

Personal History

Thaelos's early childhood was filled with comfort and safety due to the Imperial influence and patriotism that surrounded him. Being born on Kuat, the young Imperial would witness the empire's finest, patrol and guard the cities. Wanting to protect his family and others would lead Thaelos on a path to join the Imperial Army and rise in its ranks, an ongoing goal that would gradually change into personally improving himself. A great pain in his life, however, would come with the death of his father Edward Voltair who had died from a sudden heart attack Y19 D137 16:30:20.


Reaching the proper age, Thaelos would choose to sign up with the Empire to provide a future for himself and care for his family. He was eager to see new places and provide protection to others as the empire had provided for him on Kuat. Gathering his things, Thaelos would disembark to Prakith to begin his study at the Imperial Academy. Once arriving at Prakith, Thaelos would be assigned to Training Officer Faraday Euler, an influential and courageous man that would come to be called friend and mentor to him. Eager to impress his superiors and ensure his advancement in the empire, Thaelos strived to complete the Academy with honors, which he had Achieved Y18 D32 on his graduation and advancement. Upon completion of the Imperial Academy, Thaelos became a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army, Going on to serve diligently and loyally. Throughout his career, he would come to work alongside the Navy and fellow peers of the Army ensuring peace and protection on Imperial owned worlds.

Imperial Army

Once assigned his position, the Lieutenant was eager to impress his new superiors and make his way through the Imperial ranks. A relatively short time after being assigned to his legion, Thaelos was deployed upon Operation:"REDACTED", a joint exercise between his Brigade and the corresponding Naval group of the region to simulate the rescue a downed pilot. This operation would come to blossom the Lieutenants career as he had no prior training for such a task. He would spend a month marching through the cold environment before reaching his objective and extracting a pilot from her safe house, with whom he would form a strong bond and friendship with. His efforts in this Operation would prove to many that he was a capable officer and grant him a Letter of Commendation from his Brigade Commanding Officer.

Several months later, He would be redeployed to a wargame with the Tresario Kingdom, facing an overwhelming force. The combined effort of his brigade in this operation would strengthen cohesion and provide many lessons to learn from.

As time went on, fellow Officers would come and go, leaving Thaelos somewhat distant from the rest of his peers. Though he would never forget the lessons his superiors provided him, whether he liked the person or not.

On Y19 D83 the newly minted Major would become the Executive officer of the 2BDE.