Thaelos Kolarr

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Thaelos Kolarr
Thaelos Avatar something.png
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Kuat
Mother Prim Kolarr
Father Edward Vellen †
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nenya Plaure
Siblings None
Children Unborn Child
Born Year -2 Day 210 (22)
Languages Fluent
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80m 5'11"
Weight 88.4kg 195lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
  • Cybernetic Right Eye
Political Information
Affiliation None
Rank Freelance
Positions None
Prior Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom, Galactic Empire
Awards Tresario
TSK- Navy.png TSKuniversity.png TSK BIFC.png TSK BRCC.png
Signature Thaelos Sig.png

Thaelos Kolarr (Born Year -2, Day 210) is a Human male originating from the planet Kuat. Thaelos is of mixed-blood, his father being a Hapan and his mother a native Kuati. He would be the first of his family to not be

Upon coming of age, Thaelos enlisted in the Galactic Empire. He would go on serving in the army, finally obtaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and the Executive Officer of the 2nd Brigade before retiring. Sometime during the Hosnian conflict, Thaelos would transfer over to Tresario to help out his IU allies and serve as a fresh Petty officer of the Tresarian Navy. Mid Year 20 after feeling his usefulness has reached its end, he retired to private life to spend more time with his wife.

Thaelos is currently a Freelancer Mercenary

Personal History

Thaelos's early childhood was filled with comfort and safety due to the Imperial influence and patriotism that surrounded him. Being born on Kuat, the young Imperial would witness the empire's finest patrol and guard the cities. Wanting to protect his family and others would lead Thaelos on a path to join the Imperial Army and rise in its ranks, an ongoing goal that would gradually change into personally improving himself. Great pain in his life, however, would come with the death of his father Edward Kolarr who had died from a sudden heart attack Y19 D137 16:30:20.

On Y20 D1, in an effort to forge ties between Mandalore and Tresario (despite if they would mean anything or not to either government) and due to having fallen in love, Thaelos would wed Nenya Plaure of Aliit V'r'caah. Although separated due to loyalties and duties the two lovers would stay in constant communication and plan to occasionally meet when the time was available.

Imperial Career

Thaelos Rank Bar.PNG

On Y18 D33, Thaelos enlisted into the Imperial Military, completing his academic courses with honors. He was transferred and stationed back to his homeworld with the Hellhounds, serving under then Brigadier General Kaiden Halcyon. Several weeks after being assigned, Thaelos would be deployed upon a joint exercise between his Brigade and the corresponding Naval group of the region to simulate the rescue a downed pilot. This operation would come to blossom the Lieutenants career as he had no prior training for such a task. He would spend a month marching through the cold environment before reaching his objective and extracting a pilot from her safe house, (Nesota Kynnovan) with whom he would form a strong bond and friendship with. His efforts in this Operation would prove to many that he was a capable officer and grant him a Letter of Commendation from his Brigade Commanding Officer. Several months later, He would be redeployed to a wargame with the Tresario Kingdom to test out doctrines and condition their troops. Although they faced overwhelming odds against Tresario's legion of battle droids, the 2nd Brigade would continue to give it their all in hopes of, despite failing, to eliminate the targets at hand. On Y19 D83 Thaelos would receive a promotion to the rank of Major and be honored with becoming the Executive Officer of the Hellhounds. Continuing his service in the Empire, the Major would come to witness the brutality of the Empire's enemies during the War for the Hosnian System, costing the lives of several friends and peers such as Ron Mueirech and Fede Vonrico. Continuing to lead as the Executive Officer of the 2nd Brigade he would reach the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before stepping down from his post and transferring to the Kingdom of Tresario. While his time in the Empire had come to an end in this chapter of his life, he would take with him the valuable friendships and lessons he learned, keeping a door open should he ever choose to return.

Service in Tresario

Upon completion of his final set of orders, and the transfer of his Executive role within the 2nd Brigade, Thaelos would make for Tresarian space to serve within its Navy. While he was overall loyal to the Imperial cause, He had traded in the Imperial roundel for the Tresarian Tikiar. Upon completion of Tresarian courses, Thaelos would be allocated into the Tresarian Navy to serve as a Petty Officer. His first several months serving in the navy was fraught with logistical support, and border patrols against bandit and pirate raids from the lawless Huttspace. Feeling his usefulness and need was coming to an end he would depart Tresario on Y20 D143 as a Freelance Mercenary.


On Y20 D1, Thaelos Kolarr and Nenya Plaure were joined together in matrimony. The ceremony was officiated by Thrall Lothbrok as a private ceremony, accompanied by Anon Drekk. Although they were going to be separated for long periods at a time to follow their duties, their love would burn with an overzealous fervor. The wedding ceremony would allow the lovers a fortnight to cement their marriage and vows, with promises of meeting up when pauses in their obligations and responsibilities arose.

Personal items/Armour

Following his departure from the Empire, Thaelos would feel somewhat naked without his old Imperial armor. Having spent many nights without taking off the form-fitting and insulated body glove, it became like a second skin to him. With much luck during his transfer to Tresario he managed to find an old, but in an excellent condition set of Old Republic Clone armor at the yearly swap meet on Nimban. After some cleanup and repairs on the armour sections, the surprisingly well fitting clone suit was ready for wear after a replacement of the previous body glove.

Personal stylized helmet
Personal stylized armour