The Death Watch (Year 13)

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The Death Watch
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Peter Max
Motto "Restoring Manda'yaim to its former kote"
Headquarters Classified
Historical Information
Founded Year 13
Dissolved Year 13
Political Information
Affiliation Krath Dynasty
Type Mercenary
Holosite Death Watch Holosite


The Kyr’tsad, or Death Watch, was founded on Year 13 by Laamyc Ad’verde Peter Max to restore Manda’yaim to its rightful kote. In order to bring Manda’yaim to the kote it deserves, Max gathered those who he thought were right to serve him into the Ka’ra, named after the ancient legendary Ka’ra, the Council of the Stars. Splitting into three tsads, Intelligence, Security, and Learning & Development. With his new Ka’ra ready and willing to serve, Max spread out to other factions for help. When several helped him fund Kyr’tsad, he was able to reach to new recruits worthy of being vode, and begin the ascension of Manda’yaim to kote!


The Kyr’tsad did not accept all chakaaryc. They sought out members, inviting those they thought worthy.