The Fires of Kiffex

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The Fires of Kiffex was an organization of young men on the planet Kiffex who wanted to get rid of injustice and evil. They were very popular with the people of Kiffex and were known for running evil men off of the planet, or killing them. Alejandro Starhunter, the founder and leader of the group, was the most enthusiastic fighter among them. He taught many of them how to use a sword and marshall arts, with the help and guidance of a friend, Dominic Renaud. The Fires enjoyed grouping at night to plan attacks, and often could be seen, lighting their torches to the houses of those who oppsed them. The Fires of Kiffex fell apart and dispersed to every part of the Galaxy, just four years after it was started. The members found their own ways in the Galaxy, and the people of Kiffex have not heard from them since. Alejandro was the only one who stayed on Kiffex for awhile, but then he, too, made his way elsewhere. The members of The Fires of Kiffex hope to meet again, and rejoin their great band of fighters to have more adventures than ever!