The Flying Hutts

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The Flying Hutts
General Information
Status Active
Leader Relain Crane
2IC Talina Bardak
Owner unknown
Historical Information
Founded unknown
Dissolved n/a
Political Information
Affiliation unknown
Industry Paramilitary, Security
Holosite [none available]

The Flying Hutts was the name of an independent Hutt Kajidic that frequented space stations mainly within Hutt Space. The Flying Hutts were so named after their peculiar preference for the use of jetpacks as a regular mode of surface travel. The uncommon combination of a Hutt and a jetpack was often used to confuse or intimidate their opponents.

Graffiti tag of the Flying Hutts from an unknown world on the Outer Rim.

The Flying Hutts were a bunch of outcast Hutts who banded together to form their own space based Kajidic. The Flying Hutts rejected the criminal nature of the common Hutt Kajidic and did not recognize the authority of the Hutt Grand Council. This led to The Flying Hutts going into a sort of self imposed exile from Hutt society.

The Flying Hutts welcomed any Hutt with similar values into their Kajidic. They opposed slavery and occasionally welcomed other species into their Kajidic as equal members. They started out with just 6 founding members, a combination of warlords, pilots and industrialists. At their peak they reached approximately 863 Hutts and 378 other species.

The Flying Hutts based themselves on board a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser named "Granee Hotshuh" or Grand Nuisance. The Granee Hotshuh had a compliment of fighters, gunships and light freighters that were specially adapted to accommodate the Hutts. The Granee Hotshuh traveled around the Hutt Space Sector, mainly visiting Deep Space stations and avoiding the more populated systems.

Turning away from crime, The Flying Hutts maintained a livelihood from honest business and investments. Occasionally, they acted as mercenaries, rescuing slaves from their criminal counterparts. Being Hutts familiar with Hutt territory gave them an advantage over outsiders who couldn't easily disguise themselves as Hutts.