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{{Infobox Government
{{Infobox Government
| name = Krath dynasty
| name = Krath Dynasty
| image =  
| image =  
| government system = Theocracy
| government system = Theocracy

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Krath Dynasty
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
De facto leader Frezt Raleigh
2IC Tapar Craken
Affiliation Galactic Alliance
Societal information
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Nova Crystal
Historical Information
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active
Holosite {{{holosite}}}


Welcome to the Krath Dynasty, its roots started in the beginning of intelligent civilisation; around 25000 galactic years ago. Long before the Empire, before the Sith and before even the Jedi Knights, people worshipped at the altars of Krath, Goddess of War and Love of the ancient Tameht tribe in the Tetan Pantheon. After millenia of history the Krath have evolved and the spirit of Krath taken into a new age, the dawn of a new golden age. All our history, from both ancient times and latest events, is gathered and documented, accessible in our history and the Library.

We combine all our culture and unique characteristics of the Krath with the most advanced equipment and military tactics, making the Krath not only a religious Force-related organisation but also a powerful military force, covering the aspects of this mix with our different branches. This allows us to carry our operations out in a vast variety of fields and cover a wider spectre of activities.

The most fervent followers of the Krath are typically quiet and mysterious, and spend long hours meditating and communicating with Krath in mysterious rituals. They are primarily concerned with the mystical aspects of the Force and produce tomes of Force lore, history, and legend. Their powers are subtler than those of the Sith, and prefer to use their skills in diplomacy, coercion, and speech to subdue their adversaries. As a group, we also seek profit through all means available to our organization. Our marines and naval forces, combined with other not so public branches, cover a wide variety of goals, from political to monetary. Profesionality and a superior military training are our signature in every operation.

The Krath Dynasty controls one of the largest sectors, the Kathol sector.. In addition to Kathol, Krath also controls the Minos Cluster, Wild Space and the majority of the Churba sector.

The Krath are the only group with an unique currency, the Nova Crystal. The current value of a Nova Crystal can be found on the Krath Holonet.

If your destiny is to join the Krath Dynasty, visit the Holonet.




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