The Octagon League

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This article is about the existing item company. For the dissolved organisation, see The Octagon League (Year 13).
The Octagon League
General Information
Status Active
Leader Xek`ail Saverem
2IC Xanxus Drol
Headquarters Dark Dealers Haven
Historical Information
Formed from Year 15
Founded Year 15 Day 167
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Dark Star Hellions
De` Cobray
Industry Items


We are everywhere, from legitimate markets to seedy backwater landing pads, selling our wares with a blaster in hand.

Based out of Dark Dealers Haven on the planet of Ord Vaxal in the system of Vaxal, The Octagon League is a weapons subsidiary of the criminal syndicate Zann Consortium and offers it services as a premium manufacturer and supplier of items and weapons to the galaxy without prejudice. Derived from the notion that a person or organization is better armed and ready when equipped with the right tools for the job, Octagon makes it their primary goal to not only provide the highest quality, top of the range items to their customer base but to always ensure the safety and security of all transactions. Our values hold strong, our commitment is unprecedented but ultimately one point remains over all others; honor and integrity in our transactions upholding not only the syndicates business ethics but that of the leagues late predecessor.