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| name = The Smugglers Alliance
| name = The Smugglers Alliance
| image = [[File:Logo.jpg]]
| image = [[File:Logo.jpg]]
| Motto = Anywhere, Anytime, Anything... We Deliver.
| motto = <small>"Anywhere, Anytime, Anything... We Deliver."</small>
| Status = Active  
| status = Active  
| Leader = Mutus Nox
| leader = [[Mutus Nox]]
| 2IC = Bengar Bortrek
| 2ic = [[Bengar Bortrek]]
| Owner = Unknown
| owner = Unknown
| Founded = Year 13 Day 67
| founded = [[Year 13|Year 13 Day 67]]
| Dissolved = Year 13 Day 147
| dissolved = [[Year 13|Year 13 Day 147]]
| Affiliation = Neutral
| affiliation = Neutral
| Industry = Production/Smuggling
| industry = Production/Smuggling
| Holosite = [http://www.wix.com/holonet/sa The Smugglers Alliance]
| holosite = [http://www.wix.com/holonet/sa The Smugglers Alliance]
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We wish you the best of luck."''
We wish you the best of luck."''
[[Category: Organisations]]
[[Category: Item Manufacturers]]
[[Category:Item Manufacturers]]

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The Smugglers Alliance
General Information
Motto "Anywhere, Anytime, Anything... We Deliver."
Status Active
Leader Mutus Nox
2IC Bengar Bortrek
Owner Unknown
Historical Information
Founded Year 13 Day 67
Dissolved Year 13 Day 147
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Production/Smuggling
Holosite The Smugglers Alliance

After hours of searching through the holonet for any lead to contact those you only heard of as 'The Smugglers Alliance', you finally come across a small article written by an unknown author.

"Lost, or maybe disappearing on purpose? Unlikely occurences and the possibility of an underlying organization For as long as anyone can remember things have been disappearing all over the universe only to reappear at unexpected places, usually in the hands of those with money or shady connections. Be it art, jewelry, weapons, drugs, or even capital class starships, nothing has been spared over the years, everything has been 'lost' at one place and been 'found' somewhere else, where it was not supposed to be. Countless investigations by local authority forces have come up with nothing.

Many blame the customs officers themselves, suspecting them to raise their income by illegal means. Others speak of thieves capable of using the force, moving unseen and taking whatever they like. A few even research the possibilities of a scientific phenomena. And then there are those who keep rumoring about a hidden group, independent pilots and lowlife scoundrels, specialized in transporting and producing whatever the customer wishes, without leaving a trace... and without asking questions. Evidence on this group is almost nonexistent and the few people willing to talk usually keep their voices down and their doors closed. They tell of an alliance, a brotherhood, dedicated to carry any cargo, to any place, across any border, at any time... as long as the price is right.

They do not care about laws or regulations, yet it is said they work by a strict code of honor, binding them to treat any contract as sacrosanct and going to any lengths to fulfill their appointed task. This is what makes them different from the usual contraband transporting thief: They can be trusted even in the grey areas of society. Yet, they will work for every group or independent person who can meet their price and will take no heed of political or religious ties. They are who everyone -from the simple commoners on the street, over the border-partrolling imperial soldier, up to the highest ranking Hapan official- just refers to as The Smugglers Alliance But who is behind this? Is there really a network of cooperating pilots spanning this universe, or is it all just a myth? The answer is hard to give, yet you can try to see for yourself. Contacting them without a real job offer will prove to be a waste of time, but talk is that, if you have need of them you will be able to find them.

We wish you the best of luck."