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The Wraiths
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The Wraiths is one of the Galaxies original factions, They have existed as long as anyone can remember.

Mission Statement

"To categorize The Wraiths with more common mercenaries, for whom profit is the only standard against which to measure their decisions, this could not be further from the truth. For a Wraith money is only a means to an end. A Wraith accepts payment because they must restore equipment after a fight; their fee high to ward off those who would make frivolous requests. But a Wraith is motivated only by a drive to be the best, by the joy of battle, and by an imperative to stand with honour as the Galaxy's elite. When a Wraith accepts a task he sees it through to the very end."
— Plaque on the wall of The Wraiths Members Hall, Placed by Tibo Doinds on The Wraiths founding day.



After the subjugation of Mon Calamari by the Galactic Empire, Tibo Doinds formed The Wraiths Mercenary Group over nine years ago with the sole purpose of winning back his beloved planet. In their first operation, Tibo and the newly formed Wraiths raided a space station that held Imperial supplies and a Marauder class Corvette. The raid's success demonstrated the assembled warriors' might. The Wraiths took possession of the corvette and munitions continuing to pummel the Imperial run space station until finally a flotilla of Imperial warships was dispatched to drive them off.

Sending recruiters to the outer rim worlds, The Wraiths began to swell their numbers. Soon the best pilots and soldiers in the galaxy were flocking to the worlds of Enigma and Endor, the Wraith?s strongholds. Tibo had trained the sentients driving the group well. They quickly became the strongest and largest mercenary organization in the galaxy, offering their services to those who could not fight in order to earn the money and equipment necessary to uphold their ideals.

But The Wraiths were still a young organization; misfortune struck. The Empire hadn't forgotten the damage The Wraiths had inflicted. Their agents eventually caught up with Tibo and his Mon Calamari assistant and arrested them for crimes against the Empire. They were consigned to an unknown planetary prison, and are believed to remain there to this day.

Tibo's loss struck The Wraiths to the core, but they took the blow and rebounded stronger than ever. As the Empire forgot about what they believed to be a ragtag group and focused its efforts against the Rebel Alliance, Wraith leaders took the opportunity to boost themselves to new heights unmolested. Under various leaders The Wraiths outfitted themselves with new warships and a formidable arsenal.

Golden Era

As The Wraiths grew, so too did their reputation, eventually spreading all the way into the remote sectors of the Outer Rim. Settlers in the Moddell Sector contracted The Wraiths to defend several planets from Sanyassan Marauders -- a raider culture local to the sector. This would prove to be a turning point for The Wraiths. As they took up their defensive positions The Wraiths learned that the indigenous species of Endor, the Ewoks and the Yuzzum, were also plagued by the Marauders.

Inspired by the Ewoks and Yuzzums' tenacity in the face of their more advanced enemies, The Wraiths expanded their efforts in the sector to end all illegal Marauder activity (sometimes with the assistance of Sanyassan Marauders who had rejected their culture's predominant habits). Recognizing the need to replace the raid-based economy of the Sanyassans, The Wraiths sponsored a variety of business endeavors on the planet that would provide jobs and encourage the Sanyassans to turn toward a more peaceful lifestyle.

The Wraith's Peace

As prosperity flooded the sector with the formation of a number of highly successful corporations by the Soyak-Ikorn Consortium (later Soyak-Rainer Enterprises) a number of Wraiths began to perceive how fragile that prosperity was. Under Venix Soyak's leadership a number of Wraiths retired from mercenary life and followed House's Soyak-Ikron and Rainer to join with the settlers, the Ewoks, the Yuzzum, and even the Sanyassans to form The Avance Coalition. Applying Wraith values to the new government, they secured the sector for its inhabitants and ensured its ongoing defence.

Released from their duty to protect the peace they had created, The Wraiths went on to be led by Venix's cousin Avid Soyak, and their esprit de corps was undiminished. With their Sabaoth class capital and starfighter ships, the Wraiths need only deploy themselves in a system to see a show of respect, instead of long fighting. The group has hit an all-time high, and only The Wraiths know what the future holds.

Contemporary Wraiths

With the Wraiths having become a mature organization with seasoned vetran's filling their ranks, they have transitioned to an organization that fights, but fights with the knowledge and experience from so many years in the field. This era of sober thought has been ushered in by their current leader Ralgarrch. Their seasoned members make up a War Council that helps it's new members complete contracts without stepping into the same pitfalls as previous generations. This is a unique feature The Wraiths have when compared to other mercenaries.

Unique Equipment

The Wraiths are known to use their unique Sabaoth Destroyers and Defenders. The unique ships have been part of the Wraiths lineage for as long as any of it's members have been around.

The Wraiths & The Avance Coalition

The Wraiths are often questioned about their loyalty to The Avance Coalition. The Wraiths are owned by Venix Soyak, however, they are independently operated.

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