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Tibrin From Orbit


System: Cal

Sector: Senex

Galactic coordinates: (-2, -309)

System coordinates: (14, 14)


Planet type: temperate/breathable

Controlled By: Darkness

Governor: None

Magistrate: None

Total population: 2,801,060 inhabitants (according to last census)


Tibrin is a shining example, that civil and technological advancement need not occur at the cost of the environment. The native Ishi Tib, conscious that any technology that can harm the environment would be detrimental to their entire civilization, are extremely selective about the technologies they choose to implement on their world. Any potential technology is rigorously tested for a period of at least three years before being allowed into general use. This has resulted in something of a lack of rapid innovation that the Ishi Tib's detractors tend to use to illustrate their stodginess. In fact, the opposite is closer to the truth, and the Ishi Tib are quite innovative in their testing methods. This caution has ensured that Tibrin's environment is widely considered to be one of the most pristine for a developed planet in the entire galaxy.

This is especially important on Tibrin, as despite being covered in water, the seas are actually quite shallow. In most places the oceans are no deeper than one hundred and thirty meters, which means that Tibrin simply lacks the absolute volume of water required to dilute and disperse the same quantity of pollutants as a similarly-sized world with much deeper oceans, for example, Mon Cala or Champala. Being this shallow, the oceans are also quite warm all year round. This warmth, combined with the beautiful golden sands of Tibrin's numerous islets and emergent coral reefs makes Tibrin a favorite vacation destination for the wealthy and famous throughout the galaxy. Potential vacationers are thoroughly vetted before being allowed to book a holiday on one of the many luxurious beach villas located on the sandbars and islets, most of these have fenced in waters to keep out the numerous predators patrolling the shallow seas. Transportation on Tibrin can also be a little slow, as the Ishi Tib utilize a large number of beasts to perform tasks that would be carried out by vehicles on other worlds.

One of the reasons the Ishi Tib are so cautious stems back to an incident during the Galactic War, when a strange algae made its first appearance on the southern reefs. Fish and other sea life that consumed this algae experienced spontaneous rapid expansion, causing them to explode. The Ishi Tib spent decades exterminating the algae and cleaning up the aftereffects, but occasional blooms of the algae still appear from time to time, causing significant loss of marine life before the authorities once again bring the algae under control.

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