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==[[Year 3]]==
==[[Year 3]]==
* '''Day 1:''' OmniCorp is founded.
* '''Day 1:''' Jorran Kale steps down as President of [[NeuroSaav Technologies]]. John Stark replaces him.
* '''Day 23:''' Omega Order Vehicles opens for business.
* '''Day 26:''' Vyk Drago becomes the leader of the [[New Anzat Order]].
* '''Day 30:''' Blue Sabre Transportation, led by Sterik Hasger, opens for business.
* '''Day 48:''' Venix Fire becomes the leader of [[The Wraiths]] after the resignation of [[Navik Ikron]].
* '''Day 59:''' [[Emperor]] [[Charon]] requires all vessels be registered with the Imperial Port Authority.
* '''Day 64:''' Hornithicus is appointed as the new head of security for Cyber Technologies.
* '''Day 76:''' The [[Rebel Alliance]] High Command arrests President [[Cyrus Cloudwalker]] for treason.
* '''Day 81:''' The [[Galactic Empire]] arrests and executes Zeblork for theft and embezzlement.
* '''Day 81:''' The [[Hutt Council]], led by [[Angobba the Hutt]], is formed under the auspices of the [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 83:''' Jim Stratus of the [[Galactic Empire]] purchases [[Galactic Salvage Inc]].
* '''Day 86:''' [[Green Devil]] replaces Haden Rodery as Chancellor of [[Loronar Security]].
* '''Day 94:''' [[Imperial Core]] and Sith Empire merge to become the [[Dark Empire]].
* '''Day 98:''' Owan D'arc ("Anti-Tarkin") steps down as leader of the [[Night Thieves]].
* '''Day 98:''' The [[Night Thieves]] are absorbed into [[Hammers Slammers]], a mercenary group.
* '''Day 101:''' The [[Hutt Council]] places a death sentence on all members of the [[Dark Empire]].
* '''Day 103:''' Ashe is replaced by Kail Denear as president of [[Universal Network Bank]].
* '''Day 105:''' Relm Hesek is appointed [[Supreme Commander]] of the [[Rebel Alliance]].
* '''Day 107:''' "The Dathomir Crisis" erupts between [[Black Sun]] and the [[Hapes Consortium]].
* '''Day 111:''' [[Emperor]] [[Charon]] appoints Grand Vizier Naal Soven as leader of COMPNOR.
* '''Day 113:''' The [[Galactic Empire]] arrests and executes the leader of the Ubrikkian Corporation.
* '''Day 143:''' [[Emperor]] [[Charon]] appoints Vir Calder as Moff of the Fakir Sector.
* '''Day 145:''' Kavvel resigns as leader of Aurora Tech and is replaced by Mythrantar.
* '''Day 162:''' [[Kosh Naranek]] of [[Black Sun Trading]] weds [[Syn]].
* '''Day 169:''' Genma Digma assumes control of the Trans-Galactic Transportation.
* '''Day 172:''' [[New Anzat Order]] and the [[Dark Empire]] sign "a friendship treaty."
* '''Day 181:''' The [[Hutt Council]] signs a merchandise agreement with [[Aurora Technologies]].<ref>[http://web.archive.org/web/20021028022859/http://swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=406 GNS: Hutt Council/Aurora Technologies Agreement] (Archived)</ref>
* '''Day 186:''' [[Bounty Hunter Alliance]] captures and executes Kryl Vysk, an infamous Arconian.
* '''Day 188:''' The Ubrikkian Corporation elects Bryce as their new leader.
* '''Day 192:''' Davpa Bolom steps down as head of Cyber Technologies. Yurok replaces him.
* '''Day 199:''' Octavus Sanguis becomes leader of Trilon Incorporated.
* '''Day 213:''' [[Green Devil]] of [[Loronar Security]] is killed by [[Eldrik Kuraine]], leader of [[Astralwerks Engineering]].
* '''Day 217:''' Thraken Solo starts Colonial Shipworks.
* '''Day 218:''' Princess [[Gabriella Storm]] of the [[Dark Empire]] defects to the [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 221:''' [[Greyson Uebles]] declares a truce between the [[Dark Empire]] and [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 225:''' Bel Ker Production is founded.
* '''Day 226:''' [[Talon Efrawn]] is relieved of his position as CEO of Aurora Tech. Tarkacheen replaces him.
* '''Day 232:''' [[Vodo Bonias|Bonias]] opens a "soap factory" on Bastion; the soap is made using "non-human life-forms."
* '''Day 234:''' Under the guidance of Intellifish, several organizations form "the League of Trade."
* '''Day 236:''' [[Black Knight]] becomes the owner of Trans-Galactic Transportation.
* '''Day 238:''' Nisshutsu Shipyards opens for business.
* '''Day 239:''' [[Vel Koon]] announces the formation of the Kel Dor Confederacy.
* '''Day 239:''' Infinity Casino reopens. Kam Farlight celebrates his new position as owner of [[Corporate Sector Authority|Infinite Dark]].
* '''Day 240:''' [[Rik Avner]] becomes owner of Twin Star Mining after the mysterious death of former CEO Laetras.
* '''Day 241:''' Jova PallaDel becomes the owner and president of the Ubrikkian Corporation.
* '''Day 242:''' [[Jake Kiltar]] becomes the president of [[Cloud City & BST|Cloud City.]]
* '''Day 270:''' [[Bounty Hunter Alliance]] captures and executes Kyrk Lyder, an infamous Trandoshan.
* '''Day 271:''' [[Spookie]], a former [[Supreme Commander]], is expelled from the [[Rebel Alliance]] for theft.
* '''Day 281:''' Ace Menshu replaces Chan as magistrate of the [[Trade Federation]].
* '''Day 283:''' Lord Xa Draet assumes power as leader of [[Centrepoint Space Station]].
* '''Day 289:''' [[Outrider Trading]] becomes a nationalized subsidiary of the [[Hapes Consortium]].
* '''Day 290:''' The [[Galactic Empire]] and [[Dark Empire]] announce their merger into a single entity.<ref>[http://web.archive.org/web/20021028020901/http://swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=914 GNS: "Today Marks The Beginning" - Year 3 Day 290] (Archived)</ref><ref>[http://web.archive.org/web/20021021080703/http://swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=915 GNS: "The Dark Side Has Made You Powerful" - Year 3 Day 290] (Archived)</ref>
* '''Day 290:''' Corbin Esco of the [[Trade Federation]] unveils "Shockball Wagering," a popular event.
* '''Day 317:''' Victor von Ismay, a Sector Adjutant, is promoted to Moff of the Corellian Sector.
* '''Day 329:''' Kloran replaces Kurner Dah'tar as leader of the [[JUGANOTH Mining Corporation]].
* '''Day 352:''' Uther Von Kaldreon replaces Blackthrone as leader of Blue Sabre Transportation.
* '''Day 354:''' [[Aves Larkin]] and [[Acria Larkin]] resign from the [[Falleen Federation]].<ref>[http://web.archive.org/web/20021204234425/http://www.swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=1141 GNS: "Larkins Resign From Falleen Federation" - Year 3 Day 354] (Archived)</ref>
* '''Day 357:''' Supreme Chancellor [[Dargon Yotam]] of the [[United Trade Federation]] executes [[Ser Seinwil]], a terrorist.<ref>[http://web.archive.org/web/20021204231628/http://www.swcombine.com/news/ic/ICtopic.php?msgid=1149 GNS: "Execution of the Enemy of the People" - Year 3 Day 357] (Archived)</ref>
* '''Day 361:''' Longfur is replaced by Incubus Kaine as president of [[Astralwerks Engineering]].
==[[Year 4]]==
==[[Year 4]]==

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