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==[[Year 5]]==
==[[Year 5]]==
* '''Day 33:''' Arkaine Reaper is appointed president of [[Universal Network Bank]].
* '''Day 43:''' [[Horley Cyan]] replaces Ugo de Paynes as leader of [[Outrider Trading]].
* '''Day 44:''' [[Hal Breden]] replaces Jander Sunstar as leader of [[Alissma]].
* '''Day 48:''' Markus Harth replaces [[Isoldor Storm]] as leader of [[Loronar Security]].
* '''Day 81:''' The [[Eidola Pirates]] are formed under the leadership of [[Keir Santage]].
* '''Day 81:''' [[Mandalore]] is founded.
* '''Day 130:''' [[Hal Breden]] of [[Alissma]] urges the galaxy to embrace [[Alissma|Ara]] as the one true god.
* '''Day 133:''' Jeric Sensar replaces Banquo Knox as the leader of Biotech.
* '''Day 134:''' [[Greyson Uebles]] celebrates the 1st anniversary of his ascension as [[Emperor]].
* '''Day 134:''' Corax Rann replaces [[Maximus Archer]] as leader of the [[Novatech Speeder Corporation]].
* '''Day 134:''' Edwacop Wiwem replaces Christopher Axelzadir as the leader of [[SoroSuub Corporation]].
* '''Day 135:''' [[Zorran Black]] takes over the [[Paradox Resource Exploration]] from Markus Harth.
* '''Day 138:''' [[Koensayr Fleetworks]] opens for business.
* '''Day 143:''' [[Tycho Celchu]] replaces [[Chiss Veers]] as leader of the [[Tenloss Syndicate]].
* '''Day 151:''' [[Nikklon Mining Incorporated]] protests the Anzatan presence in the Allied Tion Sector.
* '''Day 153:''' Kulthar Drax replaces Lilith Drax as the leader of Malebranche Fleet Omega.
* '''Day 154:''' Finance Minister Vero Thrawn creates the Imperial Trade Authority under Pangborn.
* '''Day 156:''' Celestin Abriel replaces Michael Townsend as leader of Infinite Innovations Inc.
* '''Day 158:''' [[Vel Koon]] replaces Lanxek Delsarr-Antaria as the leader of [[The Antarian Rangers]].
* '''Day 158:''' Having served as [[Emperor]] for a year, [[Greyson Uebles|Uebles]] abdicates the [[Galactic Empire|Imperial throne]].
* '''Day 159:''' [[Vodo Bonias]] assumes the [[Galactic Empire|Imperial throne]] as [[Emperor]].
* '''Day 159:''' [[Vodo Bonias|Vodo]] grants amnesty to all ex-Imperials except for Aintab and [[Chiss Veers|Veers]].
* '''Day 159:''' Durand replaces Daimon Luglok as the leader of Infinite Innovations Inc.
* '''Day 159:''' [[Zorran Black]] reveals that Myorzo Corporation has acquired Paradox Resource Exploration.
* '''Day 163:''' Kevin Storm replaces Boba Fel as the leader of [[Hammers Slammers]].
* '''Day 164:''' Incom Corporation allies itself with the [[Rebel Alliance]].
* '''Day 164:''' Piqued with Vodo as Emperor, [[Maximus Archer]] departs Novatech. Ugo de Paynes replaces him.
* '''Day 167:''' Led by Lilith Drax, the Malebranche Fleet Omega redubs itself Malebranche.
* '''Day 168:''' Malebranche Fleet Delta is retitled [[Eidola Pirates|Eidola]].
* '''Day 170:''' The organization, Dark Vengeance, is founded by Xanathar Branwen.
* '''Day 175:''' The Zaltin Corporation and Sienar Technologies, led by [[Chiss Veers]], open for business.
* '''Day 175:''' Kosh Naranek replaces Luke Starsoarer as the leader of Aurora Tech.
* '''Day 178:''' Adam Flynn, the leader of Universal Network Bank, resigns. He is replaced by Motexx Faz.
* '''Day 178:''' Owyn Darklighter, the leader of Nisshutsu Shipyards, is replaced by Adam Flynn.
* '''Day 178:''' Adam Flynn renames Nisshutsu Shipyards as Intergalactic Military Machines.
* '''Day 181:''' Owyn Darklighter assumes control of [[JUGANOTH Mining Corporation]] from Irving Howie.
* '''Day 181:''' Irving Howie then becomes leader of [[SoroSuub Corporation]]; thus, replacing Edwacop Wiwem.
* '''Day 183:''' Malebranche Materiel Production is renamed XXX MINERS.
* '''Day 186:''' [[Corporate Sector Authority|Infinite Dark]] and Galactic Transportation Services are liquidated.
* '''Day 193:''' Helmed by Andrew Starfyr, the Olanji Corporation is founded as a ship manufacturer.
* '''Day 194:''' [[TransGalMeg]] is formed; Motexx Faz serves as its first leader.
* '''Day 195:''' Sienar Technologies relocates its headquarters to Bimmissari.
* '''Day 200:''' The Shirak Bounty Hunter Syndicate forms, and is led by Darkara Shadow Sanjit.
* '''Day 204:''' Longfur replaces [[Nemesi Nemsien]] as the leader of [[Astralwerks Engineering]].
* '''Day 205:''' [[Dorinian Military Corps]] is formed.
* '''Day 206:''' Rothana Heavy Engineering opens for business under the guidance of Mosep Chitose.
* '''Day 208:''' The [[Eidola Pirates]] raid Coruscant, and steal 12 TIE Interceptors.
* '''Day 216:''' [[Teniel Djo]] begins a highly-publicized war against the [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 220:''' The [[Commerce Guild]] opens for business, led by Nereus Eruresto and Dev Nul.
* '''Day 224:''' [[Teniel Djo]] unmasks an "[[Galactic Empire|Imperial plot]]" against [[Eidola Pirates|Eidola]].
* '''Day 230:''' The [[Corporate Sector Authority]] executes Riley Daniels for attempted theft.
* '''Day 248:''' The [[Techno Union]] is formed.
* '''Day 255:''' Renketsu Trading opens for business.
* '''Day 262:''' The [[Galactic Empire]] dispatches the First Assault Fleet to the Allied Tion Sector.
* '''Day 263:''' [[Perrin Wolfstar]] steps down as Prime Minister of the [[New Anzat Order]].
* '''Day 268:''' [[Enzo Delaere]] succeeds Wolfstar as leader of the [[New Anzat Order]].
* '''Day 274:''' Colonial Shipworks is renamed to Hoersch-Kessel Drive.
* '''Day 285:''' [[Max Solusar]] assumes control of [[Paradox Resource Exploration]] from Arkaine Reaper.
* '''Day 298:''' Cosmo Corps is renamed Sienar Fleet Systems.
* '''Day 298:''' Koensayr Fleetworks is renamed [[Slayn and Korpil]].
* '''Day 303:''' The [[Eidola Pirates]] murder Imperial Flight Corporal Antair Zulka.
* '''Day 305:''' [[Zorran Black]] retires from the Myorzo Corporation.
* '''Day 325:''' [[Midge Cellewan]] of the [[Corporate Sector Authority|Corporate Sector]] hosts "the second Kessel Run."
* '''Day 329:''' [[Enzo Delaere]] surrenders the [[New Anzat Order]] to the [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 329:''' Princess [[Gabriella Storm]] assumes power as leader of the [[New Anzat Order]].
* '''Day 330:''' Dark Vengeance renames itself the [[Bounty Hunters Guild]], led by Xanathar Branwen.
* '''Day 331:''' [[Eidola Pirates|Eidola]] murders Imperial Moff Victor von Ismay on Thyferra.
* '''Day 337:''' Kulthar Drax is killed by [[Eidola Pirates|Eidola]].
* '''Day 345:''' Ithullan Mines and Trans-Galactic Transportation are dissolved.
* '''Day 347:''' The [[Hutt Council]] and [[Blazing Pulsar Exploration]] go bankrupt and are liquidated.
* '''Day 348:''' Endeavor Corporation is likewise dissolved.
* '''Day 356:''' [[Teniel Djo]] of the [[Eidola Pirates]] loots the [[Xucphra Corporation]].
* '''Day 356:''' [[Vlademar von Ismay]] becomes the leader of the [[New Anzat Order]].
==[[Year 6]]==
==[[Year 6]]==

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