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==[[Year 6]]==
==[[Year 6]]==
* '''Day 9:''' The [[Avance Coalition]] is formed.
* '''Day 10:''' [[Horley Cyan]] creates the [[Corporate Alliance]], a [[Trade Federation]] entity.
* '''Day 10:''' [[Eidola]] kills Mosep Chitose.
* '''Day 13:''' [[MandalTech]] is formed.
* '''Day 40:''' [[Starsign Shipyards]] is formed.
* '''Day 59:''' [[Rebel Alliance]] and [[Jacen Boshuu]] capture and execute Imperial Moff Kirov Quel-Droma.
* '''Day 100:''' The Great [[Eboda Raas]] becomes head of Kuat Drive Yards.
* '''Day 137:''' [[Wilhelm von Ismay]] replaces [[Vlademar von Ismay]] as Chancellor, breaking Imperial ties with the [[New Anzat Order]]
* '''Day 10:''' [[Haven Corporation]] is purchased by the[[Trade Federation]], joins [[CIS]].
* '''Day 155:''' Imperial forces briefly restore Vlademar von Ismay as Chancellor of the New Anzat Order. Vlademar is killed by loyalists of Wilhelm, who regains control of the Government.
* '''Day 209:''' [[Tara Tylger]] becomes ruler of [[Black Sun]].
* '''Day 232:''' The [[New Sith Order]] is formed.
* '''Day 232:''' The [[Nautolan Society]] is formed by [[Pixelor Xess]].
* '''Day 252:''' [[Ailon Nova Guard]] is formed.
* '''Day 318:''' The [[New Imperial Order]] is founded.
==[[Year 7]]==
==[[Year 7]]==

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This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the history of the galaxy. For the summary of events leading up to the Galactic Civil War see History of the Galaxy.

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The Galactic Empire officially acknowledges the existence of the Rebel Alliance, following a Rebel declaration of war.

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