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==[[Year 11]]==
==[[Year 11]]==
* '''Day 6:''' [[Aves Sunfell]] is elected the fifth Chief of State of the [[New Republic]], replacing [[Zeff Traner]] who served his full term and did not run for re-election.
* '''Day 82:''' [[Hapan]] King [[Jessy James]] retires from the throne. Crown Prince [[Alex Tylger]] assumes the [[Hapan]] Throne as Rai`ix Chume.
* '''Day 114:''' [[Telma Tech Shipyards]] is founded.
* '''Day 130:''' The [[Aurodium Legion]] is founded
* '''Day 150:''' In a bid to seek recognition as an acceptable Government, [[Telegron Rothani Shipworks]] reformed itself into a new Government and the [[Old Republic]] was born.
* '''Day 150"''' The eXiles Corporation decided to join the Old Republic.
* '''Day 220:''' Marcus Blackheart stepped down as leader of [[Galacian Mining Corporation]] and turned the reigns over to Lady [[Helen Hawk]].
* '''Day 249:''' [[Haven Corporation]] and [[Phoenix Recycling Corporation]] merge their efforts. The [[Haven Recycling Corporation]] opens its doors the next day.
* '''Day 291:''' [[Vodo Bonias]], the leader of Galactic Empire, abdicates. [[Thomas Cherokee]] is proclaimed [[Emperor]].
* '''Day 328:''' [[Qektoth Confederation]] is formed as a NFG to organize all [[Krath Dynasty]] affiliated factions.
* '''Day 336:''' Supreme Chancellor [[Seth Sheppard]] Leader of the [[Old Republic]] eventually retired in favor of Vice Chancellor [[Korinas Vildras]].
==[[Year 12]]==
==[[Year 12]]==

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This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the history of the galaxy. For the summary of events leading up to the Galactic Civil War see History of the Galaxy.

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The Galactic Empire officially acknowledges the existence of the Rebel Alliance, following a Rebel declaration of war.

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