Todd Wraithson

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Todd Wraithson
Biographical Information
Race Togruta
Homeworld Shili
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height Approximately 2m, including montrals
Hair Color None
Eye Color Dark blue
Political Information
Affiliation Matukai Dragons
Prior Affiliation Horizon Tactical Armaments, Confederacy of Independent Systems

Todd Wraithson is a Togruta hailing from the planet Shili. He is known for being a former Admiral with the Confederacy of Idependent Systems and is currently with the Matukai Dragons.

Early Life

Todd's homeworld of Shili

Todd Wraithson led a simple life with his family, in the unremarkable city of Corvala on his homeworld of Shili. His parents both worked for Shili Shipwrights, a small shipyard in Shili. They lived outside the city limits of Corvala, on the outskirts of suburbs and the wilderness, which fed Todd's interest in the outdoors. Todd flew through school with flying colors, but was not sure what he wished to do with himself in his later life. In his young adulthood, he worked as a small time hunter and guide. He did not harbor much thoughts about the galaxy at large until a group of enthusiastic off-world hunters came and hired him for his services.

He agreed to take these hunters to various spots where the best game could be found, and he showed them many successful hunting methods and techniques as well. After these hunters had started to grow bored of Shili, they left for another rural planet in the northern part of the galaxy. Todd offered to go along with them, in order to to test his skills as a hunter on different prey. They unanimously agreed, and Todd was welcomed aboard. On the trip there, he learned how to fly the freighter and did odd-jobs around the ship in order to earn is keep.

HTA and CIS Era

Within a couple weeks on the planet, these hunters quickly grew weary of Todd's success in light of their failures and left him stranded in a city within the world. It was in this backwater city that he eventually met Vito Royan, who befriended him and offered him a job within his fledging vehicle company, Horizon Tactical Armaments. He moved up quickly within the company, starting out as a simple freighter pilot using the skills taught to him in his time with the hunters, to becoming one of Vito’s more trusted workers and friends. After Vito moved the company into alignment with the CIS, members of HTA began resigning and leaving the company, but it was not until CIS bought the company outright and began making changes to the struggling vehicle company that Todd decided to strike out in a different direction.

Leaving the now CIS controlled HTA; Todd parted ways with Vito and went back to the world that he had met Vito on. Todd found himself back to being a hunting guide while he searched for another job. On one of his guided hunts, one of his customers, the vice-CEO of a mining company, gave him a job offer that he could not refuse. After working with the mining company as a freighter pilot for a short period of time he made a couple of strong friendships with other employees, yet he felt that the mining company was not right for him at the time. So, parting with the mining company he re-joined Vito in his new venture in smuggling. Todd became the second highest member of the organisation after Vito, which vastly helped increase his already prominent leadership skills in many different areas. Yet even though he was the second in command of the operations, many things were still organised by Vito directly, limiting Todd’s input and newly augmented leadership skills.

During his time smuggling, Todd accomplished some of the most dangerous smuggling runs in the galaxy with respectable times. It was some time into his working with Vito in the smuggling business that he was approached by Alex Track, whom he had kept in slight contact with after leaving the CIS controlled vehicle company. Alex offered him a job within the CIS military as a fleet leader with associated rank and duties. He decided to take Alex up on his offer and joined the CIS on a permanent basis as the Admiral of 2nd fleet.

Departure from CIS

His time as Admiral was short lived due to the sudden retirement of the Deputy Minister of Defence. This resulted in Alex promoting Todd to the position as one of the few within the military able to take up the position. He served within the CIS military as Deputy Minister of Defence for a period of a few months before stepping down to take on more freelance work. Todd felt the need to cater to his personal desire of seeing more of the galaxy, on his own terms.