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Tomas withdrew from the public eye and focused on his work within both [[Mando'ade]] and [[Dael'mor]]. Following the defection of [[CorSec]] to The Cooperative in [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), Tomas purchased critical infrastructure on the world of [Columus https://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&planetID=2843] from Jeff Kronn for three billion credits on the 255th day. In the confusion and aftermath of [[CorSec|CorSec's]] officers betraying their [[Galactic Empire]] masters, Tomas as able to secure the local population's loyalty and immediately sought to sell his holdings and influence for a profit. On the 307th day of [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), Urkh Malal purchased his holdings for five and a half billion credits, earning Tomas approximately two and a half billion credits in profit in less than two months time.
Tomas withdrew from the public eye and focused on his work within both [[Mando'ade]] and [[Dael'mor]]. Following the defection of [[CorSec]] to The Cooperative in [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), Tomas purchased critical infrastructure on the world of [https://www.swcombine.com/rules/?Galaxy_Map&planetID=2843 Columus] from Jeff Kronn for three billion credits on the 255th day. In the confusion and aftermath of [[CorSec|CorSec's]] officers betraying their [[Galactic Empire]] masters, Tomas as able to secure the local population's loyalty and immediately sought to sell his holdings and influence for a profit. On the 307th day of [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), Urkh Malal purchased his holdings for five and a half billion credits, earning Tomas approximately two and a half billion credits in profit in less than two months time.
When the [[Jakku (System)|Jakku]] system was discovered on the 302nd day of [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), Tomas established an allied coalition consisting of three different groups, which set course to the [[Western Reaches]] sector in an attempt to stake their claim. While they arrived barely in time to secure the smallest of land parcels in [[Jakku (System)|Jakku]], itself, they initiated a scouting mission within the sector due to rumors of another untouched system in the area. When they discovered the [[Takodana (System)|Takodana]] system on the 313th day of [[Year 20]] ([[CGT]]), they quickly realize that the [[Trade Federation]] had beat them there by approximately five days. Despite the head start and their colonization efforts underway, the [[Trade Federation|Federation]] had not yet solidified their grip over the planet and the coalition quickly set to securing their own areas on the planet. With the desire to prevent any bloodshed or hostilities with the [[Trade Federation]], Tomas opened negotiations with Duceroy Salamku Derov over the sale of their land rights and the cease of coalition operations on the world. An agreement was made and the coalition walked away with five hundred million credits for their troubles, having handed the [[Trade Federation|Federation]] their land and intelligence.
=Supplemental Information=
=Supplemental Information=

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Tomas o`Cuinn
Biographical Information
Race Cyborg
Homeworld Charubah
Residence Woldona system
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year 55 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Ewokese, Galactic Basic, Hapan, Mando'a
Limited: Binary, Huttese
Religion Manda
Quote "When you can't make them see the light,
make them feel the heat."
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 75 (chronologically)
45 (physically)
Height 1.85 meters
Weight 200lbs (90kg)
Eye Color Blue/Green
Hair Color Brown/Grey
Career Information
Political Membership
Current Positions
  • Mando'ade, Year 20-Present
    • Ko'verd
  • o`Cuinn Enterprises, Year 13-Present
    • President
    • Chief Executive Officer
  • o`Cuinn Family, Year 13-Present
    • Patriarch
  • Homon system, Year 18-Present
  • Woldona system, Year 18-Present
Past Affiliations & Positions
  • Sevetta Conglomerate, Year 19-20
    • President
    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Director of Operations, Sevetta
  • Galactic Alliance, Year 18
    • Deputy Secretary-General
  • The Resistance, Year 18
    • Commander of the Deep Core Theater
    • Commander of the Morshdine Theater
    • Director of the Expeditionary Taskforce
    • Member of Resistance Propaganda
  • CorEx, Year 17-18
    • Board of Directors/Advisors
  • Gree Trade Authority, Year 15-18
    • President
    • Chief Executive Officer
  • GenoHaradan, Year 15
    • Marshal
  • Hyrotii Corporation, Year 13-14
    • Chief Operations Officer
  • Black Sun, Year 13-14
    • Director of Indoctrination
    • Black Watch Intelligence Officer
Past Governorships
  • Cuinn Signature.png
"This is my face."
— Tomas o`Cuinn to an unknown individual, regarding his helmet

Tomas o`Cuinn (pronounced /toʊˈmɑːs oʊˈkwɪn/) is a well-known businessman and industrial specialist with extensive galactic interests, strongly focusing on starship trafficking and planetary development. He is a Ko'verd of Mando'ade, Waadas'alor of Clan Dael'mor, Governor of the Homon and Woldona star systems, and Patriarch of Clan o`Cuinn. Tomas is best known for founding and running his own companies, primarily the Gree Trade Authority and Sevetta Conglomerate, at different times between Year 15 and Year 20 (CGT). He originally gained widespread recognition for his highly-advertised trading career along with galactic notoriety for his public position with the Black Sun crime syndicate before being dismissed from the organization at the end of Year 14 (CGT). He has also served as a Theater Commander and third-in-command of the Resistance and as Deputy Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance. He has played as a starting center and wing in the Galactic Shockball League with teams Asher Automatons and Manda Mirshii in the first and second seasons, respectively. On a personal level, Tomas is also a veteran sabacc player, having both won and lost fortunes while playing the high-stakes game.


The Mandalorian Training Sergeant

"You're the best in your field—the best soldiers, tacticians, sappers, communicators, survival experts. I picked you personally because I want you to train the best commandos in the galaxy. You'll have everything you need, whatever you want, except one thing—home. This is a top-secret project. You'll not tell anyone where you're going and you'll not leave Kamino, ever. As far as your friends and family are concerned, you're already dead."
Cuy'val Dar leader, recruiting his men
Tomas, left, training the clone troopers on Kamino
circa Year 30 (BCGT)

Per the earliest relevant records, Tomas o`Cuinn, 20 years old, served as the youngest of seventy-five Mandalorian members of the Cuy'val Dar - Mando'a for "Those Who No Longer Exist" - which was formed to train the clone commandos for the Galactic Republic on the watery world of Kamino in Year 35 (BCGT). For close to ten years, Tomas and the other members of the Cuy'val Dar served as training sergeants for the elite clone commandos of the Grand Army. These battle-proven sergeants taught the ten thousand commandos in a variety of ways, including teamwork, infiltration methods, demolition techniques, assassination and much more. Along with imparting their combat prowess and tactical skills, the Mandalorian trainers also included their cultural customs and way of life, believing it important that the clones know of their heritage - especially since their genetic template was a prominent Mandalorian - despite objections from the Kaminoans. When the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched attacks against the Galactic Republic in the Sumitra and Centrality sectors in Year 25 (BCGT), the previously secret clone troopers were revealed and organized into the Grand Army of the Republic; this newly organized army was immediately deployed in response to the attacks. Thus begins the Clone Wars. With their contract ended, many of the Cuy'val Dar departed Kamino and returned to their former lives, though a few remained to train future generations of clones; Tomas was among those who left.

Despite having fulfilled the decade-long training mission, Tomas was far too duty-oriented to take any sort of vacation and, as such, soon accepted a contract on an obscure Outer Rim world; the job consisted of a physical security consultation for the relatively unimportant planet's government. A hideout had been recently established in the natural caves of the planet's mountains and had already proved to be a threat as the enforcers of the newly-arrived criminal organization, known as -REDACTED-, began raiding the lightly-defended towns. The planet's militia was poorly trained and equipped - a far cry from the force required to ensure security and drive the unwanted raiders off of the planet. When the criminal enforcers began to invade and seize control of entire towns, the government sought aid from the Galactic Republic, but, as a non-member, their pleas were all but ignored - largely due to the start of the Clone Wars. When the government, with nowhere else to turn, began offering contracts to mercenaries for their assistance, Tomas o`Cuinn answered the call.

Realizing that a simple consultation was far from sufficient, Tomas renegotiated the contract and set to training the militiamen in combat techniques that would prove effective when harassing a larger and better-equipped force. Over the course of almost a year, the militia learned to operate as small squads capable of rapid movement, using the terrain and darkness of night to engage in unconventional warfare against the overconfident force of organized raiders who, through their shared combat experience and uniquely strict leadership hierarchy, acted almost the same as a conventional army. To demonstrate that their hostile actions would no longer be tolerated and that the militia was capable of hurting them, Tomas instructed them in irregular and psychological warfare such as guerrilla tactics and booby traps. Taught to gather intelligence prior to any operation, the militiamen would strike rapidly at the enemy forces and disappear just as quickly, injuring or killing and sowing confusion among the criminal ranks. Coupling this with strategically-placed booby traps proved effective in decreasing morale and introducing fear into the gang's soldiers, limiting their combat capacity and ending their aggressive advances against the planet's towns.

Cuinn engaged in jungle reconnaissance
circa Year 22 (BCGT)

As Year 23 (BCGT) rolled around, the criminal force's advance had been effectively stopped, and Tomas switched strategy and worked to turn the militia - now swelling with experience and confidence earned from success - into a highly disciplined and effective military force. Just as the new training regime was beginning, however, -REDACTED- quietly brought in its heavy hitters along with reinforcements to deal with the planet's unexpected resistance to subjugation. A surprise orbital bombardment on the militia's "hidden" training base caught the unsuspecting Tomas off guard, bringing the entire compound down around him and his trainees. Tomas, mortally-wounded from the structure collapsing on him, was recovered by -REDACTED- enforcers. With the knowledge that he had been the source of their troubles on the planet, local -REDACTED- leadership made the decision to keep Tomas alive - only long enough to suffer for his insolence. To this end, his shattered arms were amputated and replaced with basic cybernetic limbs, though they were useless for all but the most basic of tasks. A Lornan implant was installed into his brain to regulate his body's electrical current since it was now incapable of doing such naturally. A cheap ear implant was installed to recover his diminished hearing - they figured he should have to suffer his own screams. His lungs, damaged beyond repair by the chemical asphyxiation and smoke inhalation caused by the bombardment, were removed and replaced with a cybernetic pair. His damaged eyes and other injuries, however, weren't deemed as life-threatening.

Aftermath of the orbital bombardment

After the string of surgeries and a brief stint in a bacta tank, Tomas was deemed fit to undergo an extensive program of systematic torture, attacking a specific area of the body at a time over the course of several months - always fixed up overnight in a bacta tank for the fresh treatment of pain the following day. This regulated torture lasted for two years, until -REDACTED- leadership decided the expense was no longer worth the continued punishment and opted to turn Cuinn into a trophy, displayed publicly to serve as a visible reminder of what happened to those who crossed them. The most effective process turned out to be carbon-freezing, with the design-intended tibanna gas being replaced with a Mandalorian named Tomas. He would hang on display for three decades, in the carbon-induced state of suspended animation, until the normal turnover of leadership resulted in his transgressions being forgotten and the outdated carbonite figure being removed and discarded. Due to his already-diminished physical condition, such as his almost non-existent eyesight, the standard effects of long-term suspended animation were barely noticeable, though what damage did occur was minimized by his cybernetic "enhancements" and eventually healed with an impressive amount of bacta when he was finally thawed from his carbonite imprisonment.

Family. Honour. Profit.

"It is a vast criminal syndicate...its influence felt on every planet from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. Black Sun has existed for hundreds of years and embedded itself in the very fiber of the galaxy. The resources at its disposal are almost limitless. The soldiers under its command number in the tens of thousands. The ignorant even call it the most powerful force in the known universe."

While it is not public knowledge what happened after his carbonite frame was discarded, Cuinn eventually emerged as an officer for the Black Sun crime syndicate. While his history with the syndicate was shrouded in secrecy, many of the details have been released since his expulsion from the organization in Year 14 (CGT). Originally recruited as a small-time enforcer, Tomas quickly worked his way up the ranks by producing results through sheer dedication and a hands-on work style. Most of his earned salary went towards improving his cybernetics, gradually returning the range of physical capabilities he'd enjoyed decades before. Of his career in Black Sun, what is known is that he is a veteran of both the Woldona VII and Malicar II development projects, constructing homes and jobs for more than one hundred and fifty-five billion civilians and creating over one billion credits in additional monthly revenue for the syndicate. He also fought against the United Rebel Front during the Battle of Axxila, securing complete control of the Ciutric Sector. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of the (now defunct) Hyrotii Corporation for some time, providing assistance to his good friend Rexan Vyrim during a period of increased raw material requirements. Cuinn personally re-wrote the Black Sun Code of Conduct, expanding its coverage and refining the format for an increased understanding, along with designing the entire training program that turned inexperienced recruits into knowledgeable and efficient members. He served as the middle ground between the Family Council and junior members, handling various personnel issues and relaying council orders throughout the chain of command. Near the end of his career with the syndicate, Cuinn was the highest ranking officer and headed up the ("Indoctrination") Recruitment and Training division, while also working as an intelligence officer and senior member of Black Watch.

While serving as a Black Sun enforcer, Cuinn was rumored to regularly consume glitteryll

Shortly after the Black Sun takeover of Xanxus Drol’s company, The Guild Bank, in early-to-mid Year 14 (CGT), Cuinn publicly sold off hundreds of the seized assets for vastly reduced prices compared to the market standard at the time. Cuinn's sales, even at reduced pricing, resulted in a net profit of almost two billion galactic credits for Black Sun. He was rewarded with a portion of the profits and an extra promotion for his role in the affair along with quickly accomplishing the massive amount of additional work without issue. The overwhelming number of sales and unusually low pricing also helped to build his public presence in the trading community.

His proven loyalty and dedicated work ethic were rewarded numerous times by both Dark Prince Banquo Knox and Dark Princess Cait Catra. Despite a career demanding nothing short of respect, one of Alexander von Ismay’s initial moves as the Dark Prince usurper was to force Cuinn out of the syndicate on the 354th day of Year 14 (CGT). Alexander followed this by blacklisting and declaring Cuinn an enemy of Black Sun on the first day of Year 15 (CGT).


"Few among the galaxy have ever heard of the GenoHaradan. They never see us, never know we are there. They do not even know we exist."

Soon after his expulsion from the syndicate by the usurper, Cuinn partnered with the GenoHaradan paramilitary organization, along with contracting the Mandalorian clan Dael'mor, to seize control of the Gree system from Black Sun. Due to the internal confusion due to Alexander seizing the throne, the syndicate's soldiers in Gree were unaware that Tomas o`Cuinn, Cait Catra, Niobe Asha, and Nyarlathotep Alaks were no longer members of Black Sun, resulting in the rapid detainment and deportation of all syndicate forces from the system. With the non-violent removal of enemy troops, the defensive emplacements, and military equipment invested in by Black Sun were easily re-purposed for use by GenoHaradan. When the expected counterattack failed to occur, control of the system was turned over to the newly-established system government, the Gree Trade Authority. It turned out that the leadership of both the Blades of the Prince and Black Watch was gutted by a paranoid Alexander attempting to consolidate control.

In exchange for their assistance and continued support, the local government agreed to allow GenoHaradan and Dael'mor to operate freely out of the Gree System. Syndicate leader Alexander von Ismay posted a news article informing the galaxy that the system was a gift to the leadership who had handed him his throne.[1] Later on, Alexander would contradict himself and state that the gifts had actually been stolen, declaring a select number of GenoHaradan and Dael'mor members as enemies of Black Sun.

Gree Trade Authority

"I know you're familiar with the ancient Rakata Infinite Empire. The Gree predate them by eons."

Even with Black Sun incapable of mounting a campaign to retake the system, Cuinn accepted a position with the local Gree Enclave government as a security consultant to ensure that the syndicate would never be able to overcome the system's defensive capabilities. He immediately set himself to designing and overseeing construction on a series of shield networks and anti-orbital weapon platforms on each of the Gree planets whilst simultaneously ordering the fabrication of new defensive and early warning space stations along the system's outer perimeter. His efforts eventually led to the founding of the Gree Trade Authority, a multi-billion credit trade and security company that focused on furthering the system's development. He switched his focus toward rebuilding the infrastructure that was suppressed during Black Sun's lengthy occupation. Using his knowledge from the Woldona VII and Malicar II development projects, he tasked the Authority with developing Gree IV, promoting increased immigration, tourism, and intersystem commerce.[2].

Gree formed numerous naval fleets to defend the system and ensure the safety of all citizens and visitors; chief among these was the impressive Dael'mor fleet to help deter future counterattacks, formed around the former Black Sun Imperial-class and Victory-class Star Destroyers captured during the liberation of the Gree system. Supporting these fleets is a multi-tiered ring of defensive space stations of varying designs, including the Ataturk-class and Golan models I & II, placed in strategic locations throughout Gree. Placed along the outer edges of the system, a ring of XQ1-series platforms serve as customs checkpoints, an advanced warning system, and the initial line of defense against pirates or other would-be invaders. Each of these platforms is supported by a Corona-class frigate and shelters two starfighter squadrons - one comprised of Y-wings and the other of R-41 starchasers - for defense. An Imperial fleet arrived unexpectedly in the Gree system in mid-Year 16 (CGT), prompting the Gree Trade Authority to lock down planetary accesses and deploy its fleets in a defensive perimeter around the planets. The Galactic Empire had dispatched two Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, three Victory I-class Star Destroyers, and one Carrack/S-class light cruiser to the Gree system at the behest and begging of Black Sun's Dark Prince, Alexander von Ismay, due to his inability to muster their own Star Destroyers for such a show of force. While the Imperial fleet was certainly impressive, the Golan stations and Gree's naval fleets would have been more than enough of a match to defend the system. However, the Empire's ships maintained a safe distance from Gree's perimeter and simply flew reconnaissance sorties with a handful of TIE scouts whilst an Imperial Director sent casual threats to Tomas regarding Dael'mor's seized Star Destroyers. Eventually, the Imperial fleet departed, but this event spurred the Gree Trade Authority to open formal diplomatic relations with the New Republic and Galactic Alliance. Tomas knew that the Imperials would return in the future, and in greater number.

Below: Conversation between Tomas and Grand Vizier Ventidius of the Galactic Empire regarding the Imperial fleet in the Gree system, released Year 19 (CGT).
Year 16 Day 158, 20:59: Message from Tomas O`Cuinn to Inwe Ventidius
Greetings Grand Vizier,

I inquired in the public Imperial IRC channel regarding the 225-strong Imperial naval fleet sitting in my system (Gree). An early intel check, when the initial TIE Scouts showed up, turned up that it's a training exercise, but Gree is quite far from Imperial space. This might suggest a practice in long-distance fleet maneuvers or that the fleet was visiting Black Sun space, an Imperial ally. Either way, ISB Lieutenant General Zhaff Orikan informed me that I'm welcome to offer assistance "through the Coalition of Diplomacy by contacting Inwe Ventidius."

So, how can I, and the Gree Trade Authority, assist the Imperial fleet sitting on the edge of Gree?

President Tomas o`Cuinn
Year 16 Day 165, 07:47: Message from Inwe Ventidius to Tomas O`Cuinn
Greetings President O'Cuinn,

Thank you for your inquiry to the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. At this time it is the policy of the Galactic Empire to not comment on any ongoing active or training operations. As you are currently in claimed Black Sun territory I recommend you contact Vigo Knight.

Grand Vizier Ventidius
Year 16 Day 165, 21:01: Message from Tomas O`Cuinn to Inwe Ventidius
Grand Vizier,

As a former officer of Black Sun, I can certainly appreciate the Empire recognizing their organization as a legitimate trading company; however, the rest of the galaxy is quite aware that they are a notorious crime syndicate in a state of rapid deterioration under the regime of House Ismay. While I have no qualms with Imperial policies, it is not reassuring for the recognized galactic government to inform me that I am sitting in a criminal organization's territory. Are powerful alliances such a difficult thing to obtain for the Empire? Surely the act of dissolving their organized crime operations in an entire star system and installing a legitimate governing entity would be something applauded by the Empire?

Perhaps Underlord Alexander von Ismay would be in direct violation of section 2.2-1 of the Imperial Criminal Code when he allowed (1) Victory I-class Star Destroyer, (1) Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, (2) Carrack/I-class light cruisers, (2) Carrack/S-class light cruisers, and (2) Lancer-class frigates to fall into non-Imperial Union hands, along with the loss of an entire star system. Surely that's gross negligence, if nothing else, and defines an individual hardly fit to be considered a leader in the Imperial Union.

President Tomas o`Cuinn
Year 16 Day 167, 17:40: Message from Inwe Ventidius to Tomas O`Cuinn
Mr O`Cuinn,

The Empire understands that new regimes cannot be held entirely responsible for the failings of its predecessors. Especially when those predecessors were deemed incompetent by the Empire before they rose to power, and certainly proved it when they were in power and the resulting shambles they drove Black Sun into, before finally realizing they were out of their depth and subsequently fled to a new and much smaller organization.

The misappropriation of Imperial technology by former Black Sun officials who are now associated with the Gree Trade Authority has not gone unnoticed and will be dealt with in due course. It should be noted for your future reference that the situation does not fall under the auspices of ICC §2.2-1, as the ships were not Imperial property as defined by Imperial legislation but rather they were, in fact, Black Sun property. The misappropriation of the ships falls under contravention of the terms of the Trade Agreement between the Galactic Empire and Black Sun, and it is the people who are actually responsible for that breech that will become the target of any punitive actions; not the people who were fighting against that reign of incompetence in the first place.

If the Gree Trade Authority would like to further incriminate itself, then it should contact Imperial Intelligence with further details of their misdeeds and crimes against an ally of the Galactic Empire. Such communications and statements will be taken into consideration for any future casus belli that might arise when the Empire elects to correct wrongs of the past.

Have a pleasant day.
Year 16 Day 167, 18:06: Message from Tomas O`Cuinn to Inwe Ventidius
Grand Vizier,

Quite the interesting story you've come up with there; however, considering that the Gree Trade Authority does not own a single piece of technology given to Black Sun by the Empire, I don't really see how we're incriminating ourselves in any manner. If, in the future, you would like to pursue the individuals who actually own that technology, that is certainly your prerogative, but do not blindly lump the GTA into that mix simply because your incompetent ally tells you to. The worst that my organization can be accused of is taking what was rightfully ours - the Gree system - when we owned the entire Black Sun syndicate. If anything, Alexander von Ismay should be grateful he was given the opportunity to steal multiple sectors and billions of credits in assets, that he most assuredly did, from his (then) close friends. Apparently stealing the controlling reigns of an Imperial ally simply means they become the newly recognized leader, which certainly sets a strong precedent for the future. Imperial policy in this matter has been duly noted.

The Empire is supposed to lead the Imperial Union, but I certainly cannot stop you from acting as a trained womp rat on behalf of Black Sun.

President Tomas o`Cuinn

After former Underlord Alexander von Ismay was kicked out of Black Sun for petty theft and attempted blackmail, Tomas reached out to the new Dark Prince, Jeor Knight, and the Family Council in an effort to quell the hostilities created by Ismay years before. Negotiations between Gree and Black Sun resulted in improved relations between the groups, as Tomas personally saw to the release of approximately one billion credits worth of Black Sun-owned vehicles that had been confiscated by Gree. Dozens of crates containing various equipment owned by the syndicate were also released to a Black Sun pilot. Forty-two highly-trained operatives in the employ of Vigo and former Dark Prince Banquo Knox, and their rare and expensive equipment, were released from custody after years of imprisonment. Gree also publicly supported Black Sun in the Galactic News System[3] when the ViskCor News Network posted propaganda against the syndicate[4].

Early in Year 18 (CGT), Tomas leveraged a Gree employment opportunity to lure the notorious Varro Belle to Gree. Belle was the inside man in a Tresario Star Kingdom operation that allowed the capture of over a dozen Krath Dynasty officers, the impounding of a reported twenty-five hundred restricted starfighters, and the seizure of between twelve and thirty thousand crates of various equipment. Belle personally detained Lazarus Kell, the current Emperor of Krath, during the operation's climax, and stole Kell's prized lightsaber. The Krath Dynasty reported their losses two days later, on 17.262[5], and subsequently offered a five hundred million credit reward for his capture. Due to the Galactic Alliance and Krath Dynasty desperately wanting to see Varro Belle in cuffs, Tomas offered the criminal employment in the Gree star system, working construction for the Gree Trade Authority. Since Belle was a highly wanted criminal, he was desperate in seeking neutral employment in the mostly lawless Outer Rim Territories - but, as he soon learned, Gree does not conform to the loose standards of law enforcement common throughout the region. After a few weeks of building trust, along with directly profiting from his labor, Tomas led a team of Gree's most experienced soldiers and detained Belle in orbit of the Gree IV gas giant. While Belle chose to fight back against his arrest, he was quickly overpowered by the cybernetic Mandalorian supported by an elite squad of Abyssin troops. A press release was provided to the galaxy on 18.53, less than twelve hours after his capture[6]. Lazarus Kell, who had secured his release from Imperial Union custody and ascended the Krath Dynasty throne as Emperor, was eager to see Belle extradited from Gree to Krath to answer for his crimes. It was Krath's Lord Imperator Talak Kasra that discussed the extradition with Gree and, upon the successful negotiation, traveled to the Gree system to retrieve the prisoner. After the ordeal was finished, Tomas was overheard as stating that Belle's labor was estimated to have increased the Gree Trade Authority's gross monthly income by an approximate ten million credits.

From when the Gree Trade Authority was founded near the midpoint of Year 15 to early Year 18 (CGT), the Gree IV gas giant was the major investment and development project that consumed the majority of Tomas's time and attention. Under Black Sun's leadership, the planet had simply served as a mining platform for tibanna gas; under the Authority's management, however, the mining operations were greatly expanded with an emphasis on worker safety, mining process improvements, and employee morale. With an extensive investment campaign into the equipment and training for every mine worker, Gree was able to greatly increase the mining operation's size and, with its own investments and the increasing mine profits, extensively develop the system of interlinked platform cities across the gas giant's atmosphere. Gree IV housed barely one million citizens in Year 15 (CGT), but by Year 18 (CGT), more than ten billion individuals would call the gas giant their home - an increase of ten thousand percent. The planet's economy grew with its population and become one of the largest, healthiest, and safest centers for trade and commerce in the Outer Rim. The success and development of Gree IV also led to the Gree Trade Authority being recognized by the galaxy as the governing entity of the entire Gree sector, surpassing and replacing the Black Sun criminal syndicate.

The Resistance

"So you're with the Resistance?"
"Obviously. Yes I am. I'm with the Resistance, yeah. I am with the Resistance."
"I've never met a Resistance fighter before."
"Well this is what we look like, some of us. Others look different."

Knowing Gree's precarious stance in the heart of Black Sun's territory, Tomas had worked in secret to support and ally his conglomerate with the New Republic. By Year 18 (CGT), the Gree Trade Authority (and it's short-lived successor, the Gree Enclave) had signed a non-aggression pact with the Krath and an alliance with the New Republic, along with a technology agreement granting tier one access to the latter's technology. Despite this, Gree was acutely aware of how little a few powerful warships would matter if the Galactic Empire sent another fleet to their system. Tomas reached out to an old friend, Resistance Commander and former Deputy Director of New Republic Intelligence Cedron Tryonel, and negotiations began regarding a merger between Gree and the Resistance. The result of these talks was the effective closure of the entire Gree conglomerate, with its membership and assets being absorbed into either Dael'mor's or the Resistance's operations.

Knowing that he suddenly had to worry about the entire Imperial Union along with operate on a galactic scale instead of simply in the Gree system, Tomas opened negotiations with Dark Prince Jeor Knight and Vigo Banquo Knox of Black Sun regarding their extensive interest in re-obtaining Gree. While negotiations were unforgiving, eventually a deal was struck to exchange Tomas's holdings in the Gree system for Black Sun's control over the Homon and Sevetta sectors. The 11 billion inhabitants of Gree were once again under the control of the crime syndicate, but their return to suffering was not for nothing as the approximate 165 billion civilians in the liberated sectors were suddenly freed from Black Sun's grasp. While Tomas regretted Gree's sacrifice, he knew that the liberation of two sectors and fifteen times the number of civilians was an acceptable price to pay. On top of this, galactic analysts quickly estimated Black Sun's lost revenue in the Homon and Sevetta sectors as approximately 2.916 billion credits per year and expected the financial experts of the former Gree Trade Authority to quickly capitalize on establishing control of the businesses and income streams. Ultimately, Tomas sacrificed the four planets of Gree in exchange for eight planets - his deal had taken two sectors away from the Imperial Union and removed one of their strongholds in the galactic southeast. The Sevetta sector bordered space controlled by the New Republic, Krath, and The eXiles - Tomas's removal of Black Sun from the sector solved a major security issue for the three Galactic Alliance groups.

After joining the Resistance on the 85th day of Year 18 (CGT), Tomas spearheaded a reorganization that created several theaters of operation throughout the galaxy, each overseen by a commander who was tasked with developing and organizing their own staff and sectors. Tomas was granted the rank of Theater Commander and command of the Deep Core and Morshdine Theaters, along with the third-in-command position of the Resistance and one of their three seats on the Galactic Alliance Leadership Council. Much of Tomas's work within the Resistance has been withheld from the galactic public, though it is known that he was involved in Operation Unknown Signals, a joint task force between the New Republic, Resistance, and Invid Order in Year 18 (CGT) to respond to several distress calls originating from the Tynna sector. The task force flawlessly coordinated a sector-wide search in an effort to locate the frigates broadcasting their distress and, discovering them consecutively, rapidly dispatched dozens of hostile pirate groups at each of their locations. In the end, the joint operation was able to locate and rescue three of the four troubled EF65 Meridian-class frigates while the fourth was seized by the Exchange. Tomas was credited with just ten bandit kills, though he publicly attributed this to having only a half squadron of A-wings and having spent the majority of his time flying reconnaissance before and during the combat engagements. As a reward for their aid, the Tynnani Defense Force awarded three EF65 Meridian-class frigates to three members of the New Republic for their individual performance, and two of the three voluntarily transferred their ships to the New Republic. One frigate was retained by the New Republic while the second was awarded to the Invid Order for their efforts; the third, intended for the Resistance, was greedily kept by Lahasa Fy despite numerous offers of compensation. Tomas took issue with Lahasa's actions, who had utilized task force intelligence, New Republic starfighters, and fought alongside pilots from all three groups, yet felt no apparent need to share in his reward; Fy left the New Republic not long after.

Eventually, Tomas grew disillusioned with the state of the Galactic Alliance, even after he was appointed to the position of Deputy Secretary-General. The distrust and lack of cooperation between the alliance's member states was a substantial issue in the fight against the Imperial Union, which he had been a member of during his time in Black Sun. He began harboring resentment towards several member groups for their lack of contribution and activity within the alliance, and two of them had even spoken out strongly against him in his early appointment to the Leadership Council. Unwilling to put his energy into any sort of reform, and knowing it would likely fail due to certain inflexible leaders who predated his time in the alliance by more than a decade, Tomas ultimately decided that his future lay in another direction and resigned his posts both within the Resistance and Galactic Alliance near the end of Year 18. He had spent just less than a standard year in the positions combined, but felt that he had learned all that he needed to in order to realize that the Galactic Alliance's fight against Imperial tyranny was doomed without serious change. After eight months as their third-in-command, Tomas departed the Resistance on good terms on the 325th day of Year 18 (CGT).


"I came to tell you that your people can expect to be busy in the next few months. A war is coming."
"You must be new in this galaxy. There's always a war going on somewhere, always has been, always will be. It's why Mandalorians have never gone out of business."

After his departure from the Galactic Alliance, Tomas felt content that he could focus solely on himself and his Mandalorian clan, Dael'mor, including the clan's holdings in the Homon and Sevetta sectors. Chief among the required work was the removal of an alarming number of empty skyscrapers and barracks in Homon, abandoned when Black Sun had pulled out of the system, which Tomas contracted to Dhar`ghul Khrog's Kerdos Company for two hundred and thirty million credits. After his project was completed, however, Dhar`ghul disappeared from the galaxy under mysterious circumstances and the Kerdos Company suddenly under new management. No evidence has tied Tomas to the disappearance of the ex-Morgukai, though plenty of rumors circulated in the following months. To further develop both of the sectors, Kez Aak's Endless Endeavors was contracted in a job estimated to be worth over five hundred million credits. Tomas also bankrolled the Amitus Corporation and acted as their Chief Financial Officer, but departed their organization after only three weeks due to unpublicized reasons.

Lightsaber gifted to Tomas in Year 19 (CGT)

On the 37th day of Year 19 (CGT), Tomas visited his closest ally aboard the Secutor, Dael'mor's Imperial I-class Star Destroyer and flagship, where he was presented with a gift: a lightsaber with a green blade. Having sought to purchase a lightsaber throughout the galaxy for several years, even negotiating to pay up to five hundred million credits at one point in time, he was ecstatic with the gift given to him by Cait Catra. The lightsaber formerly belonged to Mladen Phantom, a Dark Jedi that Catra had defeated several years prior, and kept as a trophy until it was gifted to Tomas. Although he was not afflicted with the force, Tomas was already an avid swordsman and quickly adapted his melee combat skills to accommodate the lightsaber's unique requirements, such as all of the weight being in the hilt. He began training in Form V with a Djem So specialty, focusing on lightsaber dueling despite the obvious disadvantage he'd have against a force user. Djem So also played into the strength of his cybernetic arms, since the form relies on brute force to overpower an opponent's defense. Despite the avid attempts to train with his lightsaber, Tomas' lack of force sensitivity prevented him from achieving anything more than a basic level of dueling skill likely equivalent to that of a Padawan. Later in the year, Tomas struck a deal with his closest allies that net him a new flagship - the clan's Imperial I-class Star Destroyer - in exchange for his controlling interests in the Homon and Sevetta sectors, minus the ecumenopolis Woldona VII.

It was revealed near the beginning of Year 19 (CGT) that Tomas had managed to produce more than eight hundred of Black Sun's proprietary Viper-class starfighters over a ten month period through their negligence over access to the engineering specifications. The syndicate had failed to remove the blueprints from the shipyards in the Woldona system, though an unavoidable backdoor into the shared database system of the shipyards allowed the syndicate to remotely corrupt the engineering data after they realized their mistake. It proved far too late, however, as their error had allowed Tomas to produce more than four billion credits worth of Vipers, valued on the market at five million credits each at the time of production. The market price for a single Viper-class starfighter dropped by fifty percent to two and a half million credits by the midpoint of Year 19 (CGT), however, after a large secondary supply flooded the market and Black Sun itself began to sell the fighters, likely in an attempt to both cash in on the demand due to their financial troubles and to create the appearance that the further release of their proprietary technology had barely affected the syndicate.

After the War for the Hosnian System began on the 195th day of Year 19 (CGT), Tomas quickly dropped his tasks in the Woldona system and set course for Hosnian in his A-wing interceptor. Despite the cramped, two-day trip, he arrived on the 198th day and immediately set to claiming land rights for future sale, securing legal ownership of five grids on Hosnian Prime at the cost of eighteen million and six hundred thousand credits. He quickly sold the land rights to the New Republic for one hundred and seventy-five million credits, netting him a quick and tidy profit of just over one hundred and fifty-six million credits, immediately ensuring that the trip would be profitable. Afterward, the tremendous number of individuals and organizations flooding into the system in their own attempts to profit seemed to affect Tomas in a strange way. It was almost as if he could sense the growing number of people with hostile intent and it overwhelmed his senses, refusing to allow him any time to think or concentrate. He lost control of himself over the next several days but eventually snapped out of it, only to realize that he had hunted down and slaughtered more than three hundred sentients across three of the system's planets, cutting them down with his lightsaber as they had attempted to build basic infrastructure for their respective employers - the Galactic Empire, Mecrosa, and Veilhal Nomads. Torn with grief and regret over his actions, he departed the Hosnian system and returned to Woldona, immediately seeking out a trusted physician to provide a throughout examination and explanation for his loss of control. Even after a substantial number of tests, the doctor simply concluded that one of his cybernetic implants had likely malfunctioned and triggered a psychotic episode.

Near the end of Year 19 (CGT), it somehow slipped into public knowledge that Tomas owned a hidden space station attached to an asteroid deep within the Maw, an unstable and dangerous cluster of black holes located in the Kessel sector. Rumors surrounding the asteroid hideout suggest that it serves as a high-security prison for dangerous individuals from throughout the galaxy, sent and paid for by governments unable or unwilling to contain or execute the deadly parties. Paid handsomely for housing the risky prisoners, Tomas had ironically named the station Shelter and entrusted an unknown business associate with managing the prison for him.

Sevetta Conglomerate

Near the end of Year 19 (CGT), the remnants of the Gree Trade Authority banded together to re-emerge as the Sevetta Conglomerate, a collection of companies operating out of the Homon and Sevetta sectors. Mirroring the former organization of Gree, Tomas was appointed as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the conglomerate while each company's leaders became vice presidents and department heads in the overarching organization. DefenStar Ltd. was established as the flagship company for the conglomerate on 19.323, Golan Arms opened on 19.343, LodeCorp Mining re-opened on 20.002, and Golan Construction was acquired and the Zaltin Corporation incorporated both on 20.160 (CGT)

When much of Helen Hawk's holdings were publicly auctioned off in Year 20 (CGT) following her apprehension by the New Republic, Tomas leveraged the Sevetta Conglomerate's substantial financial power to scoop up an Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing Starfighter, an MC-60 Star Cruiser, an MC-80a Star Cruiser, an MC-80b Star Cruiser, and a Sabaoth Destroyer for an undisclosed number of credits. The V-wing was sold to Sirius Cyan for five hundred million credits, while the MC-60 was traded to Robby Rae for a Sabaoth Destroyer and a squadron of B-wings; the destroyer was subsequently resold to Jimmy Roggeman for one and a half billion credits while the B-wings were individually sold to Drax Whittler, Lazarus Grimm, Diabolus`ut Persolvo, and Lorenzas Atticus for a combined two and three quarter billion credits. The MC-80a was sold to Lilith Delcroix for five billion credits while the MC-80b was sold to Esu Kyouto for eight billion credits. The final Sabaoth Destroyer, however, was purchased primarily for the almost six billion credits worth of droids stored aboard which Tomas intended to sell at the next Jawa Swap Meet in Year 20 (CGT). Even with reduced sales pricing of droids due to the increase of supply outweighing market demand, Tomas earned the Sevetta Conglomerate four and a half billion credits of pure net profit from the business venture.

Although the Sevetta Conglomerate's monthly cash flow and net profits year-to-date were both in the billions of credits, Tomas grew disillusioned with running the conglomerate - just as he had with the Gree Trade Authority in Year 18 (CGT). When he was approached by Mand'alor Kai Oryk about the formation of a new Mandalorian government near the mid-point of Year 20 (CGT), Tomas realized that his desire to return to the roots of his culture far outweighed the continued business success he had been pursuing for the past decade. He quietly set to disbanding the Sevetta Conglomerate and bringing Clan Dael'mor, now under the leadership of his nephew Victor o`Cuinn, under the banner of Mando'ade. DefenStar Ltd., Golan Construction, and LodeCorp Mining were closed, while the Zaltin Corporation became a nationalized faction of Mando'ade; Clan Dael'mor assumed ownership and operation of Golan Arms. The Sevetta Conglomerate effectively shut its doors on 20.206 (CGT) and Clan Dael'mor joined up Mando'ade, with Tomas being granted the rank of Ko'verd and a position on the leadership council.


Tomas withdrew from the public eye and focused on his work within both Mando'ade and Dael'mor. Following the defection of CorSec to The Cooperative in Year 20 (CGT), Tomas purchased critical infrastructure on the world of Columus from Jeff Kronn for three billion credits on the 255th day. In the confusion and aftermath of CorSec's officers betraying their Galactic Empire masters, Tomas as able to secure the local population's loyalty and immediately sought to sell his holdings and influence for a profit. On the 307th day of Year 20 (CGT), Urkh Malal purchased his holdings for five and a half billion credits, earning Tomas approximately two and a half billion credits in profit in less than two months time.

When the Jakku system was discovered on the 302nd day of Year 20 (CGT), Tomas established an allied coalition consisting of three different groups, which set course to the Western Reaches sector in an attempt to stake their claim. While they arrived barely in time to secure the smallest of land parcels in Jakku, itself, they initiated a scouting mission within the sector due to rumors of another untouched system in the area. When they discovered the Takodana system on the 313th day of Year 20 (CGT), they quickly realize that the Trade Federation had beat them there by approximately five days. Despite the head start and their colonization efforts underway, the Federation had not yet solidified their grip over the planet and the coalition quickly set to securing their own areas on the planet. With the desire to prevent any bloodshed or hostilities with the Trade Federation, Tomas opened negotiations with Duceroy Salamku Derov over the sale of their land rights and the cease of coalition operations on the world. An agreement was made and the coalition walked away with five hundred million credits for their troubles, having handed the Federation their land and intelligence.

Supplemental Information


"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."

Tomas is a Hapan of standard build standing 1.79 meters in height, rather unimposing and disarming in appearance. Despite being born in Year 55 (BCGT) and being more than seventy years old, his physical body is a mere forty-two years old due to thirty-two years spent in suspended animation. Prior to skin replacement, his torso had worn a half-lifetime of scars from years spent training and fighting. Very rarely will he shed the protection of his custom-forged set of heavy battle armour and helmet, and it is usually worn beneath either a synthetic business suit or Morellian oilcoat. An Imperial-built Nightstinger sniper rifle hangs on his back, held by a sling around his torso while a pair of green lightsabers hang on his hips. To complement the Nightstinger’s range and his lightsaber’s melee, Cuinn carries a pair of modified ELG-3A blasters, one strapped to his left thigh and the other on the rear of his belt.

Cuinn Hunt.png
Recklessly testing his combat prowess
against a krayt dragon


"He is a Borg who died last night. You know the term, I'm sure. Half human…half mechanical droid. Yet the man half of him had a soul, or so my faith believes."

Due to his extensive cybernetic implants, he could easily be classified as more cyborg than anything else. Unusually, the majority of these cybernetics are not enhancements but replacements for the physical damage received from events in Cuinn's past. The dermis and epidermis of his chest have been permanently supplanted with synthskin due to extensive second-degree burns and blunt impact trauma. A Lornan implant, the exact model number unknown, resides on his brain stem to regulate the electrical currents in his body while basic ear augmentations have been installed to generate a standard level of hearing. A pair of automated lungs draws oxygen in place of the discarded originals. Military-grade optical implants with customized, commercial-grade software replaced his damaged-beyond-repair eyes, though their only benefit over standard vision is a slight increase in night vision. Most of Cuinn's joints have been augmented with durasteel pins for added durability, albeit at the cost of their overall ranges of motion. The only cybernetic that could fairly be classified as an enhancement would be his custom-engineered arms. The engineering standards and design specifications are not known outside of a small, trusted circle, though public reports suggest that his arm strength and muscular endurance is much greater than it naturally should be.

Trading Career

"The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way."

Tomas o`Cuinn is one of the most well-known and successful traders in the galaxy. His trading career began with the sale of a Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, which was gifted to him, to Leah Asalah on the 331st day of Year 13 (CGT). He immediately adopted a profit-based business model and used the liquid capital from his initial sale to jump-start a starship trafficking business, purchasing derelict vessels for a fraction of their value and restoring them for profitable resale. Since then, his trading business's public records indicate that he has earned more than fourteen billion credits in net profit. Cuinn’s quarterly business reports, however, suggest he has made almost twice that amount. Whatever his actual income, the number is presumably vastly inflated due to the widely fluctuating market value of starships and his assignment from Black Sun to sell off The Guild Bank's assets in Year 14 (CGT). As of the 38th day of Year 19 (CGT), Tomas has personally moved more than seventy-two billion credits through the Centrepoint Marketplace in almost nine hundred individual business transactions. According to public rumor, his largest and most profitable transaction was his sale of controlling stake in the Gree system in exchange for ownership of the Woldona and Homon star systems, though no public records of trade have been discovered for this transaction. On the 217th day of Year 19 (CGT), Tomas leveraged his status as a reputable businessman in order to steal twenty billion credits from the Aurodium Legion, likely the largest trade theft on known galactic record.

A galactic businessman with expensive tastes


When the Galactic Shockball League was founded in Year 18 (CGT), Tomas was quick to decide that he wanted to become an active player in the game. During the first season of the league, Tomas played as a starting wing for the Asher Automatons based out of Crushers Stadium. When the league expanded at the start of the second season in Year 19 (CGT), Tomas signed with the Mandalorian team Manda Mirshii as the second starting center alongside Kai Oryk. Playing in the full sixteen matches of the regular season, Tomas scored on all of his eleven shots made, performed twelve passes to his teammates, blocked seven opposing passes, ran the ball fifty-five times, and recorded sixteen defensive tackles. During the league's second season, Manda Mirshii cultivated eleven wins, four losses, and one draw to make it into the playoffs where they beat their first opponent, the Dukha Despayrados, six to zero. Instability within the league's leadership, however, ended the playoffs prematurely and Tomas, along with the rest of the team, eagerly awaits either the third season or next iteration of Shockball.

Armor & Armament

"My armor insures my victory in hand-to-hand combat."

Though heavily outfitted, Cuinn believes in the value of allies and, as such, has cultivated a highly cohesive unit of veteran Abyssin soldiers, twelve-strong, that work closely with him on various missions. His personal Droideka, nicknamed Ver'gebuir, is his constant companion and bodyguard regardless of location. Due to his age, Tomas' physical dexterity and speed have declined and, as a result, has come to rely on his allies, heavy armour, and cunning to make up the difference.

  • Clone Wars gear
    • Duraplast medium armour, forged in a Mandalorian-style - black armour with bronze trim (wrist plates, shin plates, T-visor); red cape and red kama; bronze mythosaur painted on the chest plates.
    • DE-10 blaster pistol
    • ELG-3A blaster pistol
    • Mullinine knife
  • Modern gear
    • Durasteel (9095-T8511 grade) heavy armour - green and teal armour, Dael'mor crest on left breastplate, Mando'ade Mythosaur on right pauldron
    • Two single-bladed lightsabers
    • Nightstinger sniper rifle
    • ELG-3A blaster pistol, modified with a shorter barrel length
    • Custom-built cybernetic arms (major strength increase & armored hull) covered with synthskin
Cuinn Armour.png
Tomas Armor.png
Year 17 (CGT) Armour
Year 20 (CGT) Armour

Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

While Tomas o`Cuinn is well-known to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy, his most noteworthy asset and the target of public envy is an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. The Bastion (ID#137168) was one of the earliest Imperial I-class Star Destroyers granted to the Black Sun syndicate after their entrance into the Imperial Union. Through an arguably disputed series of events, it fell into the hands of the Dael'mor Mandalorian clan in Year 14 (CGT) and has since resulted in numerous threats from both Black Sun and the Galactic Empire. While it served as the clan's flagship for several years, control codes were transferred to Tomas in Year 19 (CGT) as part of a massive deal regarding controlling stake of the Sevetta and Homon sectors.

The Bastion in Year 20 (CGT)


Lineage of the Cuinn Family

Raghnall Cuinn
Cerdwyn Cuinn
Kaley Caelyn Ryann
Glynis Logan
RossalynWallaceCaelanFlynn Keagan TeaganGwynn
GavynQuinlyn Kieran

A Matter of Race (Metamorphosis Plague)

"Well let's have a look at you. Hmm. Biped. More or less symmetrical. Far less hair than the last one. Opposable digits. Mostly water hey?"

It is unknown whether Cuinn was personally affected when the Metamorphosis Plague raged across the galaxy in Year 14 (CGT). However, numerous reports from routine security scans have since surfaced with varying results in regards to his DNA. These conflicting scans, all between Year 14 and Year 20 (CGT), have classified him as Amani, Anx, Anzati, Chagrian, Codru-Ji, Diathim, Gotal, Kaleesh, Kushiban, Mirialan, Vurk, and Whiphid. While his physical appearance is obviously that of a Human male, Tomas has said simply that he was injected with an experimental DNA scrambler while working as an operative for Black Watch, the purpose of which was to mask his identity from enemy detection and prevent collection and/or manipulation of his DNA. While this claim isn't likely to be proven anytime soon, there are a number of rumors in circulation about Cuinn's actual race, the most interesting of which suggests that he is actually Clawdite. He has dismissed these rumors as silliness, publicly maintaining that he is simply a true-born Human of Hapan ancestry. At any point, some passive scan data has suggested that Tomas is actually more cybernetic than flesh, prompting further theories that he no longer fits into the confines of any one race - unless that race is cyborg.

Past & Present Associates

"The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for."
  • Aengus o`Cuinn is Tomas' paternal half-brother and the result of a drunken affair. Aengus sought Tomas out in Year 19 (CGT) and joined the family business after the initial reconciliation, though they parted ways later on in the year for unpublicized reasons.
  • Allendi Solvan served with Tomas in Black Sun and was the commanding officer of the Blades of the Forgotten Prince. When Tomas was ambushed by a krayt dragon, Allendi brought the full force of the Blades to support him - an act that Tomas has never forgotten.
  • Caelan o`Cuinn is Tomas' first cousin and was invited into the family business in Year 19 (CGT). Caelan serves as the fleet coordinator for the o`Cuinn family, ensuring the right starships are in the proper locations at the correct times and overseeing procurement of new vessels.
  • Arika Cavoh was one of Tomas' closest confidants during the Gree Trade Authority from Year 15-18 (CGT). She served as his right hand until personal business called her away; she has since returned to Dael'mor as a personal aide of Cait Catra.
  • Cait Catra is likely the closest person to Tomas and a member of Clan Dael'mor. He served under her in Black Sun and, after his expulsion, eventually followed her to Gree. Together, they formed the Gree Trade Authority and built a home and safe haven in an otherwise-hostile section of the Outer Rim Territories.
  • Halajan McNally was an employee and rumored lover of Tomas' in the Gree Trade Authority until she was killed in a construction accident on Gree IV in Year 16 (CGT).
  • Jevon Lambright is a member of Clan Dael'mor and one of Tomas' trusted allies. The two have a relationship spanning back to their days in Black Sun.
  • Kai Oryk is the Mand'alor that Tomas supports and the leader of Mando'ade, who temporarily merged with Gree in Year 16 (CGT). Gree and Mando'ade carried out a joint operation in Year 17 (CGT) while scouring the Chopani sector for forgotten worlds, where they successfully rediscovered and secured the Antmuel star system.
  • Niobe Asha is a member of Clan Dael'mor and acted as a den mother to the Gree family. The two have a relationship spanning back to their days in Black Sun.
  • Nyarlathotep Alaks was a close friend and ally to Tomas during their days in Black Sun and GenoHaradan. Alaks was his strongest supporter in Black Sun and one of the primary reasons Alexander von Ismay could not cast Tomas out until he took the throne.
  • Rexan Vyrim was a close friend and rumored lover during Tomas' career in Black Sun, but he cut all ties when Tomas was dismissed from the syndicate.
  • Rylee o`Cuinn is Tomas' first cousin once removed and joined the family business in Year 20 (CGT).
  • Samantha Umbra was a close friend and rumored lover during Tomas' career in Black Sun. The two drifted apart after his expulsion, as Tomas founded the Gree Trade Authority while Samantha joined the Galactic Empire.
  • Taranjeeks o`Cuinn, or "Jeeks", is an Ewok that Tomas smuggled off of the forest moon of Endor at the request of Cait Catra, using the fake identity of a Wookiee and the o`Cuinn surname. Jeeks has become Tomas' ward and considers him to be a deity since "rescuing Jeeks" in Year 19 (CGT), after the Ewok had been cast out of his village.
  • Tatyana Haines was a friend and rumored lover during Tomas' career in Black Sun. During Alexander's paranoid hunt for spies, she was accused of being a traitor and hunted by Black Sun, though Tomas managed to extract her from a hidden research station complex before she could be captured. Unfortunately, it was all for naught as Tatyana died soon after.
  • Victor o`Cuinn is Tomas' nephew and close confidant, having served as senior leadership in both the Gree Trade Authority and Sevetta Conglomerate. Victor's dedication and hard work earned him Tomas' trust and respect, something not given lightly.

Tomas 3.png
Tomas during a speech on planetary economics



Current Positions

Ko'verd (Mando'ade)
Preceded By:
Tomas o`Cuinn
20.206 (CGT) — Present
Succeeded By:
Governor (Homon system)
Preceded By:
Tomas o`Cuinn
18.110 (CGT) — Present
Succeeded By:
Governor (Woldona system)
Preceded By:
Tomas o`Cuinn
18.110 (CGT) — Present
Succeeded By:

Former Positions

President and Chief Executive Officer (Sevetta Conglomerate)
Preceded By:
Position created
Tomas o`Cuinn
19.32320.206 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Position abolished
Deputy Secretary-General (Galactic Alliance)
Preceded By:
Va`li Owa
Tomas o`Cuinn
18.25418.325 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Evan Bluvius
Theater Commander (The Resistance)
Preceded By:
Non-Unique Position
Tomas o`Cuinn
18.08518.325 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Non-Unique Position
Governor-General (Gree system)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
15.20318.110 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
President and Chief Executive Officer (Gree Trade Authority)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
15.26718.075 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished
Advisor/Director (CorEx)
Preceded By:
Non-Unique Position
Tomas o`Cuinn
17.30818.071 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Non-Unique Position
Governor (RZ7-6113-23 system)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
17.07417.244 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Governor (Antmuel system)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
17.07417.244 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Senior Intelligence Officer (Black Watch)
Preceded By:
Non-Unique Position
Tomas o`Cuinn
13.32414.354 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Non-Unique Position
Director of Indoctrination (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Corwyn Zythor
Tomas o`Cuinn
13.32414.354 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Amelia Kolczynski
Chief Operations Officer (Hyrotii Corporation)
Preceded By:
Tomas o`Cuinn
Y13Y14 (CGT)
Succeeded By: