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|governor =  [[New Republic]]
|governor =  [[New Republic]]
|magistrate = Grath Gelenek
|magistrate = Grath Gelenek
|population = 86,100,631
|population = 84,047,630
|race =  [[Trandoshan]]
|race =  [[Trandoshan]]

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Temperate breathable.png
System Kashyyyk
Sector Mytaranor
Galactic Coordinates (210, 90)
System Coordinates (12, 6)
Rotational Period 25 standard hours
Orbital Period 371 local days
Astrographic Entry Trandosha
Type Temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Desert
Controlled By New Republic
Governor New Republic
Magistrate Grath Gelenek
Population 84,047,630
Sentient Races Trandoshan

Trandosha is the homeworld of the Trandoshans, reptilian creatures that can rival the neighboring Wookiees. The Trandoshans love heat and sun, and most of them reside in the massive deserts that sprawl throughout the planet. Few, however, select the jungles and swamps that can also be found on the planet.

The Trandoshans and Wookiees have a long rivalry that dates back to the beginning of time. The Wookiees had a technological edge on the Trandoshans, for they used complex mechanisms such as the bowcaster to conduct their hunts. However, Trandoshans could easily manipulate exterior forces and portrayed the Wookiees as evil, and managed to gain similar technology from outside systems.

Affectionately called Dosha by the native Trandoshans themselves, Trandosha is a world rich with mineral deposits, which led to the Trandoshans signing several recent treaties allowing mining corporations to exploit the planetary resources.