Trellen Conflict

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Trellen Conflict
DateYear 16 Day 66
LocationTrellen system
ResultDecisive Imperial victory
New Republic
Galactic Empire
Commanders and Leaders
High Marshal Wedge Achilles
High General Orion Chran
Lord Regent Crueya Vandron
Moff Azhrarn Amaratha
Director Marshall Ridgeway
Bureau Chief Elvira Falston
Majority of New Republic and Holowan militaryRomance Task Force
Casualties and Losses
Ten officers arrested
Grimuuk sun Fo† (New Republic)
Tun Sol† (New Republic)
Sylfaen Celeste† (New Republic)
Trikk Starr† (New Republic)

The Trellen Conflict refers to the New Republic's Operation Heartbreak and the Imperial counterpoint Operation Romance.

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