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Tresario Star Kingdom
Political information
Type of government {{{type}}}
Head of State King Jude Vatz
Commander-in-Chief King Jude Vatz
Executive branch Hall of Ministers
Legislative branch Hall of Ministers
Judicial branch Hall of Ministers
Societal information
Capital Cortar
Territory Brak Sector
Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credit
Historical Information
Formed from Sons and Daughters of Freedom
Bounty Hunter Guild
Date of establishment {{{founded}}}
Status Active
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The Tresario Star Kingdom (also known as Tresario, Kingdom or abbreviated as TSK) is a Sovereign Government of Galaxy.


In the twilight days of the Sons and Daughters of Freedom and the Bounty Hunter Guild, following the death of Jesfa Ackmin, the leaders of the Bounty Hunter Houses gathered together to discuss the reformation of their government. Over time, the Sons and Daughters of Freedom had grown stagnant and was beginning to die. It lacked the leadership needed to grow and survive, and was losing a precious member base due to this fact. At this meeting, the leaders choose to rebirth the government, naming it after one of the chief House's in the Guild, House Tresario. Thus, the Tresario Star Kingdom was born on Year 9 Day 229, and Falnor Urthadar was crowned as its first King.

Over the following weeks and months, Falnor pushed changes through the system of the government. He first created a parliament to help him lead and to create laws for the young government. After several months, he scrapped it and created the system of the Hall of Ministers to be an advisory council. The first Hall consisted of Ministers, Steve Sphinx, Dek Sulare, Ara Tigranes and Hunt Master Filithell Arborin. Meanwhile, as Falnor created his changes, the Kingdom began to suffer. Paychecks were low if they came on time, or even came at all. The people were not well trained in their jobs. Communication between high command and leadership was in a poor state.

In an effort to save the Kingdom, on Year 9 Day 291 Falnor came to Bisz Aldaris, King of the Falleen Federation, for help. He signed a treaty between the two governments that the Tresario Star Kingdom would become a protected domain of the Federation. This granted Tresario economic aid from Falleen, and made its citizens Federation citizens as well. While Falnor was allowed to keep the title of King, Bisz became King of Tresario, and Landion Domic, then Prime Minister of the Falleen Federation, was appointed as the first Viceroy of Tresario.

Under the leadership of Landion Domic, Tresario began to slowly recover. Then it was discovered that Falnor had been engaging in unscrupulous activities, damaging the people of Tresario and the Bounty Hunter Guild. After a public hearing, on Year 9 Day 336, the Ministers of Tresario and the Hunt Master of the Bounty Hunter Guild voted to exile Falnor from Tresario, stripping him of his title as King. Following this, Hunt Master Filithell Arborin was chosen to become the first Premier of Tresario to help lead the Hall of Ministers.

In the following weeks and months, Tresario started becoming more stable. It began to discover its identity, creating a culture for itself, centered around the idea of brotherhood. The Tresario Star Kingdom Citizens Academy was opened under the leadership of Tianna Orchid to help train the new Tresarians that were coming, to prepare them for life in the Kingdom. With the aid of the organization COSA, building projects were being planned and executed and the Tresarian capital world Cortar was built into a mighty world.

Improvements upon the infrastructure were made, including the reformation of the Citizens Academy, by then Minister Jude Vatz, who took over as Dean of the academy and reorganized it into the University of Tresario. Dozens of new lessons were created, and the quality of officers being turned out increased exponentially.

Following the retirement of Filithell from his position as Premier, Jude Vatz was appointed to take his place by a unanimous vote from the Hall of Ministers. Less than a month later, after more than one year as Viceroy of Tresario, Landion Domic announced his intention to retire from the office of Viceroy. Once again, Jude Vatz was chosen by the Hall to take the office of a retiring official. On Year 11 Day 48, Jude became the second Viceroy of Tresario, and Minister Steve Sphinx taking the office of Premier.

Over the next year, Tresario went from a small stable government to a thriving Kingdom. Under the new leadership of many new Ministers and a new Viceroy, the Kingdom expanded its influence within the galaxy. With the construction of Algara and other Gas Giants, Tresario gained financial independence, no longer needing funding from Falleen. Tresario also strove to increases its political influence by building relationships with its allies in the Galactic Alliance, which it was a member of through its status as a protected domain of the Falleen Federation. Viceroy Jude Vatz was even elected to the office of Secretary General of the Galactic Alliance.

During this time, differences began to arise between Tresario and Falleen. As the Kingdom's leadership structure became more defined and stronger, it wished to have its own representation within the galaxy, and felt that there were significant political differences between the people of Tresario and King Bisz Aldaris. To this effect, on Year 12 Day 37, the Hall of Ministers made a unanimous vote to secede from the Falleen Federation, dethroning Bisz as King of Tresario, and become a sovereign government. The Hall chose Jude Vatz to be the first King of the independent Kingdom, and was crowned on Year 12 Day 95.

The Kingdom continues to grow and prosper. With strong leadership, loyal members, and strong bonds of brotherhood, Tresario continues to be a beacon of light for the galaxy.

Government and Politics

The Tresario Star Kingdom is a Sovereign government lead by the King of Tresario with the aid of the Hall of Ministers, and is responsible for setting policy of the Tresario Star Kingdom.

Organization structure of the Kingdom is made up of three ministries; Ministry of Military Operations, Ministry of Economic Development, and Ministry of State each ministry led by a Minister. These Ministers are being guided by the Premier, and is effectively the right hand of the King. The ministries are further divided into departments, led by Secretaries and Administrators who answer to their respective Minister and Deputy Ministers.

Foreign Relation and Military

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Society and Culture


Galactic Basic is the most spoken language inside the Kingdom, but many of its member use other language for their communication, such as Faleen, Huttese, Twi'Leki, Shyriiwook, Gran etc.


In Tresario Star Kingdom, education is viewed as the backbone of the government. Education in Tresario Star Kingdom is the responsibility of the Minister of State.

University of Tresario abbreviated UoT, is the galactically renowned university, it located in Asran System on Cortar. The academy consists raw material pick up, NPC pick up and IRC learning, as well as Tresario Star Kingdom knowledge and history.

When a Cadets who took the academy graduates, they are awarded a Graduation Ribbon. Cadets will then be promoted and become members of the either the Ministry of Economic Development or Military Operations.


The Tresario Star Kingdom has two official Colonial Shockball League teams. The Ku`Bakai Clones, owned by Steve Sphinx and is in the Outer Rim Conference for the Second Tier, and the newly bought Asran Avengers, owned by John Green and will be in the Third Tier 4th season. Many prominent members of the Kingdom, including the King, Primer, and many Ministers, play on these teams.


The Tresario Star Kingdom territories consist of one sector, Brak Sector. This sector is fully managed under jurisdiction of the Sovereign. Asran is the capital system of the Tresario Star Kingdom which is also the location of Cortar, the Tresarian capital planet.


Tresario Mining Authority

Tresario Medical Conservatory inactive

Cygnus Spaceworks

Notable leaders

Falnor Urthadar Founder Year 9

Lord Landion Domic O.L. B.F. Year 9-Year 11

His Majesty, King Jude Vatz S.S. M.F. P.R. Year 11-Present

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