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Handle : Acelin Dominia

Holocron:Acelin Dominia

Joined : Year 15 Day 211

Biography [short versoin]

I am Acelin Dominia I was born on the planet corellia and it was a hard life
growing up there as my parents where adoptive parents as my own
had disowned me. I never had anything but, food to eat and a house to
live in. I didn't get everything I wanted, I had no friends and his
new parents had been Rodians. After the age of 12 I had been to
many planets and they took me everywhere they went until they went
to the planet of "the katana fleet" which at the time did not have much
going on and there was only me and my parents on the planet. I had not
seen most of the planet as I was stuck there as the next morning
my parents thought that I was on the ship already but, I had slept in the
apartment they rented still sleeping unaware of what had happened. 
Raised with the katana fleet for 8 years waiting for his parents, I finally was
sick with all of it and decided to join a different faction I looked on the Computers
in the Katana fleets Command center. I searched for hours on end until I found
a job from "The Black Hand". It is now present day and I am fully prepared for the galaxy this
is my story I am,

Acelin Dominia of The Black Hand.
This is my life as a Corellian.
Thanks for reading this,
T.B.H.~Acelin Dominia~T.B.H.