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Lucifer Morgan is Diathim male.

Lucifer during his travels throughout the galaxy
Lucifer Morgan
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Marital Status Single
Born Y -6 D 66
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gray
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown


Lucifer was born on Millius Prime. For Lucifer's whole life, his father was very distant to him. One day, when Lucifer was only five years old, his father left and never returned. From that point on, Lucifer and his mother tried to make the best out of a bad situation. Unfortunately about two years later, Lucifer's mother died of a drug overdose. After his mother's death, Lucifer was sent to live with his extremely abusive uncle which lasted for five years. Lucifer stayed in that position until one day his uncle went on a drunken rampage and Lucifer was forced to kill him in self defense. After killing him, Lucifer fled, drifting from planet to planet for eight years, only returning eventually to try and find out where his father had went. it took him almost three years, but he finally found his father, he was with a new family on Alderaan. upon seeing this Lucifer grew furious, attacking his father and nearly killing him. Due to this, Lucifer was sent to prison. Roughly a year and a half later, Lucifer escaped. he immediately made preparations to have his father killed. surely enough, exactly one year later Lucifer's father and his father's family were all found dead, and their neighbor was found guilty of murdering them. Lucifer then returned home to Millius Prime to hide out for a few months. It is said he has a great love for making deals, though it is unclear where this love originally came from.